Eyewitness News at Six, 5-9-13

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< there are not enough words to say or express the joy that we feel at the return of our family member gina. and now amanda berry, the daughter & michelle knight who is our family also. >

Two women in the arms of family members... finally home after being missing for years.

Tonight... what you can learn from their rescue.

Good evening and thanks for joining us..

I'm Leah Johnson.

And I'm Frank Malloy.

We'll get to that story in just a moment but first... we have an update on what police are doing to find a missing Macon man with possible health problems.



The 71-year-old man has been gone since yesterday afternoon... now... search and rescue efforts are covering land and air.

Judy Le has more.<the neighborhood back through there>

Macon police found the car...71-year-old David Mann was driving at the Riverside Cemetery. Now...they're looking for the driver.

<robert grabowski area major - so what we're doing now is calling in some resources and see maybe if he's still inside the cemetery>

The sheriff's office...fire department...EMA...and National guard unit... Joined the search effort. Twiggs county brought canines. Warner Robins PD and the department of corrections covered the ground...and nearby river. The Georgia State Patrol covered the search by air

<they're also doing a separate grid search because of the large area>

They say Mann suffers from health issues....and may be disoriented after not eating all day.

<his wife said he had dementia. That's the concern. That's why she called us last night. They came back form the hospital....They lost contact>

That was around 4:30 pm Tuesday. His wife hasn't seen or heard from him since despite attempts to reach him.

<he's probably wandering around trying to get back to his house>

<what we're doing right now is rescue, safety. we want to make sure he's ok. we want to find him. he is a diabetic and he needs his medication. he's out here and we need to find him>

Authorities are searching as far north as Tom Hill Sr blvd...and working south.

Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

If you've seen David Mann... call macon police at 478-751-7500.

Again ... 478-751-7500.

Tonight... Two of the women held for years in a house in Cleveland by their alleged kidnappers... have returned home to their families.

They are Gina DeJesus (de-HAY-zeuss)... Who was escorted quickly from the SUV you see here... to the arms of a waiting family member.

And Amanda Berry... inside this vehicle.

Berry was expected to make a public statement but did not.

The families of both women shared words of thanks... and asked for privacy over the next few weeks... as their loved ones adapt to normalcy.

Meanwhile, the cousin of the three brothers accused, including Ariel Castro... Pictured here in an old mugshot from a domestic violence arrest in 2005 Says her own family is reeling from shock.

<Never any indication for any of this. I mean, no one in our family would have remained quiet or covered up any of these horrific details had we had any idea of what was going on.>

Homeowner Ariel Castro was charged Wednesday. Brothers Pedro and Onil Castro are being held but face no charges right now.

That Cleveland case has lots of people talking about whether they know what

's happening on their own street...and how well they know the people in thier own neighborhood.


Bibb County coroner Leon Jones Says in some missing persons cases or deaths... Knowing the people who live around you Could keep the situation from going from bad... To worse.

To explore that more... We join Frank and 13WMAZ's Katelyn Heck in Studio B.

Katelyn... we live in a time when a lot of people go years...without ever exchanging a word with their neighbors sometime...but we're hearing, it's important to know who lives around you for many reasons.




Frank... Many times we here about nosey neighbors in a negative sense... But Bibb coroner Leon Jones says knowing some basics about the people around you is actually a good thing.... Especially if they're elderly or disabled.

<every year her in Macon, we find two or three people dead in houses and apartment complexes, and sometimes they've been dead for several days, sometimes weeks, and I think it's sad. Everybody knows about my compassion for this subject. I believe we need to have more public service announcements to check on your neighbor.>

What does Jones say people should look out for?

He says... Even if you aren't close with your neighbors... Simple observations can help.

<if you know your neighbor is there and you see the mail backing up, the newspaper stacking up, the car hasn't been moved. If you've got a neighbor that usually takes care of his yard, is just a yard freak, and all of a sudden you see weeds this high. You know, this guy is ex military, he's a neat freak, his car hasn't been washed, car has been in the same place several days, call somebody.>

Jones also told me to try to speak with your neighbors every once in a while... and if you notice anything suspicious... don't be afraid to take action.

<call the authorities, call the police, the sheriff's department and tell them you want to talk with them and you can tell them you want to remain anonymous. Just say 'i've got a bad feeling about this right here, something's just not right' and they'll keep your name out of it.>

Katelyn, we did a web poll today at 13wmaz-dot-com...we asked people how well they know their neighbors.

Right, Frank. Of those people who've voted so far...

19 percent say very well...

40 percent say...pretty well.

But most, by a small margin...41 percent... Say, Not well at all.

Not surprising for a busy society...but as Leon Jones mentioned...there are incentives out there for making that extra effort to reach out.

