Eyewitness News at 11, 5-10-13

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Hello, and thanks for joining us.

I'm Frank Malloy, and these are our top stories for this Friday... The tenth day of May.

< I have watched him literally go through junior high school, high school. Very active in our church, very loving, very kind, young man who loved his family...>

Friends remembering Jmaal Keyes...a day after another teen was arrested for the Cochran student's murder.

We'll update you on the search for the young man's remains.

And... Convicted killer, Jodi Arias in a psychiatric ward tonight. We explain why... Plus in a another high-profile case...

<"My father's actions are not a reflection of everyone in the family. Not a reflection of myself, or my children, we don't have monster in our blood.">

That's the daughter of Ariel Castro...the suspect in Cleveland's news-making kidnapping and rescue...a decade in the making.

< we wanna give other kids a chance you know at what she had to be happy to...to try and live a longer life than what other expected.>

We'll show you how these Central Georgia parents are remembering their daughter and her battle with cancer.

And...a house with ties to Macon's own little Richard Penniman... Prepares for a new spot in Central Georgia...on this Friday...the 9th day of May.

Tonight...we begin our local news coverage with an update on the search for Jmaal Keyes.

Earlier this week, that search was a rescue effort.... now, it's a search for a body.


Keyes was 19-years old... A freshman from Austell.

He went missing April 25th from the campus of Middle Georgia State College in Cochran...and his disappearance was reported four days later.

First.... law enforcement looked for him around campus... then on Wednesday.... a group from Keyes' church in Austell formed a search party.

Then late last night...we had breaking news to report...an arrest....and a murder charge...but still, no sign of his body.

Charged... 17-year-old Robert Kane Rolison.

Not much information released so far about the crime...or how police think it might have happened.

But Rolison... Whom police say is a dual enrolled high school and college student...sits in the Bleckley County jail.

That...as the recovery effort stretched into this afternoon.

Katelyn Heck wraps up the work searchers did today.

Officers from Pulaski County Sheriff and Fire departments... Georgia State Patrol... Department of natural resources... And others... Scattered search efforts over a 15 mile span of the Ocmulgee River Friday.

Campus police chief Shawn Douglass says friends of missing student Jmaal Keyes gave information to officers leading them to the river... But Douglass says they could not narrow down the search.

Pulaski fire chief Leslie Sewell says... To make matters worse... Rain in Macon earlier in the week... Had made its way down to Hawkinsville... Causing the river to swell to around 21 feet.

That decreases visibility for officers... And restricts them from getting to certain parts of the river.

Douglass says they also searched wooded areas around Bleckley and Pulaski counties... But did not get any leads on Keyes' body.

Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

As we mentioned...the early part of the search was organized by members of Keyes' church.

The Reverend Wilbur Purvis pastors the congregation...and mourned the loss of a young life today.

<I have watched him literally go through junior high school, high school. Very active in our church, very loving, very kind, young man who loved his family and just a great young man that we have lost and we're very saddened about. He had a very bright future, his brother just graduated in criminal justice and from what I remembered he wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps. And we believe he had a very bright future and we were very hopeful that he would go on and do great things in life.>

Pastor Purvis also talked about the volunteer effort...that drew dozens of Atlanta area searchers to Central Georgia.

<you hear about these kinds of reports all the time on television, and you never think it's going to hit home like this. And so it has schoked our church community. At the same time, I want to say it has brought, it has you know when the worse has occurred, it's amazing that it has brought out the best in our people. To see volunteers come together, we went down there the other day to search for him, people took off from their jobs, time away from their family, you know to go down, support and search for him. Although the worse has occurred, it has brought out the best in our church. But it's a very difficult time for our church. Never in 20 years of pastoring have I ever experienced this kind of grief in our church.>

As for search efforts this weekend... Chief Douglass of campus police says high chances of rain for tomorrow will play a large part in how investigators continue.

In another murder case ...Convicted killer Jodi Arias has been admitted into a Phoenix prison psychiatric ward...after the sentencing phase of her trial was postponed until next week.

Arias, seen in this courtroom video from Wednesday, is under constant supervision in the ward at lower buckeye jail

She and her attorneys met with a judge in a closed-door hearing thursday.

Arias was convicted this week of first degree murder in the brutal 2008 killing of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander.

Our coverage...of the miracle rescue of 3 women in Cleveland...begins with news about a fourth person.

The little girl born to Amandra Berry in captivity.

