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Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us.

I'm Frank Malloy.

And I'm Leah Johnson.

This afternoon... Twiggs County crews found the water leak that closed the county's school.... And left many with low water pressure over the past few days.


Katelyn Heck explains how a search revealed other flaws in the water system that could cause more trouble if left unfixed.

Some searched up high... And others... Down low.

<our deputies along with the georgia state patrol aviation unit are up overhead the city of jeffersonville trying to find standing water or water leaks>

The leak cooked up problems for people throughout the community... Including robinson's fried chicken restaurant... And it's employees.

<can't cook, you have to catch water to bath... And stuff like that.>

<it's coming on then it will go right back off>

And it even kept away some of their best customers.

<they had to move the inmates yesterday because of the water system and we fix the food for the Twiggs County jail house.>

Those 33 inmates were taken to other agencies... Mainly houston county.

The leak also shut down some government buildings... And the county schools.

But Carissa Clance... Mother of a 6-year-old Twiggs student... says the schools took children home early Thursday afternoon... without notifying all of their parents.

<my dad came home and found him playing in the yard by himself, nobody was home>

Clance says the principal told her they tried reaching out to parents by phone.... But she never got a call.

13WMAZ could not reach anyone from the school district for comment.

Friday afternoon... crews finally spotted the leak off watson road... Just down the street from the middle and high schools.

But in their search... They also found an exposed water pipe... even closer to the schools.

<the cement cover, where the drain, the water comes off the road, it busted and therefore eroded the road up under the pipe.>

State Senator David Lucas says that puts it at a high risk of busting... Or not running at max water pressure...

<because you have a school close and you couldn't feed the kids or if there was a fire, you couldn't get the water pressure up to cover the fire.>

Lucas says Jeffersonville already sent out bids to get the problem covered immediately.

Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Crews shut off water valves to the leak this afternoon.

Major Jamie McDaniel with the Twiggs Sheriff's Office says the county's water should now be running at normal pressure.

Today on 13wmaz-dot-com... we asked if your public water system is reliable?

Most of you... 81 percent said yes.

19 percent say...no.

There's still time to vote. You can find the question on the right hand side of our home page.

A young Macon girl who died on Monday in a school bus accident was remembered by her school this afternoon with a colorful celebration of her life.

Barden Elementary School students and staff gathered Friday after school...

They paid tribute to kindergarten student Ta'Miya Watson..

Barden principal Jacqueline Jackson explained why they launched balloons for Ta'Miya.

<I heard one little student say, "all the balloons are gone to Ta'Miya." SO we felt like we sent her our love. All 400 balloons were like a kiss from all the students at the school.>

This evening, another special event will honor Ta'Miya....a candle light vigil.

People will gather at Virginia Drive...at 7-30 p-m....to remember the five year old.

Meanwhile, we checked in on the investigation into that accident, which happened after investigators say, Ta'miya stepped off a curb, collided with the bus, and was run over by the rear tire.

The investigation is ongoing... But so far, Macon Police tell us, there are no signs the Bibb County bus driver did anything wrong.

Tonight, filming continues in Macon for the Need for Speed, this time on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in downtown Macon.

Employees at Fasteners Plus Supply Company were blocked in their business.

They peeked through the door.. and hung out to watch filming from their supply bay.

When they were able to venture out the sidewalk in front of the business.. they got to see a scene with a high speed mustang.

Sales manager Bill Hatcher says there wasn't much that could be done about the filming that temporarily stopped business, so why not make the most of it.

<Bill Hatcher, Sales Manager: "Yeah, having fun, going to enjoy it. I got my daughter here watching it with me. Hope she gets a good experience out of it.">

Here's how their work will impact traffic for the next couple of days:

Tonight... Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in downtown Macon will be closed between Hawthorne Street and Plum Street Lane...from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lower Poplar Street, south of 7th Street, will be closed from 2 p.m. To 5 a.m.

Then... Saturday... 3rd Street will be closed between Plum Street Lane and Mulberry street... from 11 p.m. To 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

Walnut Street and part of 6th Street will shut down from 6 p.m. To 11 p.m.

The production company says they'll take Sunday and Monday off.... before filming continues next week.

Thanks Ben. We'll talk to you again a little later in this newscast.

As we go to break... We've got a piece of iPhone video for you...from Suzanne Lawler.

She talked to someone whose business was smack in the middle of all the filming....which was particularly interesting...since the spectator is a career auto mechanic.

Listen to what he had to say...about some of the fancy wheels.

< Ok...so what's cool about the cars?

They're prototype cars. It's gonna be available for people to buy in 2015. So we getting a first look at a 2015 super Mustang.

What the engine cool? Or was it all kinda Hollywood?

The engine was cool. The wheels were the coolest.

They have wheels on the car that's 15 hundred dollars a piece... They have traction bars on the car that control the spinning. The car is really great.

So pretty exciting?

Pretty exiting! >

And here's your up close view of the making of 'need for speed'...courtesy of photos Suzanne Lawler snapped for our 13WMAZ photo gallery.

Qualifying for the Macon-Bibb consolidated government ended at noon today.

And now the fields are set...with six candidates seeking the mayor's office and twenty-four others vying for seats on the nine-member commission.

Today's qualifiers were Jon Carson who joins Bert Bivins and Frank Tompkins in the District 5 contest.

And Terry Tripp who'll compete with Elaine Lucas and Danny Glover in the District 3 race.

And that sets up one of Macon's biggest political years in a while.

Now in Studio B.. political observer and former Macon Mayor George Israel discussed the crowded mayoral field with Randall Savage earlier today.

That wraps it up for today's edition of eyewitness news at six. We'll see you back here again at 11.

Until then... The news continues now on 13WMAZ dot com and MAZ mobile.

Have a great night. For now...here's a look at the places you call home...


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