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"42"..the story of Jackie Robinson hit theaters nationwide today..

Parts of the movie were shot right here in central Georgia..and today we're celebrating its Macon roots..


Hello everyone..I'm Frank Malloy...

and I'm Ben Jones..and we're on the road at Luther Williams Field...the place where some of the movie's key scenes were shot...

---coming up...we'll revisit some of the other locations..like Upper River Road in Jones County..

---And second and third streets in downtown Macon...

---we'll also take you to Jackie Robinson's birthplace...Cairo, Georgia..

---we'll also talk with a local professor about the social and historical implications of the integration of baseball.

But first.. a look at today's top stories..


Good evening everyone.

I'm Lorra Lynch Jones.

Danny Glover... A rising figure in the local Democratic Party and candidate for the District 3 seat in the new consolidated government.. is talking about his January arrest on a misdemeanor marijuana charge.

Glover says the items a Jones County officer found in his car... Including a marijuana grinder... And green, leafy substances... Were not his.

We contacted the candidate...after obtaining a copy of the Jones County incident report on his arrest.

This afternoon....he spoke to 13 WMAZ's Randall Savage...about his arrest and political future.

<RS: in light of the arrest and the pending marijuana charge against you, do you plan to remain a candidate for that seat?

DG: I do not plan on dropping out. Is it going to be hard moving forward, yes it is. But the thing is, I'm going to man up, I'm going to accept responsibility for my actions, and I'm going to move forward. I've said it from the beginning, that this entire election is about growing, and making something better out of situations that are not, and fortunately, I'm a part of that growth process also. I'm growing as a person, I'm growing as a man, and I'm growing as a public servant. So for me to back out of this race, for me to stop where I am right now, to just give up, and for me to just tuck my tail between my legs and run, that's not indicative of the personality and the character I've built since I've been here. So, no I will not drop out of this race.

RS: The arrest happened on January the 23rd, that's two almost three months ago, why do you think it's just now coming out?

DG: It's just now coming out because my opponent just now decided she was going to put it out.

RS: Do you know for a fact she's the one that caused it to be released right now?

DG: I can't speak to her being the cause of it being released, but I made a mistake, I want to continue to say that I made a mistake. I accept my mistakes and I accept my wrongs, but I thank her for doing this though.

RS: you thank her for bringing this out?

DG: I thank her for bringing this out, and the reason why I thank her for bringing this out, because for the first time in my entire life, I'm going to be forced to face this decision and live with it, and I think as a result of this, I'm going to become a better man for it.>

Glover faces Councilwoman Elaine Lucas in the District 3 commission race.

Lucas declined comment on the situation.. But she questioned why someone facing a drug charge would blame someone else.

Jones County Sheriff Butch Reese told 13WMAZ... Lucas requested a copy of the arrest report... two weeks ago.

A Warner Robins mother insists her daughter was murdered and did not commit suicide.

CBS 48 Hours will try to unravel the death of Angel Downs in tomorrow night's episode at 10 p-m.

Her mother... Thelma Hinckley.. Talked to me today about the Northside High School graduate.

Hinckley says her daughter was living in Gulf Shores Alabama when she died.

She was dating well-connected and married county commissioner... Steven Nodine... For about 6 years.

Hinckley said her daughter was trying to break off the relationship... When she was found dead in her driveway.

She died from one gun shot wound... Inflicted by her own gun.

Nodine says it was suicide.

Hinckley calls it murder.

<I just pray that one day he will really tell the truth and that he will ask God to forgive him, and his soul will go to heaven on day. That's been my prayer all along. Steven just tell me the truth of what happened that day.>

Nodine was tried for Downs' murder... But the jury couldn't reach a verdict.

On the second go-round.. He plead guilty to a lesser charge.

You can watch the episode of 48 Hours tomorrow night.. Right here on 13WMAZ... At 10 p.m.

Now a follow up to a story we told you about earlier this week on 13WMAZ.

More than 8 thousand people shared this picture of a wheelchair bound chihuahua named Princeton... who was picked up wandering around Macon trying to find his owner.

