Eyewitness News at 11: April 6, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Firefighters from all over Georgia responded to a 25 vehicle car crash in Jones County.
Judy Le tells us why no one was injured and how they are learning to save more lives
Peacock's Auto Salvage off Hwy 49 turned into a training center
Gary Harrell, Jones Co Volunteer Firefighter- "Some of the things we are seeing here today, cars up under tractor trailer trucks. We've got to be able to get them out. We don't have a lot of room to work so there's a lot of good stuff here today."
About 150 firefighters from all over Georgia came to Jones County to pick up a few life-saving skills.
Harrell - "Accidents are an everyday occurrence here in Jones County and Macon. Vehicles and people are entrapped and we have to get them out."
From bus crashes to overturned cars...50 instructors introduced a different scenarios
Dana Venable, Volunteer Monroe County Firefighter - "I came out here to help people. I enjoy this kind of stuff. I enjoy showing and teaching things I've learned in the past."
"They come out on their own time, they don't get paid for anything like this. We're doing this just to make sure that hopefully they are trained."
The first responders will be practicing for about 8 hours.
Stephanie Mercer, R.I.G.H.T Training and Consulting - "We've got these major interstates. We saw the 20-50 car pile up in Laurens County about a month ago. This is something that's definitely needed in our area."
Over a course of 3 days firefighters are put to the test with realistic simulations to hopefully save more lives.
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news.

It's been a mystery for years now but a disorder that is wiping out bee colonies is stronger than ever.
Colony collapse disorder has caused some pest controllers to cut back on killing bees.
Video journalist Claudia Taylor shows us how local beekeepers remove a colony from an infested home and take them to new hives for safe keeping.
Scientists are studying the cause of colony collapse disorder.
Some believe it occurs from pesticides but that has yet to be proven.

The relay to help a Haitian student go to college kicked off this morning.
It was all spearheaded by Macon teen... Marisol Ortiz who met (John-Louie Own-day)Jean-Louis Onde while volunteering in Haiti.
People hit the ground running at the Industrial Children's home in Macon to raise tuition money for Onde.
Ortiz says while volunteering...she learned that Onde wanted to be a doctor but couldn't afford the 4-thousand dollar tuition.
Ortiz says they now can help him.
Ortiz: "It was less that we wanted to raise the money and more that we wanted people to help us raise the money we wanted people to feel like they can participate in something bigger than Macon, than our actual country so it's really cool that we met our goal."
Ortiz says Onde is so grateful for the support of people here in Macon.

The 40th annual Hawkinsville Harness festival kicked off Saturday afternoon.
Hundreds of people came out for the food, the music and the horses.
In Georgia, you can't participate in pari-mutuel betting on horses but people here say that doesn't keep them from enjoying the sport.
Austin Lewis has more on this story.
Virginia Ray says she's always loved horses. The Kentucky native now resides in Brunswick but she and her husband love checking them out at the Hawkinsville Harness Festival.
Virginia Ray, Brunswick: "Pacers, and the trotters the different gaits and strides that they do and how they perform how they will race and you can almost see a horse wanting to win."
The horses may want to win but the Rays are pretty happy not to.
Bill Ray Brunswick: "If you bet it might draw more people but we don't really bet ourselves but I think if you want to bet it's okay but I would rather just go and watch them race."
Virginia Ray, Brunswick- "It's just as much fun, probably more because you're watching the horse perform, watching the event and the sport more than you are watching whether you are going to win."
John Berry from Gray says he's playing pick the winner at the festival and he thinks Firms Randsome could win one of the races.
He says he's having the fun but it's not exactly the same as putting money down on a horse.
John Berry, Gray: "But when you go to a track and you are betting on a horse that means you got a stake in something even though you don't own it, you are wagering and it's basically a rush."
The rush may not be the same...but the excitement of watching the horse take to the track...
Linda Hendley, Abbeyville: "It's fun to watch the horse go around in circles."
and win is joy that many here say money can't buy.
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
The bill on pari-mutuel betting was read during the last legislative day but no action was taken.
If it passes the House and Senate then the voters would have their say in November 2014.

