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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Two wrecks... Slowed traffic on Interstate 475 northbound tonight... Near the bolingbroke exit.
An officer on the scene told 13WMAZ witnesses say a car speeding and weaving in and out of traffic... Cause an S-U-V to flip.
That's when witnesses say the woman in the car attempted to cross the interstate to help those in the wrecked vehicle... And was hit by another car.
The officer says the pedestrian and those in the car were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


One man is in the hospital tonight after police say he was stabbed multiple times outside his house.
It happened on the 600 block of MacArthur Boulevard in Warner Robins around 3-30 this afternoon.
Police say they have arrested the alleged stabber... And says he faces an aggravated assault charge.


Frank Reeves... The 73 year old man accused of shooting and killing a woman at a Macon gas station in december is still in the Bibb County Jail.
That's according to the jail's website.
Reeves' bond is set at just over 110-thousand dollars.
He's accused of shooting 65-year-old Linda Hunnicutt after her car and his motorized wheelchair collided... as she was stopping to get gas at Murphy's on Gray Highway.
Friday... District Attorney David Cooke said Judge Edgar Ennis also set several conditions for Reeves to be released.
Reeves would have to wear an electronic tracking bracelet on his ankle...
...an adult family member would have to supervise him at all times...
And he would also have to stay in his home except for a few things like doctor appointments.
We spoke to Frank Reeves' lawyer Veronica Brinson.
Brinson said his family hopes they'll have the bond money to bring him home within a few days.
She also said that his relatives think the amount of bond set is reasonable.



Thousands of fans came to welcome Bo, Luke, Daisy and the rest of the Hazzard gang to Peach County's Middle Georgia Motor Speedway for the Dukes of Hazzard reunion.
Fans came to the speedway early to get their chance to meet some of their favorite characters from the show.
Some came from all over Georgia and the United States including Maine.
Fans stood in line with pictures and other memorabilia to share with the stars the reason why they love show.
And other fans say they were tongue-tied when the big moment came.
Jason Atkinson, Fitzgerald: "I didn't know what to say when you meet a star from a TV show who you really don't know what to say I told him I've been waiting a long time to meet you all and I finally got it."
You can still catch the tail end of the Dukes of Hazzard reunion tomorrow.
The gates open at 10 a.m.


Our nation has been through tough times when it comes to soaring gas prices...
and environmental groups are working daily to find new alternative fuel options.
One professor at Middle Tennessee State University is traveling across the country in a car that he says will operate on water and the sun.
Our video journalist Claudia Taylor shows us how.
Cliff Ricketts, Professor, Middle Tennessee State University: We're attempting to go from coast to coast just of sun and water. We do not put solar panels on top, and we do not put water in the gas tank. That's one way it doesn't work.
This is our solar unit. It separates the oxygen from the water. Then it goes in a tank at 200psi. These were originally propane tanks. Then we have another compressor that we compress it up to 5000 lbs to fill these carbon tanks. It's very light. It's so powerful the range on this car... One big tank and two small ones goes 260 miles. It's taken 25 years of research to get to this point so we can go from coast to coast off sun and water. It think what's gonna happen is when gas goes over 5 dollars a gallon this will kick in.
Aras Alexander, Student, Middle Tennessee State University: We're at the point where we have no choice. You either make a change or be stuck in the past.
Cliff Ricketts, Professor, Middle Tennessee State University: It's helping people for hundreds or maybe thousands of years to come. I think we're planting seeds that will help man kind. >
Cliff Ricketts says he and his team plan to make it to Long Beach California.
They will stop four times to refuel with their water based product.




The 26th annual Forsythia Festival was in full bloom this weekend.
About 120 vendors took over the streets of Forsyth. With sunny weather ...The festival is expected to draw about 20-thousand people this weekend. From homemade ice cream to fried oreos...there was a little something for everyone. Idus Smith spent the day with his family who came from Sylvester Georgia...just to attend the festival. It's a tradition they celebrate every year because it also falls on a very special day
"The Forsythia festival is around the 10 and that's my birthday so we all come for my birthday."
Jenny Worn, Sylvester - "She remembered everything about it from last year. And has been looking forward to coming back for several weeks."
If you missed out on the fun today...there's still a chance for you to check out the festival. It ends tomorrow...check out the webstory at 13-wmaz-dot-com for the schedule.



Hundreds of central Georgians pulled together... literally... to raise money for the Houston County Special Olympics.
Over a dozen teams took a chance at pulling a 15 ton fire truck a distance of 40 feet.
Some teams were the city of Warner Robins... Flint Energies... and I was also there with the rest of our 13WMAZ crew.
Money raised from the event will support the Houston County Special Olympics...
as they continue to pick up from ten year hiatus of hosting the winter games in Houston County.
Mayor Chuck Shaheen, Warner Robins: "Warner Robins has always supported Special Olympics and the city has always worked with them and we really appreciate what everybody is doing out here to support this great cause."
Kevin Nipper, Flint Energies: "It's always a good part to get into... Letting everybody come together and raise money for a good time and a good cause."
Houston county will host the Special Olympics' summer games at the end of this month at Bonaire Middle School.
The regional summer games will take place in May in Atlanta.



Before you go to bed tonight... Make sure to set your clocks one hour ahead.
That's right... It's time to spring forward and unfortunately lose an hour of sleep.
It's also a good time to replace those batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.



A five-year old Florida boy is proving you don't have to be older to serve up aces on the tennis court.
Ethan Everk's coach calls him the best she's ever seen and says he holds his own with players twice his age.
His father says Ethan has been playing since he was around two years old and plans to play for the next 23 years... which might seem like an eternity to a five-year-old.



That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here for Eyewitness News weekend mornin
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
We'll see you tomorrow.


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