Eyewitness News at Eleven: May 5, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Some people were enjoying a quiet day at the movies when a local theatre was evacuated in Macon.
Judy Le has more.
These are movie goers waiting to get back into the theater to finish their movie.
"Some dude came in and asked us to leave."
"20 min into the movie... they said we needed to go outside."
In a matter of minutes, the AmStar 16 off Zebulon Road was evacuated
" I thought they were joking around because they wanted our seats."
"Because he didn't have an AmStar shirt on."
"I knew it was serious when I saw the bomb squad truck."
It was a precautionary measure after a movie goer reported an unattended backpack was left in the seat next to his. The sheriff's office and the Macon police bomb disposal unit responded.
"They evacuated the movie theater in a timely fashion."
"Glad they were being careful."
Authorities found children's clothes and books in the back pack. After it was removed people lined up once again to finish their movie.
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news.
There was no official bomb threat. Again, the evacuation happened as a precautionary measure.

A student, 19 year-old Jmaal Malik Keyes has been missing from the Cochran campus of Middle Georgia State College for over one week now.
His family first filed a missing persons report on the 29th of April.
We spoke to dispatch for campus police at Middle Georgia State and a representative there told us Keyes has still not been found.
He was last seen on the Cochran campus on the 25th of April.
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Keyes, you are asked to contact Middle Georgia State Campus Police.

The governor signed many bills last week and he starts this week with the same idea in mind.
On Monday, Governor Nathan Deal will sign legislation that prevents companies from using mug shots to make money.
State representative Roger Bruce wrote the bill because he says dozens of people complained to him about the practice.
Online websites demand hundreds of dollars to take your mugshot down just for it to pop up on another website.
State Rep. Bruce says it's practically blackmail.
State Rep. Roger Bruce: "I would go that far and further, it is extortion. Basically telling people there's no particular public reason for that picture to be out there other for them to charge a fee to take it down."
Under the new bill if you request your mug shot to be removed the website has to comply if you have been cleared of the charges.

This morning on Meet the Press, Newt Gingrich gave his own impressions about radical islam and how it relates to the boston bombing plot and investigation.
Newt Gingrich: "42 months after Ft. Hood we are pretending that this is a workplace incident when somebody jumps up, yelling Allah and kills a bunch of American soldiers clearly related to radical Islam. On the FBI most wanted list, 30 -- for terrorism, 30 of the 31 are Islamists. Yet the coverage of the first two days after Boston was, gee, I wonder what motivated these two Chechens? Now, we still refuse to come to grips with how serious and how long term this problem is going to be. I think it could be a 50 to 70 year problem."
The community from the muslim church that the Tsarnaev brothers visited in Boston fully cooperated with the search that eventually brought the suspects to authorities.

In world news tonight, we take a look at the latest from the air strikes in Syria.
The Syrian government says Israel launched a second airstrike in its country early Sunday.
Israeli officials say their target was a shipment of missiles.
Ines Ferre brigns the latest from the United Nations.
Syrian activists say this internet video shows an Israeli airstrike around Syria's capital.
The explosions lit up the sky near Damascus early Sunday.
Syrian State television reported the strike destroyed a military research center.
A senior Israeli official told the Associated Press the target was an Iranian shipment of sophisticated missiles headed to Hezbollah militants in Lebanon.
The attack was the second in 48 hours.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't talk about the military action during a public appearance in the West Bank Sunday.
But, Israel's tourism minister did address the situation before a cabinet meeting.
Ines Ferre: Syrian officials said the airstrike is a flagrant violation of international law. United Nations Secretary-General Ban
Ki-moon says all sides need to prevent further escalation of an already dangerous civil war taking place in Syria.
But, A Syrian official called the airstrike an act of war and the Syrian government said it would defend its people.
In what could be seen as a move to prepare for any type of retaliation - Israel expanded its "iron dome" missile defense system to the north - along its border with Syria and Lebanon.
Syrian opposition forces also condemned the airstrikes saying they hurt their mission to get President Bashar Assad out of power.
The United States hasn't officially commented on the attacks.
But, the President has said Israel has a right to defend itself against groups like Hezbollah.