Right now he's being kept safe by a rescue group in Houston County, but 13WMAZ investigated, and found his owners not far from where he was found... at the corner of Daffodil and Lilley Ave in Macon ... Turns out his real name is Chico, and he'd be living with the family who got him a wheelchair when he was injured, but they say he got lost a week ago.

< I had brought him over this way and I had gave him to my little niece and then he just kept running, I guess he got hit by a car and my momma tried to take care of him, and he wouldn't stay in the yard, so I guess the dog catcher got him.>

Carswell says they can't care for Chico themselves right now...and they're hoping to find him a loving home ... We'll have more on this surprising turn of events...and how you might be able to help.. tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.

And that's a short look at your headlines today... Now back to Frank... At Luther Williams Field.

Film crews were a fixture in Macon last summer...as Hollywood descended on central Georgia to shoot "42"...

< Frank Malloy: "Their first appearance was a country store in Jones County..which is probably one of the most recognizable scenes in the film..

Upper River Road was tranformed into a country dirt road.. a scene that made the film's trailer:

High Street in downtown Macon was the next location to get the star treatment.. a scene where Jackie Robinson and wife Rachel, played by Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie, are greeted by an affluent black couple in Florida, where Jackie has come for spring training in 1946.


Several locations in downtown Macon appear in the movie, including the terminal station.

We weren't allowed inside, but the film's publicist told us when Robinson was trying to get to spring training, he was not allowed to get on a plane in Pensacola.

The terminal station doubled as the Pensacola airport.

And right around the corner, on Plum Street, is where an old gas station was transformed into the bus station where Robinson and his wife ended up after not taking that flight.

Historic Luther Williams Field hosted the 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers and there was plenty of action on the field.

Extras.. and dummies.. sitting in for the fans.. filled the stands.


Hundreds of local extras and on-lookers also filled the streets of downtown Macon.. where Second Street became 1940s Brooklyn..

Crews gave the street a hollywood makeover - the Cox Capitol Theater turned red.. businesses were transformed to re-create the scene.

Unfortunately, very little of what was shot there actually made it into the movie."


Last June, David Earl caught up with one business owner who was hoping for a hollywood moment.

While "42" brought a lot of attention to Macon..the story behind it highlights an important part of civil rights history..

Coming up..

We'll discuss how Jackie Robinson's integration of baseball was a catalyst for change...

"42" is the story of the man who integrated America's favorite past-time..

Jackie Robinson broke through the color barrier at a time when segregation was the norm..

Joining us to talk about how he changed baseball and society is Dr. Chester Fontenot from Mercer...

Almost 160 miles south of Macon... Down in Cairo...

Jackie Robinson's legendary journey all began.

<This chimney is all that is left of the home where Robinson was born back in 1919... He only lived here for about a year before his family moved west to California in 1920.>

<a woman at that time to take her family across the country took courage, and it showed Jackie that with determination that anything was possible.>

By focusing on things like courage... Determination... And teamwork... the local Boys and Girls club 'breaking barriers' program uses Robinson's story to teach kids to swing for the fences.

<it showed me that know matter what other people say, you should follow your dreams.>

<for teamwork, i'm going to work together in my group, always show support, and for courage, I'm just going to keep my head up straight and do what I have to do.>

<it shows that if we all band together, we can do anything. It took courage for him to break that barrier. It's going to take courage for us to be able to give our kids better. If we put down racial and economic, political profiles, then anything is possible.>

Though he couldn't even walk while he lived in Cairo... Markers celebrating Robinson's big league journey... Remind people there to chase their own dreams... Because as Robinson once said... "life is not a spectator sport."

Robinson's family was from Cairo... long before he was born... And some still carry on his legacy there.

His cousin spoke with WMAZ about Robinson's life on and off the diamond... We'll share some of that conversation tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.

Frank and Ben are wrapping things up at Luther Williams Field tonight.

Right, Lorra.

< ad lib >

But tonight, on Eyewitness News at 11...we have a special piece from 13WMAZ's Austin Lewis.

She's going to revisit some of the sites... Both those than made it in the production...and a few that didn't... Almost a year after the filming wrapped.

We'll look forward to that. Thanks, Frank and Ben.

And that's all the time we have for Eyewitness News at 6...

From Luther Williams Field to the places you call home... This is a look back at a week in Central Georgia.

Have a great night, everybody.


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