Eyewitness News at 6: June 6, 2013

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Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Lorra Lynch Jones.
    Frank and Leah have the night off.
About 16 hundred burglaries happen every year in the city of Macon.
     And one man tells us that three of those....happened to him.
     Charles Williams says that's how many times he's come home to find his house ransacked.
     Austin Lewis has the story. 
A sofa moved...and with overturned cushions.
Open drawers...and papers on the floor....signs of a burglary. 
"Charles Wesley Williams, Macon: I just say oh my god they just messed me up they tore all my stuff up. 
Charles Wesley Williams, Macon: it was uh way overwhelming it just, I don't know it just made me sick really."
But this wasn't the first time that Williams says he's found his home ransacked...he say it's happened three times within a year...
But his 22 rifle is now gone...
And the last time...five of the guns he's collected were taken. 
 250 dollars worth of gold coins that he kept in his bedroom drawer. 
"Charles Wesley Williams, Macon: All these material things I can get these things back and and and the problem is people breaking into your home, taking your stuff that you labored so hard for, it's just not right."
Williams says he's taken protection into his own hands...building his own window      bars. 
"Charles Wesley Williams, Macon: I can't afford 48 dollars a month with the little salary that I get for a burglary...for security purpose you know I don't have that kind of money and I am on a fixed income."
Williams says he hopes the bars will keep the culprits away....because he doesn't want to think about what could happen if he isn't gone the next time. 
"Charles Wesley Williams, Macon: If they come in my house while I am here it is probably me or them. I have no feelings for nobody that break in my house."
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. 
     Macon Police say they have records of two of the three break-ins...happening within 6 months of each other. 
     The last time Williams' house was burglarized... the report shows that five guns and an electric guitar were stolen.
     Macon Police say they are investigating this case and if you have any leads call Macon Crimestoppers at 877-68-CRIME
      Again that number is 877-68-CRIME. 
According to law enforcement sources, there are 2-point-2 million burglaries in the U.S. each year - that's one about every 15 seconds.
    The greatest number of burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m... and during the months of July and August - summer vacation time.
    So what can you do prevent a home burglary?
    1. Make sure all doors and windows have properly operating locks.. **and use them**. 
     Open garage doors, front doors and windows are an invitation to a burglar.
    2. Consider installing exterior lighting, particularly motion sensitive lighting.  
     Lighting should illuminate all entry points to your home.
    3.  Having an alarm system installed can deter thieves - even having the sign in your yard is helpful.
     There are also some great ideas to protect your home when you leave for summer vacation:
     - at night, leave one or more lights on.
     - plug-in timers turn lights on and off for you.
     - leave a radio playing on low volume, a talk show works best.
     - do not leave extra keys in hiding places outside your home.
     - do not publicize your vacation on social media.
     - if it's a long trip, stop your mail or ask a neighbor to get it for you.
     - make arrangements for lawn care.   
    Another fact to consider: The typical burglar lives within 2 miles of the victim, and may in fact know the victim. 
     Just one more reason to be careful about who you let into your house.
 According to a Macon police news release... A man running away from police jumped a fence...and fell 40 feet to his death.
     Around 3-30 this morning...  Officers were making a routine check at the shops in the presidential parkway shopping center... When they noticed a suspicious car with two men inside.
     Police say the men became combative...and the pepper sprayed one.
     The other man ran away.. hopped a fence and dropped about 40 feet.
     He was dead when police got to him.
     Assistant Coroner Lonnie Miley says the man was from Warner Robins... but they're not releasing his name....because they've been unable to contact his family.