This morning on Face the nation, the most recent turmoil in the middle east was high on the list
The question was raised should Israel have responded by firing missles into the Syrian Capital of Damascus.
Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger from Maryland says the country has a right to protect themselves.
Dutch Ruppersberger: "Well first thing, I can't discuss anything about the Israeli strikes, but I will say this: Israel has the right to defend themselves at all times and they're in a very volatile area. I agree with Mike Rogers, it is a serious situation, a serious situation in Syria. They're in a position now where if Assad, that regime, the Assad regime will go down eventually but what happens after that?"
Face the Nation airs Sunday mornings at 10:30 here on 13 WMAZ.

The Month of May means a lot of things one in particular celebrates new beginnings.
In keeping with the tradition of commencement President Obama was back on a plane this morning headed to Ohio State University.
It is his first commencement address of the season... And fitting that it starts in Ohio because that state played a critical role in his re-election.
The university is giving diplomas to over 10 thousand students and that number includes one hundred and 30 veterans.
The president took this time to address many important topics but the main point of his speech was preparing for the decade ahead.
"If there is one certainty about the decade ahead, it's that things will be uncertain. Change will be a constant, just as it has been throughout our history. And we still face many important challenges. Some will require technological breakthroughs or new policy insights. But more than anything, what we will need is political will, to harness the ingenuity of your generation, and encourage and inspire the hard work of dedicated citizens."
One of the stops the president will make is here in Georgia.
He will speak at the commencement services for Morehouse College in Atlanta.

Everyday you trust that the things you bring into your home are safe for you and your family but when those products don't work the way they should the company issues a recall to protect you.
Louisville Slugger One X Fastpitch softball bats are being recalled because the bat's barrel can separate from the handle during use and strike people nearby.
170 incidents of the bat handles separating have been reported to the company... One of those resulted in an injury.
The bats were sold at sport good stores nationwide from May 2-12 to February 20-13 for around 350 dollars.
For more information call 1-800-282-2287.
L-E-M products distribution is recalling their five tray food dehydrators because the fan can fail causing the unit to overheat and poses a fire hazard.
The company has received two reports of the fans in the dehydrators failing... No injuries were reported.
The food hydrators were sold at bass pro shops... Gander mountain... And sportsman's warehouse from august 20-10 to february 20-13 for around 160 dollars.
For more information call 1-877-536-7763.
The land of nod is recalling their plush dollies because the hands on the dolls can detach.. Posing a choking hazard to young children.
The company has received one report of the hands coming off of the doll... And three reports of the hands loosening.. No injuries were reported.
The dolls were sold at land of nod stores and land-of-nod dot com... from october 20-12 to march 20-13 for around 30 dollars.
For more information call 1-800-933-9904.
That's it for this week's recall wrap, for more information on recalled products visit our website 13wmaz dot com.
Look for the features dropdown menu on our homepage and select recalls.

The Amputee Prosthetic Clinic hosted a scuba dive in Macon today. Judy Le was there to catch their first experiences.
Nine-year-old Mei Mei White had to make a few adjustments before hitting the water.
Mei Mei White: "I have a water leg, a swimming leg, and a running leg."
It was an easy choice for the first time scuba diver.
White looks different... (I was born with my little leg) but that doesn't stop her from doing whatever she wanted on land and in the water.
"You can pretend you're in the ocean swimming like turtles."
Orthotic and prosthetic activities foundation or OPAF is a Non-profit organization that teamed up with the Amputee Prosthetic Clinic to provide this opportunity.
"We're asking them to take off their prosthetic device which has been their safety net."
About a dozen swimmers from ages 9 to 65 showed up to make waves at the Divers Supply off Mercer University Drive.
"There's this huge tank that you can swim in."
In a pool of different divers it was a chance to be the same...
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news.
OPAF puts on 11 events every year the next event is called First Dance and will be held in New York.
For more information visit our webstory at 13wmaz dot com.

It's Cinco De Mayo, a day of celebration for people across the U-S and parts of Mexico.
But some people in Dallas celebrated in a different manner.
A sea of white could be seen in the downtown area of the city as thousands of people walked in the name of immigration rights.
They could be seen waving their American flags as they walked to Dallas City Hall.

That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here at 5 for Eyewitness News Mornin.
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
Law call is next. We'll see you tomorrow

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