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Tonight on Eyewitness News at Six... What you need to know about your credit score... and what to do if it's under that "good credit" threshold.


We have a phone bank open right now.. .taking your calls at 752-1300. Again that's (478) 752-1300.

We'll check in with studio B in just a few minutes.

But first, hello everyone. Thank you for joining us.

I'm Frank Malloy.

And I'm Leah Johnson.

But first tonight, our top story at six... A former probation officer accused of killing his girlfriend pleaded guilty today to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Judge Tilman Self Accepted the plea deal between Russell Holt and the state instead of putting him on trial for the murder of Jessica Wolfe.

Jennifer Moulliet spoke with Wolfe's family who are not happy about the decision.

<we all thought this was going to a jury and at the last minute this was sprung on us>

Instead of starting a murder trial Monday... Russell Holt pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and received a twenty year prison sentence.

And Jessica Wolfe's family was not happy about it...

<he didn't deserve that he deserves life in prison>

Members of jessica wolfe's family spoke in front of the judge.

Jessica's sister read a poem ... She wrote for Jessica.

Melanie Robinson... Jessica's mother said her daughter found the good in everyone... And said she misses Jessica calling her for recipes.

<i feel like the system that she worked for day in and day out the system she had faith in failed her>

Houston County district attorney George Hartwig said he respected Coweta District Attorney Peter Skandalakis' Decision but he didn't agree with the plea deal... And didn't think justice was being served for jessica. He said the charge of voluntary manslaughter was gift... that russell holt didn't deserve.

Even Judge Tilman Self got emotional.

I asked Holt's attorney.. Franklin Hogue why he thought the prosecution agreed to a plea deal... Instead of going to trial with a jury... He said a pharmacologist was going to testify on his client's behalf explaining the effects of the anti depressant drug he was taking... Combined with his alcohol consumption.

<he was going to talk to the jury about how these drugs work on the brain and when you throw alcohol on top of it how it magnifies the effect of it and you have problems like impulse control, lost of judgement >

< russell holt gets twenty years and i'll never see my daughter again on this earth to hug her>

In houston county.. jennifer moulliet 13wmaz eyewitness news.

Jessica's family recently celebrated her birthday by doing what they say she loved to do... Giving to charities.

Her mother says they'll continue to fight against domestic violence... And will attend every hearing to make sure Russell Holt serves the entire 20 year prison term.

Happening right now... The Bibb County School Board is in executive session.

They went in an hour ago.. as part of today's special called meeting.

Board members wouldn't say what they plan to discuss behind closed doors tonight... But any action they decide to take is required to be public.

This is the first of three meetings this week.

Another meeting is scheduled for Wednesday to talk about the district's accreditation report... And again Thursday to work out next year's budget.

Katelyn Heck is in the board room. She'll have more on Eyewitness News at 11.

Jones County Coroner Jeremy Bridges, Senior has decided to pick up bodies again...but it will come with a cost.

Two weeks ago...Bridges stopped the service because the county refused to provide benefits for three deputy coroners.

Judy Le has the update.

When the Jones County Commissioners decided to end health insurance on May 1st for three deputy coroners...Coroner Jerry Bridges responded.

He stopped body removal services but is now doing it for double the price.

He told me quote -- I couldn't leave anyone lying on the side of the road.

It will now cost the county 800 dollars for body removal..Storage is 200 dollars.

The cost will cover the money deputy coroners lose when they are called to a scene.

Right now...if more than one responds to a call..only one gets paid.

The increased fee will also cover lost health benefits for deputy coroners.

Bridges says his job... is to determine the cause and manner of death...not necessarily remove the body.

Commissioner Tommy Robinson has not returned our calls regarding the new fees.

Judy Le 13WMAZ eyewitness News

Bridges says he has not notified the county about his increased fee.. He says he does not have a contract with the county.

A Macon woman died early this morning after police say she was hit by a street sweeper.

22-year old Kenyotta Jones was hit near the parking lot of Loosier's Furniture Store on Eisenhower Parkway around one this morning.

So far... no charges have been filed against the driver of the street sweeper.

Macon Police say the section of Eisenhower Parkway where Jones was hit did not have streetlights, and that Jones was wearing all black clothing.

The accident remains under investigation.

Still much more ahead tonight.

Jennifer Moulliet is in Studio B where financial pros are taking calls about what to do...when a credit crunch happens.

Frank, Leah... We're taking calls right now... That number is 752-1300.

When we come back...we'll check in on the phone bank.

We'll also introduce you to some people I had some very open talks with...about their personal stories.

Here's someone you'll hear more from in a few minutes.

<we had a brand new house, and we had a brand new baby. So everything came down at once. And, it was devastating. >

Next, what you should do if this sounds familiar.

Tonight... we're offering you the chance to talk to financial professionals dealing with all kinds of credit problems... no matter what your financial situation.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet met some people this week...with some stories to share.

Their situations were different... but one thing was the same.

They both told us.... they wish they had reached out for help before their credit problems snow balled.

Several financial advisors recommended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, which is a faith-based makeover for your home finances.

The program promises to teach you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely.

For more information, check out his website: www-dot-daveramsey-dot-com.

Thank you, Jennifer.

Today at 13WMAZ-dot-com, we asked... How is your credit?

48 percent say... Excellent.

19 percent say... Good.

16 percent... Fair...

Just 17 percent, poor.

And again...remember...our credit advisors back here...answering your questions, though 5:30.

Also tonight, we have financial experts here today to answer your questions about your credit report, your credit score, and how to find out what's in your credit report.

Financial Advisor Sherri Goss and Nicole Caldwell and Heather Whitmore with Consumer Credit Counseling are here answering your questions.

The number to call is 478-752-13-hundred.

Again.. that number is 478-752-13-hundred.

Our credit experts will be here until 6:30p.m.

Today... Our financial panel gave you the opportunity to get your questions answered about your credit report.

I'm with XX... From XX.

Is there any one question you answered most often?

Thanks so much.

We hope this information was helpful to those of you at home.

Frank and Leah, back to you.


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