Eyewitness News at 11, 5-9-13

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Good evening.

Thanks for joining us.

I'm Frank Malloy..

We begin tonight with breaking news.

A Hawkinsville teen has been charged with murder in the case of a missing middle georgia state student.

That's according to a news release from the c ollege.

Middle Georgia State police arrested Robert Kane Rolison, a seventeen year old, dual-enrolled high school-college student... Tonight.

He is charged with murder in the disappearance and death of Jmaal Keyes, 19 years old.

Keyes was reported missing back on April 29th.

Rolison is at the Bleckley County LEC.

We'll have more information on this breaking story as it becomes available.

We'll update that story as more information becomes available.

But first.. .A look at the other top stories making headlines on this Thursday, the ninth day of May.


The two day search for a 71 year old Macon man ended today... The body of David Mann....discovered near Riverside Cemetery.

And... Grim details coming out .. About what happened to three missing woman during their years in captivity...as well as a look at the place they were held.

Yet still...family members find plenty of reasons to celebrate.

<oh, my lord. she's alive, and i'm talking to her after all that time, which i never thought i ever would. but i didn't give up hope. i'm glad she's okay. >


That as their accused kidnapper is arraigned.

For the first time...we see the faces of two men killed in a Monroe County murder...and learn how they died.

<I just hope our legacy for hip-hop is never forgotten, but I'm going to do my part to make sure Chris memory live on. >

Plus, one half of the 90's rap duo Kriss Kross...remembers his former partner... That on this Thursday... The ninth day of May.

But before we get to those stories tonight...we begin with a motion from the Bibb County Board of Education...to furlough its teachers later this month.

13WMAZ's Katelyn Heck joins us in the studio now... Katelyn why did the board decide to furlough this year?

Several board members said they had been approached by teachers... asking for another furlough day... To possibly help save someone else's job.

The district already recommended 5 furlough days for them next year.

Teachers were scheduled to come back for their last day of work Tuesday May 28th after Memorial Day weekend... But board members said a few teachers told them... It wasn't necessary.

That furlough day... Which is for all district employees... Will save between 5 and 6-hundred-thousand dollars in this year's budget... Which the board intends to carry over to help with next year's budget crisis.

What the board did NOT decide on today though... Was their Reduction in Force... Or RIF.... Where 97 jobs could be cut.

They voted to put that off until their meeting next Tuesday.... Which is the day before their May 15th deadline... When contracts will automatically renew.

<the process of the RIF has passed already but as far as the personnel that will be affected we have not agreed on yet because we want to work out some of the details of the budget to work out how many people we'll actually have to RIF and we're going to make that decision at the very last moment because we want to try to save as many jobs as possible to protect the interest of our children>

Teacher positions make up a large portion of those 97 jobs... But 18 school counselors are also included.

Cutting those counselor positions will save the district 1.6 million dollars.

They need to shave off 18 million to balance their budget to stay above their minimum required balance.

Many employees... Parents... and even students showed up at tonight's meeting... Asking the board... To keep counselor positions out of the budget talks.

Georgia passed a law this year that recommends schools for all grade levels have one counselor for every 450 students.

The Bibb school district is proposing one part-time counselor for schools with up to 699 students.

One full time for schools with 700 to 999 students.

Elementary and middle schools with over a thousand would get one full time and one part time counselor... While high schools would get 2 full time employees.

The board was scheduled to vote on a waiver allowing them to dip below the state's recommendations... But instead... They decided to take up the topic on Tuesday as well.

<it is my position that counselors are very very important to not only the work in the schools but supporting the children through development of issues, career counseling, and it goes on and on>

The district's finance department presented two new budget options tonight... One with a millage rate increase... The other would cause the district to dip into their reserves.... Putting them in another budget dilemma next year.

Both options did include cuts to fine arts... Athletics... salaries for central office employees... And the Mandarin Chinese program.

However... The Confucius Institute offered to pay for 12 Mandarin teachers to stay in Bibb... At no cost to the district.

They will be spread between 6 elementary schools.

The board isnt scheduled to vote on a tentative budget until later this month.

Another piece of news we're still waiting on from the school board...is the contract for Steve Smith.

The retired Lowndes County superintendent...with more than 3 decades as an educator in Macon...was offered the spot as Interim School Superintendent.

Today, 13WMAZ learned...it will likely be next week before the details of Smith's contract, like salary and start date, will be worked out.

We'll keep you posted.

Also today... The search for a missing Macon Man ended near Riverside Cemetery.

Macon Police found the body of David Mann...the 71-year-old...who went missing Tuesday.

Tomorrow morning, they hope to know exactly how he died.

A full-fledged search started yesterday.

That's when the car Mann was driving...turned up at the cemetery.

That launched an effort on the ground and by helicopter.

. Then today...a discovery... Macon Police Sergeant Richard Senter says Mann's body was about 150 yards outside the cemetery in the woods.

Police says they don't suspect foul play...but they don't yet know exactly how Mann died.

<Sergeant Richard Senter: We got a tip this morning probably around 9 in the morning that a citizen walking through the cemetery found an article of clothing and thought that might be of interest so we came out and looked at it and it matched the clothing description that he was wearing when he disappeared>

Police will know more after an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow morning, but Mann did have health problems...and Senter says he may have gone into a diabetic coma without his medication.

Tonight...we do know more about how two Monroe County men died...in a homicide neighbors say...is unusual in an area they feel is safe.

