Eyewitness News at 6, 2-25-13

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Next on Eyewitness News at Six...education leaders in Bibb County...coming together right now for a called meeting...Our Katelyn Heck is there.

And... from the days when the Ed Sullivan Show was a prime time staple... to 2013... The life and times of musician Newton Collier....

That's all ahead... on Eyewitness News at Six.

Good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us.

I'm Leah Johnson.


And I'm Frank Malloy.

Our top story tonight... A trial date has been set for the man accused of killing and dismembering Mercer Law School graduate... Lauren Giddings.

Stephen McDaniel's case is set for September 9th.

That's more than two years after Giddings' remains were found outside her Georgia Avenue apartment near Mercer Law School, where both had studied.

Bibb County District attorney David Cooke says he talked today with McDaniel's lawyers... and Judge philip brown... and they agreed on a september trial.

Cooke says that's the soonest that everyone's calendars are clear.

While trials are often postponed.... he said setting a date means that the FBI is more likely to process evidence in the case.

Right now... Members of the Bibb County board of education are gathering at the central office in downtown Macon.

Katelyn Heck is there...where a called Board meeting is happening tonight.

Katelyn, what do we know about this meeting?

Thank you. Katelyn Heck...reporting in downtown Macon.

It started as an apparent hostage situation call..then turned into a 5 hour standoff involving Macon police..

In the end...it was just one woman barricaded inside a West Macon home.

Tom George was there and gives a look at bizarre turn of events.

<I don't know who they looking for ... it ain't me now>

< I'm trying to tell y'all .. Ain't nobody in that house.>

Puzzled neighbors wondering why their street was blocked ... Due to a possible hostage situation...

It all started around 7 Monday morning ... When Macon police were called to a home on Gordon Street after someone was "yelling" on a 911 call ... But no one answered the door, and police left ...

Then a hangup call at 7:30 ... Sending officers back to the house.

< This time again he knocked at the door and when he knocked at the door, there were threats made, so we have now called in our SWAT team and other units and what we have is a barrackaded suspect, possibly with another person inside >

That set up a standoff that went on for more than 4 hours ... Around 10:30, they removed a woman from the house ... But then waited looking for another person...

< Now police had crews lined down this entire street and they even brought their Mobile Command Unit which is used for hostage negotiations but it turns out after searching the house they was no other hostage. >

Police tried to get a phone into the house to make contact and then battered their way inside.

By noon it was clear the only person at the home was the woman, Linda Reynolds ... And unanswered questions.

< Trying to get the information as to exactly what happened from this female individual is extremely hard at this point.. And that's why I said in my opinion, that I think she's somewhat delusional and demented. >

A false alarm ... Neighbors say could have been avoided.

< I said I tried to tell you got a hostage with no hostage ... Hahah A hostage situation with no hostage .. Wasn't nobody in there .. I tried to tell 'em they had all these folks for nothing. >

In Macon, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Tonight at 11... hear about the night that ended Collier's career and nearly cost him his life.

Thanks for joining us. We'll be back tonight at 11.

But remember... The news is always on at 13WMAZ.com.

The evening news is up next.

Have a safe night everyone.


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