Eyewitness News at Eleven: February 23, 2013

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Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at Eleven.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

A familiar face at the Bibb Skate Arena off Hawkinsville Road will no longer be there.
Judy Le talked to one of the owners about his future and the future of the rink.
It's like slipping back to the 1970's with disco balls and funky music
Mike Skelly, Co-Owner - "Some of our customers that used to skate here have kids and they grow up, I lose them when they get drivers licenses. Then I don't see them again and they come back with a baby stroller. And they say, deja vu just like I left it."
Mike Skelly, better known was Mister Mike owns the Bibb Skate Arena with his sister after their uncle decided to retire.
Mike Skelly, Co-Owner - "So he gave me the keys, here take it over. So I did and that was 44 years ago."
Now, it's time for Skelly's retirement. The siblings sold the rink to new owners who will take over March 18th.
Mike Skelly - "I'm proud to say it's going to stay a skating rink, a family entertainment center."
That's important for Laura Mcelmurray, who celebrated her 10-year-old daughter's birthday at the rink.
Laura MceLmurray, Lizella - "I learned how to skate here and all three of my children did and my family did. my mother, mother in law, they all come here.
Kenna Mcelburray, Lizella - "Cause I've been doing it since 1 and I've liked it ever since."
Skelly has made few changes to the skating rink since 1962....choosing to keep with tradition and the feel of the disco era.
Mike - "That's the two most radical things i've done I guess in 44 years: roller hockey and roller derby."
It's all about maintaining history to keep skaters rolling in. Judy le 13wmaz eyewitness news.

The Magic Johnson Bridgescape Center in Macon is now open...
The school offers an alternative to students trying to get a high school diploma through online courses.
They started open houses Friday and today for Central Georgian families.
Austin Lewis has more on how the school works.
A portal that takes students to a world of learning online...according to Magic Johnson Bridgescape principal LaMonica Sanford.
She says students can check their progress in classes like Math...English...and Science...and finish at their own rate.
LaMonica Sanford, Principal, Magic Johsnon Bridgescape Center: "Students are able to work by themselves and they are able to work at their own pace, however if students need assistance we actually have students here that can assist them with their courses. We also have teachers onlne."
Sanford says for students who want the independence of online high school courses their school is a good fit...
but it's also for those who have trouble learning in traditional schools .
LaMonica Sanford, Principal, Magic Johsnon Bridgescape Center: "And they're at risk for a number of reasons they are at risk because they failed grades they have attendance issues they for one reason or another can't make it to a public school setting."
They can apply in person at the open house...or online where they can find a short application it takes about a week and half to learn whether they've been accepted.
Sanford says while they're alternative...they're not trying to take anything away from traditional school districts.
LaMonica Sanford, Principal, Magic Johsnon Bridgescape Center: "I would just like to make something extremely clear we are not competing with any school systems we just want to offer an alternative for those students that need an alternative."
Sanford says an alternative that may give some students a chance to get that high school diploma. Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
If you missed the open houses..the next one is Friday March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd.

Shoppers looking for a bargain on children's clothes and other items found one at the Tykes Tots and Teens consignment sale.
Hundreds of consigners and shoppers showed up at the Georgia National fairgrounds.
The sale offers gently used items at prices up to 85 percent less than retailers.
Owner, Laura Johns, says consigners get to keep over 70 percent of the money made from their sales.
She says its a good way for both sellers and buyers to make a good deal.
Especially those who shop for designer items...
Mary Greene, Americus: "I found a Ralph Lauren for five dollars, and another one for eight, and a Calvin Klein for five."
Ramanda Keith, Gray: "Diapers and toys... Educational toys. Just some good deals, very good deals."
Tomorrow is the last day of the consignment sale.
Doors open at 9 a.m. and will close at 6 p.m.

Hundreds of barbecue enthusiasts made their way to Perry for this year's Pig and Wings Barbecue competition.
The competition is operated by the Georgia Barbecue Association.
The association brought in over 100 judges to choose the barbecue champion.
Each team competes in 3 categories... leaving 9 people to go on to the final round.
President of the Georgia Barbecue Association, Harry Faircloth says more than 43 teams set up shop on Friday night...
Each one looking to showcase their skills at cooking pork tenderloin, shoulders and ribs.