 The GBI says two men are charged....with two recent armed robbery-murders in Dodge County
     GBI spokesman Todd Lowery says they arrested one of the two men today....20-year-old Jeffrey Madison...who faces two counts of murder and armed robbery.
     He's charged in last Friday's killing of Jimmy Gay and last month's death of Greg Giddens.
     They're looking for a second man... Nathaniel Cummings of Eastman... who's facing the same charges... in the same two cases.
     So far...the GBI won't say how the two men died... but said they appeared to be random robberies.
     50-year-old Greg Giddens was found dead in his Eastman home on May 12.
     Gay was found dead last Friday in woods off  Harry Hargrove Road in Dodge County.
     Anyone with information on the case can call the GBI at (478) 374-6988. Again....that's 374-6988.
    A Forsyth woman is dead after a one-car crash on Interstate 75...and the driver is facing several charges including driving under the influence of drugs.
      The Monroe County Sheriff's office says the wreck happened around three this morning on I-75 south near Johnstonville Road.
      Investigators say 36-year-old Kendall Davis lost control..and his car rolled over several times.
      28-year-old Angelina Raymond died at the scene..
     A second passenger...was also taken to a local hospital...but her injuries were not serious.
      Deputies say...Davis ran away from the accident but was arrested soon after.
      He is also charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries or death, vehicular homicide and driving on a suspended license.

    Bibb County attorney Virgil Adams says he hopes to send additional information to the U.S. Department of Justice this week....so that the county can hold its election as soon as possible.. 
     Adams met with seven of the eight members of Bibb's legislative delegation Monday.
     Last week.. Justice officials asked for more information on such things as emails.. Minutes of delegation discussions and records of phone calls.
     All of it regarding the election for the new consolidated Macon-Bibb County government.
     The officials say they need the information before deciding whether to approve the legislature's votes from last winter.
     That would have shifted the election from November to July and make it non-partisan.
     After that.. Adams says he'll send as much information as possible...and explain why some doesn't exist.
       Because of the request.. the board of elections canceled the July 16th election until the justice department makes a final ruling.

  The Warner Robins mayor's race is heating up...with five candidates now in the field.
      The latest...Public Works Director Joe Musselwhite...who made the announcement yesterday.
     He's worked for the city for 21 years.
      Musselwhite says if he becomes mayor..he will make his availability to the public a top priority.
" Joe Musselwhite: I assure you when issues come up I'll be there to talk about them, defend them, and take up for you and yours and support the ones I like and not support the ones I don't. "
    Other candidates in the race....former firefighter Randy Toms, businessman Chuck Chalk ...And city councilmen Mike Brashear and Daron Lee.
    Mayor Chuck Shaheen has yet to say whether he will seek another term.

Next week...the six 89th combat communications wing at Robins Air Force Base will deactivate.
      The change is part of a reduction in combat air forces.. part of President Obama's 2013 budget.
      The deactivation will affect two civilians and 33 airmen.
       The civilian workers will transfer to the 5th Combat Communications Group at Robins.
   Last fall members of the six 89th were deployed to areas hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.
   They provided emergency communications and used full motion video to identify areas with the most critical needs.
There is a summer percussion camp at Mercer University that  focuses on the new marching band starting up this year. 
   The camp... Sponsored by Yamaha .. Lasts four days.
      It allows students from all over Georgia to learn new skills from some of the best musicians that Macon has to offer.
The last time Mercer University had a football and marching program was in 1942.

 While they could be at the pool, at the movies, or playing video games...
   A group of gifted Houston County Students are still in school...expanding their education.
  Houston County's gifted program is holding its Summer Enhancement program...For the next two weeks at Mossy Creek Middle School.
   Students have the opportunity to study arts, crafts, sciences, and athletics.
   Houston Director of Gifted Education Jan Jacobsen...spoke about the future impact of the program.
"They're going to be the leasers, they're going to be our innovators. They will be the children who will create jobs, like Bill Gates did, for millions in some cases, will be able to work as well. They are the ones who will be going into careers that haven't even yet been invented."
  At least thirty five classes were available for students to choose from...
  The course will run through the end of next week, with kids participating in two classes each day
    A summer workshop designed to teach kids about native american history in Central Georgia is now full. 
   Organizers at the Ocmulgee National Monument say their summer workshop draws crowds every year
  The program provides a range of activities  including pottery making and storytelling.
  Kids say they enjoy the hands on experience... while learning about history.
  Park ranger Angela Bates says the main attraction are the mounds... that date back to 900 a.d.
< Angela Bates: Our largest mound in the park is 55 feet tall and that's probably where the chief would have lived and that's where they would have had temples.  We know for a fact there were three structures on top of the mounds.>
  Bates says there is a waiting list for kids still interested in the summer program.
  The workshop is held every Wednesday... through June.


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