DNA tests have confirmed that Ariel Castro is the father of Amanda Berry's six-year-old daughter.

She was rescued along with her mother...when Berry was able to break out of the house...with the help of an observant neighbor.

Berry called 9-1-1....and police arrived quickly to rescue the other two women, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

Castro is being held on eight million dollars bond for crimes against the three girls and the child.

Ariel Castro...has an adult daughter as well...and today during a CNN interview, she expressed horror at her father's alleged crimes.

<"My father's actions are not a reflection of everyone in the family. Not a reflection of myself, or my children, we don't have monster in our blood.">

Angie Gregg also said that, while she had no idea something so heinous was allegedly happening, signs add up now that her father has been arrested.

She described how Castro always kept certain parts of his house, quote, "locked down tight"...and would disappear for an hour at a time during family gatherings.

As far as her half-sister, Jocelyn...she said down the road, she'd love to meet the six year old... But didn't want to pressure Amanda Berry...and felt everyone needed time to heal.

As for one of the other women... Michelle Knight was released from the hospital today. Her family requested privacy...but said that Knight, who told police she had several forced miscarriages in captivity, is doing okay...and is in good spirits all considered.

The IRS apologized today... for targeting groups whose applications for tax exempt status included words such as "tea party" or "patriot"... During the 2012 presidential election.

The agency placed the blame on low-level employees...and said no high-level officials were aware.

White House press secretary Jay Carney says the matter is already under a thorough investigation... By an inspector general.

<we certainly find the actions taken as reported to be inappropriate. And we would fully expect the investigation to be thorough and for corrections to be made in a case like this.>

Carney also said there is no word on when the White House administration became aware of the practice.

Tomorrow... You can call him...Dr. Penniman.

Little Richard is slated to receive an honorary doctorate from Mercer University.

As as that honor is bestowed... Something new is also in the works for the house where the music icon spent part of his childhood.

The boyhood home of the rock'n'roll legend....Little Richard....is in the path of the Interstate 75 and 16 interchange project.

It's on Fifth Avenue....in Macon's Pleasant Hill neighborhood.

This afternoon....city officials announced the building will move within six to 8 months to Craft Street...near the Pleasant Hill Community Garden.

Little Richard's home will serve as a resource center...and officials hope that will make people interested in the history of the entire Pleasant Hill area.

<peter Given pleasant hill improvement group: he is an ambassador to the city of Macon who better than to use a name that is known everywhere I mean I don't care where you go you say little Richard, people know Macon Georgia, pleasant hill >

Again, The Pleasant Hill Improvement group says they will move the house in the next 6 to 8 months.

In August of 2009...Jerry and Kristy Bridges lost their daughter... Mary Elizabeth...after a lifelong series of health battles....that included cancer.

Mary Elizabeth was just ten.

Now...they are giving back to the organization that helped them and their daughter...the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

They're calling tomorrow's event.....Cruisin for St. Jude.

At 11am tomorrow, they will depart from the Macon Harley Davidson on Mercer University drive....and end up at the Warner Robins Moose Lodge.

On display will be antique cars and motorcycles....and there's BBQ for lunch.

Whether you have a motorcycle....antique car or tricycle...the Bridges say come out and support.

<it's very important for us to do this because St. Jude gave us ten good years with Mary. And we wanna give other kids a chance you know at what she had to be happy to...to try and live a longer life than what other expected. >

Donations for the ride....start at 25 dollars..which includes the meal.

For more details about tomorrows event you can check it out on 13wmaz.com under the community calendar.

Green beans, mac and cheese, corn, and other canned goods make up some of our favorite meals.

While those are being prepared... everyday there are millions of Americans who go without... and face hunger.

Tomorrow, letter carriers across the nation will work to stamp out hunger... and you can help.

Non-perishable goods are already stocking up at the post office on Rocky Creek Road in Macon.

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive will support the organization... Feeding America... and more than 50 million people.

Last year the drive collected more than 70 million pounds of food.

Items collected this year will go to the Middle Georgia Food bank and the Salvation Army.

< Joyce Dean, Food Drive Coordinator: It's a good feeling and they don't mind doing this but the carriers participate as well, like helping put the bags in the boxes and trying to collect the food on that day.>

Tomorrow, letter carriers will pick up non-perishable foods on their routes if you would like to donate.

You can leave your donations in a bag beside your mailbox.

Or, you could drop items off at the post office on Zebulon Road or Rocky Creek Road in Macon.


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