Eyewitness News at Eleven: April 27, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

The kindergartner who died after being hit by a school bus earlier this week was laid to rest today.
Ta'miya Watson's funeral was held at the Greater Zion Baptist Church in Macon.
Principal of Barden Elementary, Jacqueline Jackson along with Ta'miya's kindergarten teachers and her uncle Wille Watson were speakers.
They say Ta'miya brightened their lives with her personality as each shared their fondest memories of her.
Loretta Gordon, Teacher, Barden Elementary School: "She was just as energetic and playful and upbeat as anybody could be."
Ta'miya was buried at the Macon Memorial Park Cemetery.

A teen was seriously injured after being hit by a Henry county patrol car.
It happened this afternoon on North Ola road in McDonough.
The Georgia state patrol says 14-year-old Chandler Weems was riding his bike, when officer Denise Romano hit him with her patrol car.
The teen was air-lifted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.
No word on if any charges will be filed.

A deadly house fire outside of Atlanta kills a mother and four children.
Marc Mcafee from our sister station WXIA in Atlanta has more.
Alonna McCrary and the five girls were having a sleepover. They took this photo last night. Hours later...the home was destroyed.
"I lost the only person who knew everything about me. God, oh my god."
11-year old Molly McCrary woke up to her mom telling her to run.
"The mother went back in an attempt to get the other four children out, they did not survive."
Investigators said the fire was an accident that started in the home's electrical box. They found a smoke detector but can't tell if it was working or not. The tin siding magnified the heat inside the walls. By the time firemen arrived, it was too hot for them to go inside.
"Most all of us out here are parents ourselves so a child getting hurt really hits hard."
Not even forty years of police work could prepare Newnan police Chief D.L. Meadows for what he saw. He said he and other first responders were struggling.
"Heartache and pain, these families are really going through a lot right now.
Family members quickly closed in around Molly.
She's gonna be well taken care of, well taken care of. She has a lot of family members that love her, she will be taken care of.
They plan to build a new life around her starting tonight. Knowing all she has left is what was in her yard, in her arms, and in the hands of God.
"Those were some precious angels, he needed them more than we did."
Newnan is about 35 miles southwest of Atlanta.

Need for Speed just started filming at Central City Park tonight and will continue until the early morning.
With the excitement comes a boom for business.
Judy Le sits down with a few local eateries to talk economic impact.
Need for Speed continued a series of night filming...closing off sections of downtown. That's alright for Tim Obelgoner(o-bell-goner) the general manager of The Hummingbird who fought for the chance that the backyard fence might have cameo in the movie
Tim Obelgoner: "I didn't want it tarped over."
The movie buzz is boosting business and Obelgoner welcomes the excitement and he's not the only one.
"During the week especially we've noticed a big increase."
"Brings more traffic."
The tap room created a special mixed drink...just for the cast and crew of Need for Speed
Now that you're in the know all you have to do is ask for a "speed"...
Ingleside Village Pizza is also sharing the limelight when actor Aaron Paul stopped by for a slice
Those are just two of many local eateries that are worth a try...
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

Filming crews will be closing some roads for scenes for the movie here are some that you may want to be aware of.
Walnut Street and part of 6th Street were shut down from 6 PM to 11 tonight.
3rd Street will be closed between Plum Street Lane and Mulberry street from 11 PM tonight To 6 AM Sunday morning.
The production company says they'll take the rest of Sunday and Monday off before filming continues next week.

Right at the end of National Park Week people at the Ocmulgee National Monument celebrated by teaching kids about Native American culture.
It was Junior Ranger Day at the park.
Kids learned how to make Native American pottery by molding clay and setting their pots out to dry.
Organizers say it's important for children to enjoy the outdoors atmosphere and learn about old customs.
Andres Espinoza, Macon: "I just like it because Indians used to do this and it just looks fun."
Angel Bates, Park Ranger, Ocmulgee National Monument: "It's something they can make and they're very proud because it's their pot that they made for themselves, and I've talked to many adults who have kept their pots over the years that they've made 30 years ago."
The Ocmulgee National Monument will continue to offer pottery courses over the next 3 months.
The courses are offered every Saturday and Sunday at 3 o'clock.

