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Hello, everyone. I'm Frank Malloy.


And I'm Ben Jones.

The weather is our top story tonight....we want to get right to the line of storms that could bring some possible problems to the area.

Frank, what we've seen across the country doesn't necessarily mean anything that severe will happen here... But this system has cut a path through the midwest and across the south.

<"this is our community. It's our community and this is where people live and it affects everyone.">

This is Botkinburg, Arkansas, a small town now left in shambles.

There were four injuries...but people say, they're amazed there weren't any fatalities.

A Van Buren county judge says five homes are total losses in botkinburg, more than 40 more damaged.

The storm also demolished a church.

A little ways away in Illinois... An unusual problem as the storm roared into the area.

Lots of people in the town of Godfrey, Illinois, found themselves stranded in a Harbor...because they live in houseboats.

And the high winds made the water too choppy to get off.

Richard Meyer was trying to leave his boat and head for shelter with his wife and 3-year-old grandson.

Meyer said he heard a big crash and when he looked outside, the dock was gone, leaving the family to ride out the storm on the water.

The harbor master says there was added danger because emergency crews did not know if the water and metal had an electrical charge due to the storm.

No one was injured.

Also, hit hard, Missouri.

The National Weather Service believes the brunt was probably felt in the town of Hazelwood, where at least 24 homes were damaged with trees, limbs, and power lines.

Wind gusts of a hundred miles an hour were reported.

There were no injuries and no fatalities.

Unfortunately, not the case in Mississippi...where one person died when the storms hit today.

In other news... Some Central Georgians ventured out tonight... For a chance to glimpse their town on the big screen.

< music: brooklyn, brooklyn, brooklyn, brooklyn, we go hard...>

After a limited private screening last night... Macon is finally getting a chance to see an open screening of the movie depicting the career of Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson.

Tom George is at the Amstar 16 Theater on Zebulon Road...where the first public audience is in the theater as we speak. Tom?

That's right ... As you said, Frank, this is the first public screening ... And that showing on 42 is going on as we speak ... But it's also a special moment here in Macon, really almost a year in the making... Macon was featured prominently in the movie and dozens of people sitting in the theater right now may be watching themselves ...

These were extras in the movie and they're waiting to see if in any shots or left on the cutting room floor ... Now they held a party before the show and I got to speak with some of them sill wearing with their 40's costumes for the show.

<you're working press I see... That's right working press have to have my notebook and my pencil to take notes because they didn't have cameras or anything back then only the still cameras that weighed probably 15 pounds...

I really felt like I was transported into the 40's. Really when we were separated sitting in the hot sun... We had to cheer, we weren't in the same arena that the whites were and it really put me into character...

How did they do that every day? It's amazing that the women would do their hair like this every day. You know the men have it easy all they have to do it brush their hair back.>

Now a few of the extras got a sneak peek yesterday and they gave me an inside scoop...

I was told that a lot of 2nd Street downtown actually didn't make the cut ... But there's still plenty of Macon -- Luther Williams field, High Street, and terminal station downtown were in the movie ... As well as the gas station in Jones County ... But overall he said great movie

... I don't know about you Frank, but when I get off the clock, it's definitely next on my list of movies...

Join us tomorrow as we take "42" on the road on Eyewitness News at 5 and 6..

You can also check out our photo gallery at 13 wmaz dot com.

As 42 hits the big screen... Another movie production is set to race into Macon.

Terrell Sandefur with the So Chi Gallery says "t Need for Speed" starts filming April 23rd.

He said details about where they'll shoot the racing action movie... Will come out next week.

However... People on Magnolia Street in downtown Macon say they've been contacted by the movie company.

A few folks say the filmmakers asked to use their porches.

They've been told that speed bumps will be placed on the street... Starting April 24th... And that they'll have to park somewhere else.

Dixon Cassera lives on Magnolia and guessed why the producers chose it for a shooting location.

<I think what's appealing about the street is the long hill. The same reason it's appealing for the soap box derby, because the right turn up there. I guess they are planning on doing jump scenes or something.>

Need for Speed is an adaptation of the video game with the same name.

It will be directed by Scott Waugh... And features "breaking Bad" star... Aaron Paul... And "batman" actor... Michael Keaton.

