Eyewitness News at Six: April 7, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

A Macon man was arrested for shooting at an officer.
According to Macon Police spokeswoman, Jami Gaudet, officers responded to a call about a man with a gun. According to a neighbor, a man came out of his house and aimed a gun at her.
When officers arrived.
They knocked on 63 year old Gary Kelso's door several times. Kelso began to open the door and shot the gun through the opening.
Kelso was charged with aggravated assault.

One Macon woman is in jail tonight after she hit someone on the head with a pistol.
Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says 51 year old Patricia Ann Gilbert shot a small caliber pistol at two people and then hit one of them in the head with the actual gun.
She was arrested and is charged with aggravated assault.

Police are searching for the suspect or suspects. Responsible in the shooting death of a man in northwest Atlanta.
It happened shortly before six this morning on Hood street.
Investigators say a man was shot inside a car while it was at an intersection.
Witnesses told our sister station WXIA, they saw three men running away from the car.
We'll update you with more information as soon as we have it.

The NC- double A national championship game will be in atlanta tomorrow and all weekend Atlanta police have been trying to keep the crime stats down.
16 hundred police officers worked for the final four weekend on twelve hour shifts.
That means at any given time, there are 800 officers on the street, many of them downtown where the final four activities took place.
So far, it's paying off, in fact police say they've had fewer calls saturday than they have on a normal Saturday.
Eyes are everywhere...from the police departments helicopter...to the more than 12-hundred street cameras, monitored 24 hours a day from the city's video integration center.

Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful is finding ways to clean up the city and this time they're targeting the litter problem.
Judy Le has more
For some drivers, the roadside is a quick-fix to rid trash
Pam Carswell- "Litter is unwanted trash that is thrown out on highways, roadways, that is not put in the proper place which would be in a trash can."
Of the litter found on roadways...cigarette butts make up 40-percent.
"They're not biodegradable so they are going to be there for many many years."
It's followed by paper and plastic. That's according to a survey conducted by Keep America Beautiful
"It's our litter bugs that's the problem. It's the people that are putting the trash on the ground. That is our problem."
Pam Carswell, the Executive Director of Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful....(nat - it goes right here) released a PSA to help residents take responsibility for their community. It's part of the effort to Keep Macon Clean.
"When people drive through any time of the year, we want them to have a good impression on our city, that it's clean and that it's a great place to come and visit."
Carswell says instead of dumping litter on the side of the road...carry a trash bag inside your car to dispose later
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news
Carswell says the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful commission taught all elementary schools in bibb county about littering and also poured efforts into community organizations to increase awareness.

Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at 6.
We'll see you back here tonight for Eyewitness News at 11.
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