A news release from the sheriff's office says 40 year old James Pittman Wood, and his brother-in-law, 36-year-old Russell Jacobs...died of gunshot wounds.

That's according to the results of an autopsy at the GBI crime lab in Atlanta.

But investigators have not shared any information on the types of wounds...or what kind of weapon was used.

Wood and Jacobs were found dead Tuesday afternoon by Wood's father in their house on Woods Road near Juliette.

For the third day...investigators from the Monroe County Sheriff's office and the GBI investigators scoured the crime scene.

So far they say...there are no suspects in the case.

The killings surprised some people in Monroe County, where homicides are relatively uncommon.

< Very safe. In my opinion, we have more Sheriff and more police than anybody I've ever seen.>

<we do, we feel real safe. I mean we still have to shut our doors and may take precautions and stuff like that, but yeah, I've always felt safe here. >

Investigators say toxicology results...and other tests on the victims...could take months.

Anyone with information on the case can call the Monroe County Sheriff's Office at (478) 994-7043.

Funeral services were held today in Atlanta for rapper Chris Kelly of the 90's hip hop duo Kris Kross.

Chris Smith spoke at the ceremony.

Smith made up the other half of the duo that popularized trends like backwards clothing... And gathered a large teen following after a top ten hit early 90s,

<I just hope our legacy for hip-hop is never forgotten, but I'm going to do my part to make sure Chris memory live on. >

The 34-year-old was found dead last week at an Atlanta home in a suspected drug overdose.

The funeral was held at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church.

While families of three missing women, found after about a decade...celebrate a miracle in cleveland tonight... The man accused in their kidnapping, Ariel Castro, was arraigned.

He is charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Georgina "Gina" Dejesus.

Castro is now being held on eight-million-dollars bond.

The judge imposed a bond of two-million for each of the four victims: the three women and the child born to one of them during her captivity.

Here's a look at the backyard where the women were held captive.

The FBI released photos today of agents digging...though they weren't specific about anything they may have discovered.

What we did learn today is that.. according to the police report.. Knight became pregnant by the suspect five times...and each time he forced her to miscarry by starvation and punches to the stomach

Knight also says that she was forced to deliver Amanda Berry's daughter...who was rescued along with the women.

Now... Berry was kidnapped just before her 17th birthday.

Her mother died a couple of years later...without ever knowing her daughter's fate.

But today...her grandmother...spoke publicly...about the family's joy over her return.


oh, my lord. she's alive, and i'm talking to her after all that time, which i never thought i ever would. but i didn't give up hope. i'm glad she's okay. what she's been through, she sound good. and it was a miracle that i -- that i get -- that we did get to talk. i know her life has been bad.


A relative of Ariel Castro's family says...she lives in the neighborhood too...and had no idea anything was wrong.

She also said, that, if anyone in the family had a clue, they would have come forward immediately.

In another high profile case, the next phase of the jodi arias murder trial has been postponed.

A jury found Arias guilty yesterday of first-degree murder for killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

What's known as the aggravation phase of the trial was scheduled to begin this afternoon but that's been delayed until next wednesday.

That phase will focus on the question of whether arias was cruel when she killed alexander.

It will also move her closer to learning whether she will get life in prison or the death penalty.

Meanwhile, a friend of alexander calls arias' conviction an answer to a prayer.

Julie Christopher says she was so relieved when the jury delivered its verdict.

The only thing that I could do was cry. Because it was like I could just feel my breath, I could feel like oh, I'm breathing again. It was just like I prayed so hard on this that she would never walk the street again because she's a monster. She's someone with no emotion. She has no human in her. So I was really praying that she would be in jail for good. >

Court officials did not give a reason for the delay.

Dreaming ahead to the weekend?

Here's what you'll see at the theater if a movie is in store.

Leonardo DiCaprio is "The Great Gatsby."

Director Baz Luhrmann brings the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic to the big screen.

Dicaprio stars as the mysterious, jazz-age millionaire, jay gatsby.

His love interest, the married Daisy Buchanan, is played by Carey Mulligan.

And Toby Maguire is Nick Caraway, a war veteran and writer captivated by the lifestyle of his wealthy neighbor.

"The Great Gatsby" is rated p-g 13.

A man in love desperately wants to impress his girlfriend's preppy family in "Peeples."

Wade, played by Craig Robinson, crashes the clan's annual reunion in the Hamptons.

He plans to propose to his girlfriend, played by kerry washington, but first he has to get past her father, played by david alan grier.

"Peeples," from producer Tyler Perry, is rated pg-13.

We have more information to report on our top story tonight...

Chief Sean Douglass... Campus police chief with middle georgia state college... says the body of missing student Jmaal Keyes... Has not been found yet.

A Hawkinsville teen has been charged with his murder... That's according to a news release from the college.

Middle Georgia State police arrested Robert Kane Rolison, a seventeen year old, dual-enrolled high school-college student... Tonight.

He is charged with murder in the disappearance and death of Keyes, 19 years old.

Chief Douglass would not describe the killing or motive... He did say the two knew each other from attending school together... But beyond that their relationship was unclear.

Douglass also told 13WMAZ that cell phone records did not connect the two students either.

Keyes was reported missing back on April 29th.

Rolison is at the Bleckley County LEC.

Douglass says he hopes to release more information within a few days.

We will keep you updated as that becomes available.


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