The Macon Film Commission said the filming will bring a cast and crew of about 200 people to the city.

From the spectator sport... Of watching the silver screen...to the green.

The Masters has teed off in Augusta... With a Stratford graduate aiming for the green jacket.

Marvin James is in the newsroom tonight with a preview of what we'll see in sports.

Frank as always.. the Opening of the Masters draws lots of attention because of the story lines..

This year the questions are Will Georgia grad Bubba Watson repeat as the green jacket winner, or will Tiger run away it again as the number one golfer in the world.... But the word around town is how will Russell Henley fair in his first trip to Augusta National.

Well not bad thus far is the answer..

going into the clubhouse.. Macon's Russell Henley had 3 birdies along with 3 bogeys that landed him at Even Par on the day. The Stratford turn UGA grad is tied for 33 with 13 others including Rory McIroy and Brian Gay who is a part of his threesome..

Henley is with the 17th Group that will hit the course on Friday at 11:07 in the morning.

Coming up later in sports.. Ill have the highlights from the day and give you the scorecard of the leaders and few other Peach state notables.

Thanks, Marvin.

Bibb County elementary schools will get a boost in safety... With a new building entrance system.

Visitors will have to 'buzz-in' outside the school... Then a video surveillance system would allow school office staff to speak with them before unlocking the door.

School employees would have to scan into the building using their ID badges.

The school would also get an alert if a door was propped open for too long.

David Gowan... School safety director... Says it's a way to keep unwanted people out of the building.

The system costs around half a million dollars... And will come from SPLOST funds.

Another new safety feature... School emergency plans and building layouts will be sent to all local and state law enforcement and health agencies.

Gowan says this will speed up emergency response times.

<so they would already know the layout of the campus based on that electronic plan they would have as part of the 'go dogs' system. That would save time and effort because in a major emergency such as an active shooter, the first officer on the scene they immediately respond and go to neutralize the threat.>

That electronic emergency plan system will start next year for all schools.

The building security system won't be in place until next June.... The district will then have to decide how to expand it to middle and high schools... which will cost around 6 million dollars.

Parents gathered in the nation's capital to call for the enactment of new rearview safety standards for cars.

The families of children...killed or hurt during backover incidents met with lawmakers this afternoon.

Supporters say the federal government needs to require all new cars to be build with rearview cameras.

< "A strong rule requiring rear cameras in all new cars has been proposed but it hasn't been finalized. The National Highway Traffic Administration has said that rear cameras are the only sure-fire way to reduce backover deaths." >

In 2008, a transportation safety act was signed into law requiring the U.S. Department of Transportation issue standards to address blind zones in vehicles that prevent drivers from seeing children and pedestrians when backing up.

However, the rearview standards have yet to be issued.

The firefighters who were taken hostage in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are all at home tonight.

The fire department says, they were treated for shrapnel wounds...and each of them have since been released.

Police say Lauren Brown called 9-1-1 on Wednesday, saying he was having a heart attack.

When help arrived, he made them his captives.

The County's police chief says, this wasn't a spur-of-the-moment plan.

<"After interviewing the hostages, officers learned that Brown claimed to have been planning this event for several weeks. He told his hostages that he targeted firefighters rather than police so that he would not be shot when he attempted to take hostages. Brown never made his ultimate goal clear to the hostages or to the negotiators. He did express a desire for his family to witness what was happening and a total of six guns were located in the house.">

Brown was killed in an exchange of gunfire with authorities.

Investigators say financial troubles may have played a role in his behavior. A mortgage company spokesman says Brown's home was in foreclosure and was being prepped for sale.

And...another happy return home tonight... this one for a pilot who didn't necessarily expect to make it.

A news helicopter pilot captured the emergency landing on camera.

The small plane had to come in without its landing gear at the Scottsdale Municipal Airport in Arizona on Thursday.

Before he touched down, the pilot is heard on the scanners making what could have been his last request.

He said, "if I don't make it, tell my wife I love her."

But the pilot did make it...and he didn't appear to have any injuries when he got out and walked away.

The video you're looking at right now is amateur video from Nuxabee County, Mississippi...taken as a twister moved toward a home.

One person died there.


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