Hundreds of volunteers gathered throughout Macon to make-over houses for people in need.
Volunteers took apart old floors inside this home on Ward Street.
They also freshened up the outside giving some metal a fresh scrub as well as a fresh coat of paint.
It's extreme home make-over Macon style because the home will have a new look within a day.
Bernice Patmon: "My parents would be proud of it because it was theri home first and I have lived here all of my life and I've tried to take care of it and it encourages me to try to stay here as long as I can."
Debra Rollins: "It touches our hearts it makes a big difference in people's life when they can live in a place that is warm safe and dry."
Rebuilding Macon has been rehabilitating homes for 20 years.

Two organizations teamed up for downtown Macon's annual spring clean-up, today.
Volunteers for Main Street Macon and board members of Bragg Jam got a head start in getting the streets ready for the big event.
Around 10 volunteers picked up trash along Cherry, Third and Walnut Streets.
In exchange for their volunteer efforts they will have a chance to attend Bragg Jam and the Macon Beer Festival.
Main Street Manager, Mechel McKinley says keeping the downtown area clean is a commitment for both organizations.
Mechel McKinley, Manager, Main Street Macon: "We felt like this was a great opportunity for us to partner together to do some work in downtown and get some trash picked up."
Dolan Maples, Macon: "It keeps our city clean and I live on Cherry Street, so it's really my street too."
Bragg Jam is scheduled for the last Saturday in July.
The Macon Beer Festival is in August.

The mother of the Boston bombing suspects may have been discussing jihad with her son back in 2011.
That's according to US official with knowledge of the investigation.
The source tells CNN Russia intercepted a communication between Zubeidat Tsarnaev and someone who may have been one of her sons.
The source describes the conversation as "vague" and says Russia recently turned over the wiretap intercept to the FBI.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is in federal custody, is said to have told officials his older brother tamerlan was the mastermind behind the attacks.

Closing arguments are set for Monday for a Philadelphia abortion provider accused of killing a female patient and four babies. Adriana Diaz has the story from Philadelphia.
Doctor Kermit Gosnell could face the death penalty if convicted of murdering four babies prosecutors say were born alive in his West Philadelphia abortion clinic. The 72 year old is also accused of killing a 41 year old patient during a botched procedure in 2009.
His lawyers wrapped up their defense this week without calling a single witness.
Jack McMahon/Defense attorney/Wednesday: "We made the decision and we're sticking by it."
Prosecutors called dozens of witnesses during the six week trial. The last witness was a former employee who testified she saw Gosnell use scissors to snip babies' necks to make sure they died.
Prosecutors described the cash-only clinic -- which they said catered to desperate women with late-term pregnancies -- as a house of horrors with bags of fetuses piled into a freezer.
Ed Cameron Prosecutor outside courthouse: "There's a gag order and none of us can talk about it."
Adriana Diaz/CBS News, West Philadelphia: "Gosnell worked here at the Women's Health Society. He says he wanted to serve the poor who live in this West Philadelphia neighborhood."
Trial Attorney Heather Hansen has followed the case closely.
Heather Hansen/Trial Attorney: "In order to find for the prosecution they have to rely on the circumstantial evidence, the evidence of the 34 witnesses who have testified that these babies were moving, or breathing, or crying. There is no direct evidence that any of these babies were born alive."
That's the heart of the defense's case -- that the babies were not alive.
While his house was being searched in 2010, Gosnell told CBS Philadelphia affiliate KYW that he was innocent.
Dr. Kermit Gosnell: "I hope you'll be interested once I'm cleared. I'll then share my views with you."
The Jury is expected to begin deliberations by mid-week.
Gosnell had been accused of killing seven babies but a judge threw out three of those charges on Tuesday saying prosecutors had failed to present sufficient evidence to proceed with those charges.

One of the beach towns hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy hundreds of people showed up Saturday as officials in Long Beach formally launched the reconstruction project.
Damage from Sandy forced the Long Island town to rip out the entire length of its wooden boardwalk.
Replacing it will cost some 44-million dollars and take until November.
But some sections will be opened before that, in hopes of drawing tourists back to the seaside town.
Long Beach leaders say the new boardwalk will be much stronger than the other one.
will get part of its boardwalk back in time for summer.

It's the last day to visit the St. Jude Dream Home in Warner Robins.
It will be open until nine tonight.
There are a limited number of tickets left so hurry and reserve yours.
They're 100 dollars and you can buy them by calling 1-800-254-5010 or by going to www dot dream home dot org.
You can watch the giveaway live tomorrow morning at 11-30 right here on 13wmaz.

That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here weekend mornin at 7 a.m.
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
We'll see you tomorrow.

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