Expert gardeners and those looking for a new hobby are at the Georgia National Fairgrounds this weekend.
That's where the Spring Home and Garden Show is taking place.
Organizers say more than 100 master gardeners are in the central Georgia area.
The show has something for people of all ages...including a kids corner for the young gardeners...
and a booth where master gardeners can offer their favorite tips.
Teddie Berry, Master Gardener: "We have to kind of mantras that we live by. One is before you do anything have a soil test done. You can have that done at your local extension office. The second thing is make sure you're putting the right plant in the right place.'
Proceeds will benefit college scholarships for Ag and horticulture students and grants for gardening projects in the area.
The sale continues through Sunday.
Doors open at 10 am.

Saturday marked the deadliest day for Americans in Afghanistan since August.
Two attacks left six Americans dead.
Ines Ferre has the latest from New York.
Debris burned in a street in southern Afghanistan after a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a convoy.
Afghan police say three U-S troops, two American civilian workers and a local doctor died.
Secretary of State John Kerry says they were on the way to donate books to a school.
The Taliban is reportedly claiming responsibility for the attack in Qalat -the capital of Zabul province.
Kerry confirms a member of the state department is among the dead.
In a statement he said... "She tragically gave her young life working to give young Afghans the opportunity to have a better future."
Another U-S civilian died in a separate blast in eastern Afghanistan.
(graphics out)
The violence comes as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Martin Dempsey - is in Afghanistan.
He's there to assess the security situation and determine how much training Afghan forces will need when U-S and coalition combat forces leave the country. They're all expected to pull out by the end of 2014.
A Taliban spokesperson tells the Associated Press the group was targeting a NATO convoy of the Governor of Zabul province.
He was in a group of cars in front of the Americans at the time of the attack.

A Florida Amber Alert continues on land and sea for two missing boys.
Tampa investigators are trying to locate this man 35-year-old Joshua Hakken.
They believe the woman next to him here, 34-year-old Sharyn Patricia Hakken is with him.
Authorities say Hakken took his two children, Cole and Chase Hakken from his mother-in-law's home Wednesday.
His wife is considered a suspect in the children's kidnapping.
The family is believed to be onboard a 25-foot sailboat possibly sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Crews have started working on a memorial playground in honor of a child who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
The playground is in Union Beach, New Jersey and will be named after six-year old Jack Pinto.
This is one of 26 being built as part of the "Sandy Ground Project: Where Angels Play" and will all be in areas devastated by Super Storm Sandy.
Each playground will be named after one of the 26 children and educators who were gunned down in December.
Jack Pinto's father said his son would liked this project, because he loved playing and playgrounds.

A ceremony was held today in Norfolk Virginia to introduce the U-S-S Arlington.
The warship was named after "arlington county" where 184 victims from the september 11th attacks died when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon.
First responders on the day of the attack said they were glad families of the victims were able to join them at today's commissioning.
Chied Jim Schwartz- "Seeing them here today that's really what this is all about the naming of this ship is really to honor the memory and the legacy that those people left behind."
More than 200 pounds of steel recovered from the disaster site will be used in a memorial room on the ship.

A Georgia Juvenile Corrections officer was arrested and charged with a felony in Savannah.
31 year old Kevin Maurice Biggins was arrested at a dorm room at Savannah State University where he's enrolled as a student.
Officers found two prescription bottles, 13 small bags of marijuana and an illegal stash of oxycodone pills.
He's charges with drug possession with an intent to distribute.
Biggins is the second juvenile corrections officer arrested in the last two weeks for drugs.

It's International Pillow Fight Day.
The feathers were flying in many cities around the world including New York where a pillow fight took place in Washington Square Park.
And over in China crowds cheered as hundreds gathered in Hong Kong's central financial district to participate in the pillow fight.
According to its official website, twenty eight cities took part in the first International Pillow Fight Day in 2008.

This 1909 baseball card of Pittsburgh Pirate Honus Wagner just sold for more than two million dollars at an auction house in New Jersey.
The National Baseball Hall of Fame calls the card, the "Holy Grail."
There are only about 50 of them in existence.

The American Tobacco Company released them but Wagner forced a recall of the cards.
Goldin Auctions says the company didn't have the shortstop's permission and Wagner didn't want kids to buy cigarettes.
The cards were made as Wagner was on his way to winning his seventh batting title and about to lead the Pirates to their first World Series win.

That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here at 5 for weekend mornin.
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
We'll see you tomorrow.


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