Eyewitness News at 6, May 6, 2013

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 Hello and thanks for joining us. 
    I'm Leah Johnson.
     And I'm Frank Malloy.
It's been almost two weeks since a 19-year-old MGSC student was last seen.
   Now... search efforts have increased. 
   The family's church... Destiny World Church in Austell is lending a helping hand in hopes of finding Jmaal Malik Keyes. 
Judy Le has the latest.
Pastor Wilbur Purvis organized a search party that will come down to Cochran by bus on Tuesday. 
<it makes me more cautious. Should I go to certain areas at certain times by myself or should I have a friend with me? It just makes you notice things more now>
They're also offering a $2,000 reward for information that may help them find Keyes. 
Some friends say they last saw Keyes the morning of April 23rd. 

<the week he went missing, we were out on the gazebo just talking like usual>
<daniel lumpkin, friend - i see him on the first floor lobby and he said what's up. I said what's up and then I went to my room. That's the last time I saw him. He was walking down the hallway like he was walking outside>
Two days later... He was reported missing from Middle Georgia State College's Cochran campus. MGSC police chief...Shawn Douglas...identified him in a video leaving his room at Warrior Hall. 
<justin allen - he never bothered anybody. He didn't know that many people. We were like some of the only people he knew so it was kind of weird that this happened out of nowhere>

Signs with Keyes' picture and information are plastered throughout the campus and on the internet...even nationwide agencies are on the lookout for Keyes.
<lumpkin - yea it hit me the other day when I see the missing signs every where. You go to  to flash foods, it's on the news, everywhere around here>

The family says they last talked to Keyes on April 20th...on his mom's birthday.
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news 
 If you have any information on the whereabouts of Keyes... you're asked to contact campus police at Middle Georgia State College.
The number is 478-934-3002. That number again...478-934-3002.

For the second time in two days...a suspicious package caused a disturbance...in a public place.
Macon Police evacuated City Hall this afternoon... While they inspected a backpack left outside .
Katelyn Heck explains how police handled the possible threat.
On her way back to Macon City Hall from lunch... Patricia Colbert... A secretary in the mayor's office.... Spotted a backpack left outside.
<a police officer was standing on the curb and I said, 'hey what's going on with that bag?' and he said 'i just saw it myself' and the next thing I know, we were being evacuated.>
City employees lined the streets outside for over an hour ... watching... And waiting... As the Macon police bomb squad went to work.
<once we see how big the package is, we take a very high guess at the distance it would be to hurt somebody and that's how we position people behind us, once we read the x-ray and we were unable to discount it as a threat, we push people a little farther back to make sure>
Then came the next step... A controlled detonation.
<it's now done on our terms. We've got everybody evacuated, and i'm sure any bomber doesn't want the building to be evacuated, he probably wants to cause casualties. so, we've already taken control from him, if in fact, it had been a threat.>
Though officers found out the backpack did not have anything dangerous in it...
<What one person sees as suspicious another person may not, but to us, there are no false calls.>
Macon police took the bag to the crime lab... But would not release anything about its contents.
Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News
Lieutenant Wilton Collins with the Macon Police Department says they have no leads right now on who the backpack belonged to.
 That situation ended differently than the one yesterday at the AmStar Theater in Macon.
In that case... investigators determined what was inside the suspicious package... and decided they didn't need to detonate.
   But once again.... someone saw a suspicious bag and spoke out.
 After a witness saw a person leave in the middle of a movie and left a bag behind... they told managers.
  The managers decided to evacuate the theater and call police.
   Turns out... the bag contained diapers... clothes and books.
  But the theater manager says they're glad customers are keeping their eyes open.
< We assessed the situation and like I said it was an odd situation because a patron you know left a bag there so, so no I appreciate the customer who came out and alerted us , I really really do.>
  theater managers say when it comes to evacuating... they look at each situation on a case by case basis to do what's best for people's safety.
   They and the police both advise customers to watch out for their OWN packages... And to avoid leaving them behind.

