Eyewitness News at Eleven: March 30, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Spring is in the air and over near Vidalia so is the smell of sweet onions.
That's because this year's crop is almost ready for market.
Austin Lewis went to Morris Farms in Mount Vernon to check out their onions.
Farmer Randall Morris says this Vidalia Onion looks plump...it's still not quite ready for market...
He's got millions of sweet Vidalia onions on this 45 acre...that still need a little more time underground.
But Morris says this season has been a good one.
Randall Morris: "It's been unusually cold but that doesn't bother an onion too much. It's been, uh, the onion season this year are going to be a very good quality at this point in the game."
And also the soil has gotten plenty of rain...
Randall Morris: "We've had plenty of water this time our pivots have not run as much as it normally does. We got a lot of natural rain and it just looks like a good season that's on schedule."
Morris says this all adds up to a sweeter onion from root to tip.
Randall Morris: "The onions have a high sugar content and they're a vegetable that's really great for you it's a good helpful, it's a good nutritous vegetable that tastes good."
You can get his onions online through the Morris Farms website but Morris says he hasn't yet determined this year's crop price but he thinks it could be a good one for shoppers.
"It's like everything else for us to stay in business you have to make a reasonable profit so that's what we shoot for every year. And I think the prices will be kind of normal in store this time of what you can expect to see."
But this sweet vidalia onion should become soon just in time for April.
Austin Lewis 13wmaz eyewitness news.
According to Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, the *official* shipping date for Vidalia onions is April 15th.

An all women's paintball team from Perry is taking no prisoners.
At Big Indian Paintball... the Lethal Ladies prepared for a local tournament.
The competitions will ready the Ladies for the Women's Paintball Tournament in California next week.
Judy Le saw them in action...
"Today is a 3-man tournament........and we challenge them."
The Lethal Ladies will be the only female team representing central Georgia in the West Coast tournament.

With just hours away from Easter Sunday, some central Georgia communities are sticking with tradition by celebrating with an Easter egg hunt.
Kids raced to find 5 thousand eggs at one EGGstravaganza in Macon.
Families also enjoyed free food and there was play time for the children.
Organizers say this is the first Easter event for their growing church.
Pastor of Assembly at Riverside Church, Gabe Cox, says their focus is to bring a sense of community into the Easter season.
Gabe Cox, Pastor, Assembly at Riverside: "We know with the economy the way it is and people falling on tough times, what we want to try and do and what we believe the church is called to do is to encourage people and be generous."
Dale Martin, Macon: "A lot of people turned out today. It's a beautiful day and the community has come together. I think that's great. I think we need more things like this."
Organizers say the large turnout has encouraged them to make bigger plans for next year.
They will double the number of Easter eggs making the count 10 thousand.

As that EGGstravaganza wrapped up... another one kicked off in Warner Robins.
This one was sponsored by the Turner-Ragan American Legion post and Union Grove Baptist church.
More than 100 children searched for eggs and prizes.
Senior Vice Commander of the post, Patricia Hargrove says the event is special to veterans and their families and it's a great way for them to celebrate the Easter Holiday.
Patricia Hargrove, Senior Vice Commander, Turner-Ragan American Legion Post: "Most of us have served and we enjoy doing this and being able to give back to the community that gave to us."
Tukeida Daniels, Warner Robins: "Easter egg hunting is for the kids because it's fun and something for them to do even though it's involving church."
Organizers say their Easter egg hunt has been in place for over a decade and it gets bigger every year.

New research finds no link between autism and early childhood vaccines.
That's the conclusion of a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
C-D-C researchers collected data on 256 children with autism, and 752 children without it.
The children were all born between 19-94 and 19-99.
Scientists found *no* connection between the disorder and the number of vaccines a child gets in one day or during the first two years.
The study is in the Journal of Pediatrics.

North Korea is threatening war but the White House says it's part of the communist nation's familiar pattern.
People in South Korea are reacting to the latest news.
Erica Ferrari has more from New York.
North Korea has declared a state of war with South Korea, something many in Seoul see as just more angry words.
This man says ... I think there's a slim chance a war will breakout.
Still - South Korea and Washington are taking Kim Jung Un's threat seriously.
Tension in the region is nothing new. North and South Korea have technically been in a state of war for 60 years.
But, on a South Korean border island North Korea shelled in 2010- residents are nervous.
This 83-year-old says.. my heart is beating hard every day worrying what if they attack here again.
Pyongyang is also threatening to shut down industrial area the two nations share.
This latest wave of tension comes after the United States flew two stealth bombers over the Korean peninsula.
Friday - Kim Jung Un met with military leaders and put his country's missiles on standby - ready to attack U-S military bases in the region.
Experts say there is no evidence North Korea has missiles capable of hitting the United States mainland.

Legendary music producer and engineer Phil Ramone has died.
His son Matt confirmed he passed away this morning in New York.
He was reportedly 72 years old.
Ramone was the winner of 14 Grammys and was considered a technical innovator.
He was known for collaborating with music greats such Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder.
Franklin reacted to the sad news today, saying, "Truly one of the great names in music has gone on, but the melodies will remain."
Singer Billy Joel also commented on Ramone's passing, saying, "I have lost a dear friend and my greatest mentor."

Many spring breakers are headed to the beach but the trip to tampa was a little longer today because of a brush fire.
Traffic was backed up along a stretch of I-75 through Hillsborough County, Florida.
A brush fire forced the closure of both the north and southbound lanes.
You can see thick, white smoke is enveloping the freeway through Ruskin-- about 20 miles south of Tampa.
Officials closed the road because they say the fire is creating zero visibility on the road

Dozens of kids gathered in Michigan today for a eggs-tra special event!
This helicopter dumped 50-thousand Easter eggs down in Saginaw.
It was all part of an event hosted by the Life Church.
The church said its eggs were filled with candies and mini-toys.
The celebration also included balloon animal twisters and four bounce houses for kids to enjoy.

There's no fun in the sun or boozing it up on a beach for spring break for one Colorado high school senior.
Derek McKee is spending his vacation on display on a street corner in Denver -- for a good cause.
He wants to raise awareness about Colorado's homeless kids.
So he's been living in this eight-by-eight-foot Plexiglass and plywood house in downtown Denver for almost a week and He only leaves to use the restroom.
Derek is collecting non-perishable food items.
He says he won't leave until he collects around five-thousand cans.

That is the show for tonight... We'll see you back here weekend mornin at 7 a.m.
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com....
We'll see you tomorrow.

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