Eyewitness News at 6, 4-2-13

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The search continues tonight for a missing man after he went under in the Ocmulgee River.

Hello everyone, I'm Leah Johnson.


And I'm Frank Malloy.

That search now in its second day, is our top story tonight.

Searchers were back out early this morning.... after suspending the effort over night.

Judy Le's been at Amerson River Park all day...

Judy, what can you tell us?

Thanks Judy.

If the search is suspended tonight... They'd pick it back up in the morning, weather permitted.

In our 13WMAZ Web Poll today... We asked how many of you visit the Ocmulgee River?

27 percent of you tell us you do.

73 percent report... You do not.

Another drowning yesterday... this one involved a five year old boy.

According to the Crisp County Sheriff's Office, Sedarious Savage was playing in a private pond off Hoover Road with his cousin.

It happened just before 5 yesterday afternoon.

Lee County divers and EMTs from Crisp County searched for about 10 minutes before discovering his body about 25 feet off shore.

Chief Deputy Billy Hancock said the boy had been playing with his cousin in the water.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the second leading cause of death among children up to age 14 - most of those occur in swimming pools and bathtubs.

The older you are, the more likely a drowning death is to occur in natural waters - lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

In Georgia in 2010, 256 people died from unintentional drowning.

80 percent of those were male.

The single greatest risk factor...not being able to swim.

And wearing a flotation device greatly increases your chances of survival.

Also, avoid alcohol. Among adolescents and adults, alcohol is involved in up to 70 of deaths connected to water recreation.

Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat.

Drowning deaths occur overwhelmingly during the summer months.

But during this time of the year, even though outside temperatures are growing warmer, the water is still deadly cold.

The rate at which a body cools varies greatly, but just a few degrees lower can put you at risk for hypothermia.

Mild hypothermia ranges from 97 down to 93 degrees.. signs you may be hypothermic include: shivering, loss of motor control, decreasing blood pressure, pulse and respiration.

As conditions worsen, you may resist help, become confused easily, or even lose consciousness.

If it continues, hypothermia may cause cardiac and respiratory failure.

Tonight in other news... Architects will unveil the layout for the new Macon-Bibb Animal Shelter at the Bibb County Commissioners Meeting.

This is the current shelter Off of eleventh street In downtown Macon.

The upgraded center will be located toward Lizella on Eisenhower Parkway.

Construction is scheduled to be finished by the end of next year.

If commissioners approve the layout tonight... Architects will begin rendering the design.

Katelyn Heck is at that meeting and will have more for you tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.

There's more good news for development in downtown Macon...

Partners of the Dannenberg lofts located at Poplar and Third Streets... announced the move of a major tenant into their building today.

We were there for the announcement.

"this building, as many of you know was one of the largest department stores in the southeast. It has been essentially vacant for decades and we're very excited today to tell you about this new tenant, said Gene Dunwoody, Dannenberg managing partner."

Kinetix Health Club is moving in. Construction is still underway but once complete.. They'll set up shop inside the Danneburg building with a weight room... Cardio machines That face the street... a locker room with showers... And a daycare facility.

Amenities.... that developers say are all needed in a growing downtown.

"They understand that downtown is the heart of the city and it's where everything is coming back to downtown and I think this is going to create a ripple effect because now that this established, successful business believes in downtown, then other people will think that, hey I can believe in downtown too, said Kris Hattaway with Newtown Macon."

"I feel like in the next ten years that this will be the place to be. We are right along with where the curve should be and there are more and more loft apartments coming up and there are more and more people working downtown, said Kinetix owner, Mark Cullars."

"we're really focusing really hard on people living downtown and when people live downtown, they have to have a lot of amenities and we think this particular tenant is going to be one of the most important amenities, said Dunwoody."

It doesn't look like much now... But soon this space will be filled with folks working to stay healthy and fit.. Changing the face of downtown Macon, with the help of one workout at a time.

The first phase is nearly complete...with plans for the club to open in late summer.

Those who live in the Dannenberg lofts will automatically get a membership to Kinetix and 24 hour access.

And some developments on the campaign front... Macon City Councilman Louis Frank Tompkins plans to run for the District 5 seat on the new consolidated government.

Tompkins.. Current holder of council's Ward 4.. Post 1 seat.. Announced his candidacy during a noon news conference at City Hall.

Among other things.. Tompkins says he'll attend all required meetings... develop positive working relationships with fellow commissioners and work with outside agencies to accomplish things.