Today's web poll asks..
   Are you paying more attention to unattended packages in public since the Boston Marathon bombs?
  So far   63 percent of you say no..
  37 percent say yes..
   To vote now... Visit 13WMAZ.com.
   Look for the question on the right side of the homepage.
A man robbed a Warner Robins credit union this afternoon.
It happened around 2-30 at the H-E-A federal credit union on Osigian boulevard.
Police say the man walked in...handed the teller a note...then ran off on foot.
No one was hurt.
Anyone with information on the case can call police at 478-929-6906. Again...that's 478-929-6906.
 A couple of man's best friends are being called heros...after a homeowner says they saved him from a fire..
   Fire crews answered the call in the  1200 block of Maynard Street just after 6 this morning.
  Sergeant Ben Gleaton with the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department says the fire started in the living room around the couch and spread to the front porch and the attic  
  Homeowner Roger Phillips says his dogs lady and snoop woke him up....saving his life and two others.
   Phillips suffered second-degree burns.
   His cousin...81 year old Cleveland Brown...tried to escape through the front door...but could not.
< We assessed the situation and like I said it was an odd situation because a patron you know left a bag there so, so no I appreciate the customer who came out and alerted us , I really really do.>
  theater managers say when it comes to evacuating... they look at each situation on a case by case basis to do what's best for people's safety.
   They and the police both advise customers to watch out for their OWN packages... And to avoid leaving them behind.
   High school graduation is this month... And Students around Central Georgia and across the country will be headed to college in the fall.
    Which means they're probably already thinking  about how to pay for it.
   This week, Jennifer Moulliet explores another aspect of money matters - student loans.
   Frank and Leah... Unfortunately student loans... Seem to come with the territory... And more and more students need them to pay for their college education.
     To make sure you have all of your questions answered about student financial aid... We have some experts here in the studio to take your calls.
     Aryn Thompkins... A debt management counselor... And dawn nash... Associate vice president for business from wesleyan college are both here.
     We also have Financial Aid Director... Lakisha Sanders... From Fort Valley State University here.
     You can call us at.... 752-1300.. tweet  your questions to me.. or post them on our facebook page.
     Again the number to call is.... 752-1300... we'll be taking your questions until 6-30. 
It's the second installation of our financial series... Last week we talked about your credit score - tonight we touch on student loans.
     Jennifer Moulliet joins us now from the help desk in studio B... To talk about how your money matters when it comes to student loans. 
< Loans are truly a last resort>
     Tenshi Porter... A freshman English major at Middle Georgia State says she didn't have any other choice but to get student loans for college. 
<you absolutely have to go to school on student loans it's impossible to not unless your parents  are movie stars >
     And Anabel Brooks... A graduate of Wesleyan College says she was in the same boat. 
<it wasn't possible for me to come to school without student loans>
     Financial Aid advisors at both Wesleyan and Middle Georgia State say their borrowing isn't uncommon. 
< sixty five to seventy-five percent of our students receive some type of financial assistance >
<I say ninety-five percent of our students are on some sort of financial aid>
     Although common... Porter says it's still unsettling. 
<you have to pay this back.> 
     Brooks says Loan is a scary word...but don't be afraid.
<your education is an investment and one that will last you a  lifetime.>
      Danielle Lodge... Director of financial aid at Wesleyan College ... Says she doesn't think financial assistance is even a thought at the beginning of a college search. 
<They think im going to get grants and scholarships  and my parents are going to pick up the ticket but  students don't always understand the expense of going to school and when the numbers are all laid out for them even students with really great scholarships usually need to use a little bit of student loans to pay the balance.   >
     She says it's possible to go to college without student loans... But difficult.
<I am comfortable with a student taking out the maximum stafford loans that are available to her all four years of school... 55-hundred the first year...65-hundred the second year...  75-hundred the third and forth years... That's 27-thousand dollars over four years people pay more than that for a car. >
she says 27-thousand dollars is a reasonable estimate for a four year college education... But says be cautious of spending anymore. 
     Sheri Rowland... Vice President of Enrollment Management at Middle Georgia State says look at all your options before borrowing. 
<look for grants, look for scholarships,there are so many scholarships out there through private public foundations institutions civic clubs and organizations that go untapped each year >
also look for institutions that provide a payment plan... And There are some key points to keep in mind when choosing a loan
<who to borrow from whats the interest rate and when do I have to pay it back>
    Lodge.... explains the difference between... A subsidized  and un-subsidized loan.
<the subsidized loan is not accruing interest while the student is in school. >
     An unsubsidized loan starts accruing interest from the day it's dispersed. 
Brooks is currently paying back her loans.
<its a big chunk and I feel it every month... but I say all the time im so thankful to be able to pay>
But if you're not in Brook's position... And can't pay your loan... Lodge says deferring it is fine... But declaring forebearance... Isn't. 
<it's not a favorable option that is a last resort desperation option... Why? Because it has an adverse affect on your credit report you're showing that you don't have the ability to pay your debt.  >
And... filing for bankruptcy won't help you.
<they're not cancellable through bankruptcy...  Your student loan will always exist it does not go away until you pay it off... Or die. >
    So here's some advice... Before you borrow. 
<you're not paying the school back... You're paying the government back so it's imperative to pay your student loans  >
     And porter says don't spend your loan money on luxury items. 
<don't  do that you're only setting yourself up for failure and you're going to regret it a couple of years down the road.>
  Middle Georgia State College is thinking about incorporating financial planning into their freshman seminar classes.
     And Wesleyan College sends their students to debt managers before they borrow more than 27-thousand dollars. 
     If you know you need help paying for college... here's how to apply for a student loan... go to WWW dot FAFSA dot E-D- dot GOV... And then create a pin at www dot P-I-N dot E-D dot GOV.
     Also... Depending on what career you go into... Your loan may be forgiven... to find out if that's you... Go to WWW dot FIN AID dot org... Or fast web dot com. 
     If you still have questions about student loans... Give us a call... We have financial advisors here to answer your questions... The number to call is.... 752-1300.... Again that number is 752-1300.
 Maybe you've seen Northside High School's Blue Wind Band perform on Friday night's the in the fall.
     They got their start in 1963 with a man named Robert Hale.
     Hale was the schools first band director.
     Students knew him as "uncle Bob"... Until he retired in 1986.
     He's credited with founding... Growing... And bringing many accolades to the program.
     Hale died about ten years ago... But Northside students and alumni want to honor his legacy.
     Current Band director... Chuck Herron... Says the band room will be dedicated to Hale at Tuesday night concert.
<with the amount of time, dedication and hard work he put into this, it's the least that can be done for him.>
     The concert and dedication is tomorrow night in Northside's Ray Horne theater.
     It starts at 7 p.m.

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