Thank you, Katelyn... For that report. Leah?

Tonight... an update on yet another missing persons case....

this one from Bleckly County... where investigators are still looking for a missing student at Middle Georgia State College.

19-year old Jmaal Keyes was last seen on the campus in Cochran April 25th.

He was wearing a yellow and white shirt, black pants, and white shoes with black stripes.

Keyes is 5-foot-4 and between 220 and 240 pounds.

A group of friends and family handed out fliers and knocked on doors Tuesday.

If you have any information about this case... you can call the Middle Georgia State College Police Department at 478-934-3002.

Again... That's 478-934-3002.

We want to make a quick correction to the story we brought you this morning about that search.

In that story.... we showed a Cochran hom and said that was the last place anyone saw Keyes.

But the college's chief of police...Shawn Douglas says that's not so.

As we just told you... that would have actually been on campus.

Chief Douglas says that information came from a person involved in the search party.... who heard it from a classmate of Keyes.

He says they checked out that tip... went to the house... and decided it was not true.

Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke wants Tracy Michelle Jones executed for her part in the October murder of Gail Spencer.. A co-worker in a Macon law office.

During a news conference.. Cooke handed out copies of his notice to seek the death penalty that he filed in Superior Court.

Cooke says the Spencer murder qualifies for the death penalty on several grounds.. Including torture. Meanwhile.. Cooke says Michael Brett Kelly, one of Jones' co-defendants Is scheduled to plead guilty in the case Monday And receive a sentence of life without parole.

He says Kelly is expected to testify against his three co-defendants when they go trial.

< David Cooke, District Attorney: Those who plan and commit violent abhorrent crimes and show no remorse are the most dangerous and deserve the ultimate penalty.>

Jones and three others were allegedly stealing money from the law firm where she and Spencer worked. Also charged are Keith Dozier and Courtney Kelly.

The four are accused of plotting to kill 58-year-old Spencer in her home last October.

All four were indicted last December on five counts that included malice murder and theft.. Kelly was also indicted last month on an aggravated sodomy charge.

Of the 91 people currently on Georgia's Death Row.... only one is a woman.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says they still have no suspects in a double homicide...

It happened yesterday when an elderly father came home to his house of on the 100 block of Woods Road near Juliette around 1 pm.

That's where he found his 40-year old James Pittman Wood and his friend 36-year old Russell Jacobs dead..

Officials say a robbery may have been a motive.

Earlier today, investigators were still looking through the house and left around 12:30 ... So far, no arrests have been made and the case is still under investigation.

Anyone with any information about the homicides can call Monroe County Sheriff's Office at 478-994-7043. Again, that number is 478-994-7043.

A former Wilcox County sherrif was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison today for assaulting a jail inmate and conspiring to cover it up.

The assault happened in the jail in July of 2009.

According to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's office....

Stacy Bloodsworth ordered three inmates out of their cells because he was angry with them... hit all three... then watched as others also hit and kicked them.

Prosecutors say he later lied to an FBI agent about the case.

Bloodsworth resigned as sheriff early last year after being indicted on assault and conspiracy charges.

He pleaded guilty last October.

Four other men were also convicted... including the former sheriff's son....Austin Bloodsworth. He was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

Some Dublin eighth graders got a chance to test fate today.

Elise Brown was there as students faced life changing decisions...and got a feel for the consequences.

<how we feeling? I'm feeling pregnant>


This is not where 14-year-old Amber Elerson wanted to end up.

In fact she chose to abstain.

Elerson and her classmates from West Laurens Middle School in Dublin are participating in a life-size maze.

The interactive game shows students that life is all about choices...and the consequences.

However...unlike in real life... they couldn't choose which path to take.

<I had a baby...I had to worry about child support and money and it was born with a defect. It was born early. >


Eighth graders learned about the consequences of drinking and driving...texting and driving and sexual activities..and more... by drawing cards.

Elerson felt what it was like to carry around pregnancy weight on her way to class


<keep it moving...faster...faster.>

The Laurens county Family Connection organized the event.

Executive Director Connie Smith...says it's important for teens to experience this.

<we're had tears shed..some are gonna giggle...we had some that looked like they were in awe. Hopefully we made a good impact on them >

<Students also got to spin the STD wheel...it lets them know what kind of STD they got from having sex.>

<from that they'll go to the STD clinic...the doctors and nurses will explain to them about there disease..the treatment method for it...if there's a treatment. >

Elerson says she plans on sharing what she learned with her friends...so they can make the right choices.

I'm Elise Brown, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

This was the first time Laurens County Family Collaborative put on a Maze. Students from other middle schools within Dublin will participate tomorrow.







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