< Louis Frank Tompkins, Commission Candidate: Developing partnerships with all appropriate entities that would be instrumental in enhancing the new vision of the consolidated government.>

Tompkins will face Bibb County Commissioner Bert Bivins who announced earlier that he's seeking the District 5 position.

Qualifying for the nine commission seats and the mayor's office begins April 22. The election is scheduled for July 16.

If you're a walker...or even a sightsee-er, you can now explore a new section of the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail.

Today... A new section of the historic path officially opened with a ribbon cutting...after five months of work.

The redevelopment was made possible by a Department of Transportation grant, some Newtown Macon funds, and three local donors... And entertainers made the whole thing quite the celebration.

The strip is one-half mile in length...follows the cemetery's drive northward... And curves until it reaches Vineville Branch Creek.

It ends with a brand new boardwalk and scenic overlook just west of the railroad and River Bank.

< The whole purpose of this trail is to connect people together. When you pass somebody on Riverside Drive, you don't connect with anybody. When you pass somebody walking on this trail, even if you don't really stop and visit, you make a connection, and you realize life is a whole lot bigger than our own problems.>

Riverside Cemetery's Board of Directors say taking the trail through the cemetery's been discussed since 1988.

Coming up just ahead on Eyewitness News at Six... When you think of military bases... You don't necessarily think green.

But here in Central Georgia... Some efforts at Robins have proven to be a wise investment.

We'll show you how a conservation project is paying off.

If you think you're power bill is hefty.. Check out the annual price tag for energy at Robins Air Force Base.

It's about 26 million dollars.

Last year... The base managed to save taxpayers about a million and half bucks by cutting those costs.

Air Force Materiel Command noticed those efforts... And awarded Robins a top prize.

Lorra Lynch Jones shows you how they plugged into savings.

Talk of energy use lights up Terry Landreth.

<its kind of exciting because everybody is getting on board.>

He' runs Robins Energy office... A five person outfit.. Dedicating to saving power.. And getting everyone else on base charged up about the initiative.

<we can actually see when we do something. Take the profile of the meter and actually watch it drop and go, oh see. We did something!>

This technology saved them 100-thousand dollars last year.

It's a computer system that controls outdoor lighting across the base.

One click turns them off... When they're not needed.

Using these smart power strips in Derrick Andrews software facility helped his unit save 14%.

That's 45-thousand dollars in energy savings... And just the beginning of their efforts.

<we created a quarterly newsletter and it has a few energy articles plus our usage>

It reminds folks to do the basics... and sparks ideas for more ways to save.

<A lot of people really get into it.>

And on an installation of Robins size.. Landreth says that involvement is what adds up..

It caught the attention of their parent organization.. Air Force Materiel Command... Prompting the award.

<we did engage the leaders, we did do those those projects. We did spread the word and we did get a whole lot of other people involved.>

He intends to keep the positive currents flowing... With a goal of cutting energy use another 5-percent in two years.

At Robins Air Force Base. Lorra Lynch Jones. 13Wmaz. Eyewitness News.>

Landreth says the base will install a power management system on 17-thousand computers this year.

That will reduce their energy bill an estimated half million dollars.

The Houston County sheriff's department says they're investigating what they call a suspicious incident...on fairground road...off dunbar road....in north houston.

So far...they are not releasing any further details.

But coroner Danny Galpin tells us....a woman's body was found there.

We'll update this story when more details are available....at 13wmaz-dot.com.

Houston County will hold a public auction thursday.

And for all the pickers out there... There's all kinds of stuff up for sale.

From flat screen computers... To printers.... To mini motorcycles.

Each department has donated items they don't use anymore to the auction... Including cars and a cargo van from the sheriff's department.

The Auction is this thursday at the Houston County Warehouse.. at 20-22 Kings Chapel Road in Perry... That's next to the courthouse... Registration starts at nine A-M

You can preview the items tomorrow between one and four.

{***SOT FULL***}

<we've got a van that runs that you can haul passengers in or you can take the seats out and use it as a cargo van

<several of these vehicles especially with the sheriff's department I mean you've got good parts on them some of them run.

The Auction is this thursday at the Houston County Warehouse.. at 20-22 Kings Chapel Road in Perry... That's next to the courthouse... Registration starts at nine A-M

You can preview the items tomorrow between one and four.

The Auction is this thursday at the Houston County Warehouse.. at 20-22 Kings Chapel Road in Perry... That's next to the courthouse... Registration starts at nine A-M

You can preview the items tomorrow between one and four.


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