Eyewitness News at 6, 4-24-13

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Hello, everyone. I'm Frank Malloy.

Movie fever is back in Central Georgia.

That's right, Frank. I'm Leah Johnson.


Recapping exactly how that traffic situation will affect you...

Tonight...the Southbound I-75 exit ramp..closed until 10 p.m.

And tomorrow... Hardeman Avenue...and its side streets... Will be blocked from 6 a.m. Until noon.

Magnolia Street will be blocked until 10 p.m.

Now.. When you take into account what goes into a movie shooting...the need for space comes as no surprise.

Austin Lewis is with me now...for more from the production front.

Leah... With the 441 speedway and other racing spots, Central Georgia is familiar with the 'need for speed'... But when it comes to Macon Hollywood style...the excitement takes on a new intensity.

Here's what Judy Le found...when she talked to some of those people around for production.

So as you can see... Lots going on around the filming site...

We asked in our web poll today...


Will the filming road closings in Macon affect you?

Only 16 percent said yes... 84 percent tell us no.


It's only street racing scenes being filmed here in Macon.. so the chances of seeing any of the film's stars is pretty slim.

Some people thought they saw Aaron Paul during today's filming though - he plays Tobey Marshall, the main character in Need for Speed. You may know him best as addict Jesse Pinkman in the award-winning tv series Breaking Bad - but he's also had bit parts in a handful of television shows over the past decade.

Michael Keaton has more than 3 decades of film experience, including Batman, Multiplicity, Beetlejuice, and Mr. Mom.

Dakota Johnson is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She made her film debut in Crazy in Alabama and appeared most recently in The 5 Year Engagement, the remake of 21 Jump Street, and The Social Network.


Well our own Suzanne Lawler is armed with a camera looking for neat shots from the movie for our online photo galleries.

Crews are cleaning up today after a reported break-in where almost a dozen guns were allegedly stolen from a Macon pawn shop ... Tom George was on the scene and has more

< I'm here at Macon Pawn and Gun, that's on Mercer University Drive here in Macon.. And you can see behind crews are working to put together this door after this commercial burglary that happened just before 5 a.m. This morning. Now what Macon Police say happened is, when they responded to the burglary alarm here, what they saw was this entire door smashed through and there was a truck parked inside. You can actually still the tire marks there. Then, what they say happened is the owner reported that ten pistols from inside were reported stolen. They're still trying to investigate what happened, but they did say that the black Toyota truck was reported stolen in Bibb County. Again, this is still under investigation, but anyone with any information is encouraged to call Macon regional crimestoppers. In Macon, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.


Thanks, Tom. Now that number for Crimestroppers is 1-877-68-CRIME, again that's 1-877-68-CRIME.

David Cousino.. A regular face in local elections.. Rode right into the mayor's race this afternoon.

He wore cowboy stuff.. hat.. shirt.. Pants and boots...

Mounted on a horse..

Named Joker...

Cousino got off Joker.. Slung saddlebags over his shoulder and ambled into the board office..

He filled out the paperwork to become the sixth person to qualify for mayor of the new consolidated government.

Those saddlebags contained the $3,000 qualifying fee.. $1,825 in gold coins.. Then another $1,857 in paper money.

Cousino says the horse symbolizes the need to rein-in local government.

<when we sit there, and we daddle around, being led by the carrot, like most of my opponents are, we're in fault and we keep going in a downward spiral. We need somebody to grab hold of those reins and move this city forward.>

Others qualifying today were James Timley for the District 9 commission seat.. And U.S. Army Reserve Officer Paul Bronson for the District 7 position.

Cousino ran for mayor in 2007.. Won the Republican nomination.. Then lost in a landslide to Mayor Robert Reichert.

Two years ago.. Cousino ran as a write-in mayoral candidate.. Losing with less than 500 votes.

His competiton... County Commissioner Joe Allen... former commissioner Charlie Bishop...Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis.. Current Bibb County Chairman Sam Hart... and current Mayor Robert Reichert.

According to the U.S. Department of Education more than 1.3 million elementary students fail to get any music education...

But that's not the case at Jessie Rice Elementary in Macon.

The Macon Symphony Orchestra performed for fourth and fifth graders.

Students jammed to classical, American Folk and Eastern European music.

Eyes were especially glued on the overwhelmingly large bass (base).

Students also learned about instruments and the history of music.

Fourth graders Tyrese Thomas and Janeicia (ja-knee-sah) Roberson enjoyed every moment.

<It was amazing. It was beautiful and sometimes when I listen to it I think about my grandmother. Because sometimes she played.>

The orchestra also played at Hartley Elementary this afternoon.

These events wrapped up the series of 28 in-school visits aimed to reinforce what kids are already learning in music class.


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