Eyewitness News at Six: March 3, 2013

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Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at Six.
I'm Katelyn Heck. Jennifer Moulliet is on assignment.

We begin our broadcast with Lacrosse. One of the fastest growing sports throughout the nation and the Mercer Bears, Georgia's only Division One squad, is trying to pass on their love of the game to kids in central Georgia.
Current and former Mercer players spend a few afternoons a week partnering with the Macon youth lacrosse club.
Mercer's lax head coach Kyle Hannan also joins in working the older age groups.
They teach them everything from passing, to cradling the ball but most importantly about teamwork.
Kyle Hannan/ Mercer Lacrosse Coach: "It just creates that excitement and that love for the game, so we're hoping if we continue to do that, more and more players will grow on board and learn about this sport and understand that it is a fun, exciting, and fast-paced game and because of that, the youth league would grow."
Mercer also offers lacrosse clinics.
For more information on that and the Macon youth lacrosse club... You can look for this story on our website... At 13 WMAZ dot com.

The Georgia Golden Gloves opened with arms swinging this weekend.
Boxers from all over Georgia geared up to compete in the elimination rounds.
As Judy Le shows you some came out on top while others fell from glory.
<golden gloves is a state tournament we do every year.....>
<it helps places you on the olympic team>
If you missed the elimination rounds... you can still catch the end of the Golden Gloves.
The championship rounds will be held next week... March 9 and 10. Ticket prices are ten dollars.
Matches will begin at 2 p-m... both days.

Officials in Georgia and Florida show signs of buyer's remorse.
As construction costs from building nuclear plants rise much higher than expected, the price of natural gas plummeted making it tougher for nuclear plants to compete in the energy market.
A law maker here in Georgia wants to cover any costs over budget by taking profits from Southern Company which is the parent company of Georgia Power.
In Florida, some lawmakers move to end a policy where fees are collected from customers before electricity is produced.
The fees are used to expand nuclear plants.

On March 7th,1965, Selma Alabama hit the international spotlight.
Peaceful protesters supporting the right of minorities to vote were beaten by police and attacked by dogs while crossing the Edmund Pettis Bridge.
The march did not physically pass through Selma but emotions reached all the way to capitol hill and the Voting Rights Bill was passed.
Vice President Joe Biden celebrated the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" at the Bridge crossing Jubilee in Selma today, as Americans across the nation observed the day as well.
He delivered the keynote address at the Martin and Coretta King Unity Brunch.
Biden says the march and surrounding events represented an awakening for him and many fellow americans.
He says that current voter ID laws and restrictions mean voting challenges continue to this day.
Joe Biden: "(We) still have a lot of work to do, but I think it's gonna be easier, a lot easier than it was 48 years ago for one overwhelming reason. Because what you all did here 48 years ago changed the hearts and minds of the vast majority of the American people. That's why I'm absolutely convinced we will prevail in this new fight in regard to voter access and voter rights."
There is a lawsuit before the Supreme Court that protests some of the provisions in the Act.
The lawsuit originates in Alabama.

A two day visit from Secretary of State John Kerry sparked protests in Cairo yesterday.
Protesters believe the U.S. Supports Mohammed Morsi and burned pictures of Kerry in response.
They waved banners in english and arabic that condemn U.S. Policies and describe Kerry's visit as a "coalition between the United States and Muslim Brotherhood."
Members of Morsi's opposing party refused to meet with Kerry because they feel America wants them to abandon their boycott of parliamentary elections.

A baby boy in Brooklyn New York was born prematurely after his parents died in a hit and run accident.
The family's car was hit from behind throwing the mother from the car while they were headed to the hospital for a checkup on the pregnancy.
Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21 were pronounced dead at the hospital from blunt force trauma.
Their funerals were held this morning and another service was planned for this evening in Nachman's hometown.
The police in New York are looking for the driver and passenger of a BWV.
The newborn baby is doing fine.

While Kerry visited Egypt, one former NBA star known for controversy took a trip of peace to visit Kim Jong Un.
Dennis Rodman returned to the U.S. today.
As tensions between the United States and North Korea grow because of nuclear concerns.
Rodman says the North Korean Leader doesn't want war with the United States...he just wants President Barack Obama to call him.
Rodman says the two can start with their shared love...of basketball.
Rodman spent two days with Un...on a trip to North Korea by the Harlem Globetrotters.
The state department distanced itself from Rodman's trip on Friday.

Bobby Rogers, a founding member of Motown group The Miracles has died.
He shared song writing credits with Smokey Robinson on songs such as "the way you do the things you do." by the Temptations and performed hits including "I Second That Emotion" and "The Tears of a Clown."
Rogers and The Miracles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.
He was 73.

Queen Elizabeth the second is hospitalized with a case of the stomach flu.
The British monarch is expected to stay at London's King Edward the Seventh Hospital for at least two days.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman says the 86-year-old queen is suffering from symptoms of gastroenteritis.
He also says she's been hospitalized as a precautionary measure.
She canceled a planned visit to Wales this weekend due to the illness.

The Roman Catholic Church held it's first Sunday services without a leader today.
Cardinals are arriving in Rome to begin the process of picking the next one.
As speculation mounts about who will replace Pope Benedict the 16th's, betting on his successor is becoming the largest non-sporting wager in history. Vinita Niyer reports from Vatican City.
Vatican City was unusually quiet for a Sunday. There was no Angelus - or popes prayer - after Benedict's resignation on Thursday.
At a church just a few miles from Vatican City, Mass went on as usual.
As Cardinals from around the world gather, the Archbishop of Scotland- who resigned this week - admitted wrongdoing 30 years ago. Keith O'brien said "my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest."
Bridge: Most of the voting cardinals are already here in Rome. They start meetings on Monday to discuss the challenges facing the church. Once they've all arrived, they can set a date for the secret election called the conclave.
Speculation is already intense about who will be chosen
The cardinal from Ghana, Peter Turkson, has been the strong favorite for the past two weeks. He's a conservative who speaks 7 languages, born to a carpenter and a fruit vendor. Father John Andem of Nigeria says his election would be unprecedented.
3:30 that would be very interesting if a black pope comes (smiles)/ 5:50 People can say whatever they want to/ 6:00wherever he comes from whoever is, he will be our pope.
International bookmakers are giving their odds. SO far, the pot is worth more than half a million dollars, with predictions it will top one million.
Reuters Sot/ William Hill: " The reality of the whole Pope betting or whatever you want to call it is that if you look down the list I would think the top six or seven are the only people really in contention"
Ugo Fabiani /Italian Resident: "It's a good gamble something to bet on."
The man who is elected must get 77 of the 115 votes from Cardinals. The church says the odds are in no ones favor.
After the cardinal from Ghana, International Bookmakers say the top spots belong to Italy, Canada and Argentina.

That is the show for tonight.
We'll see you back here for Eyewitness News at 11.
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
Have a good night everyone!





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