Here's a story about a basketball team that achieved so much more than "wins" in a record book.
As Jon Shirek... From our sister station WXIA shows us... On Friday night in Forsyth County... One special game changed their young lives... For the better.
(Boys waiting to take the court, laughing with Joseph)
Few moments in life are more joyous
than when you are 14
ready to burst onto the court with your teammates,
and when everyone is practically bursting with a secret
about a surprise they're about to give a very good friend.
A way of telling him thank you for his friendship.
(Connor Weldy / Vipers Point Guard)
(at shirek 108-01)
"It's a great opportunity to have someone like Joseph. He comes to every game, and he can't even play. But he comes and supports us."
Until a few months ago
the students of Vickery Creek Middle School in Forsyth County
barely noticed their classmate, Joseph Brunelle.
(Carmen Brunelle / Joseph's Mother)
(at flood1, 24-04)
"Joseph was born with Spina Bifida."
But a few months ago,
the students found out that Joseph loves sports
competes in a community, wheelchair basketball league.
Knows the game.
For the first time
everyone at school started to get to know Joseph.
(Jeff and Carmen Brunelle / Joseph's Parents)
(at flood1, 20-01)
(laughter, then:)
"You have no idea..."
Joseph's parents, Jeff and Carmen Brunelle -- glowing, grateful,
that when basketball season began, the Vickery Creek Middle School Vipers realized they needed Joseph's help.
So they appointed him 8th Grade Team Manager.
(Carmen Brunelle / Joseph's Mother)
(at flood1, 21-58)
"It is such a big deal for him. It is such a big deal."
(at flood1, 23-02)
"It's just wonderful."
(game tip off
at flood1, 41-10)
Which brings us
to this Friday night in "the Viper Pit" of Vickery Creek Middle School
(Michael Cheek / Head Coach)
(at flood1, 4-45)
"Everybody knows something special's going to happen tonight."
It's the night Vickery Creek is playing Pinecrest Academy, at home.
(Michael Cheek / Head Coach)
(at flood1, 4-50)
"It's going to be all about Joseph Brunelle."
Vickery Creek Coach Michael Cheek
and Pincecrest Coach Daniel Stockdale and the boys
play through three quarters, and then, suddenly --
they stop the game
suprising the fans
and Joseph.
(Connor Weldy)
(at shirek, 111-03)
'You like Number 20, Joseph? It's yours. It's all yours."
This is the night
they give Joseph not only a Vipers jersey.
(players take the court in wheelchairs)
This is the night
they show Joseph
that he has their complete
(boy to Joseph)
(at shirek, 111-13)
"You need to come in there and help us win, Joseph!"
Two competing teams of 8th grade boys
had secretly practiced together
so they could surprise their friend
with this gift.
(dad and player
at shirek, 111-55)
"It's your time to play."
"It's your time, it's your time, now!"
The Viper Pit for one night transforms into Joseph's Court
(at shirek, 113-30 coach and players in huddle
"Hey, Vipers, on three, right here -- Vipers on three. One, two, three, Vipers!")
and they finish this game
with Joseph
*in* the game.
(at flood2, 116-43, announcer
"Playing for the Vipers is Joseph Brunelle, Number 20!" (cheers))
The boy no one noticed
(players on the bench clapping, cheering
at flood2, 117-01)
"Let's go, Joseph!
takes this opportunity of a lifetime
(crowd chanting
(at shirek, 119-02)
"Joseph! Joseph! Joseph!"
and shows why he's the young man
(girls crying
(at shirek, 119-22)
"Joseph, let's go!"
no one will ever forget.
(joseph takes aim
(at flood2, 122-27)
In one quarter of play
(dad cheering
at shirek, 123-48)
"You can do it, you can do it!"
Joseph Brunelle
(shoots, scores
at flood2, 122-29)
scores eight points.
(parents, crowd, cheer when Joseph scores)
(at shirek, 124-48)
more points than anyone else on the team
scored the entire game.
(joseph scores
at flood2, 131-38)
(dad, crowd cheer, Dad laughing, crying
at flood2, 120-34)
(girls cry, cheer
at shirek, 127-35)
(boys chanting
at shirek, 125-02)
(joseph rolls past coach, coach instructs him as he goes by
at flood2, 129-04)
Just before the surprise
Vipers Point Guard Connor Weldy made it clear
(final buzzer, players swarm Joseph
(at flood2, 135-01)
that beyond baskets, and record books, and wins and losses
(after game, boy speaks to Joseph in swarm of high-fives
(at flood2, 136-18)
"you are awesome, Dude!"
This night would forever be about
what a dear friend has been giving them
A gift they'll take with them the rest of their lives.
(Connor Weldy
at shirek, 108-11)
"We learn to never give up, and to always try our best in everything we do."
(Joseph emerges from locker room to family's applause
at shirek, 133-01)
Few moments in life
are more joyous
than when you are 14 on a Friday night
with family
and with friends for life.
at shirek, 134-39)
"It's great being with the other guys and"
(at shirek, 134-50)
"fun to play."
In Forsyth County,
(Joseph leaving
at shirek 135-30)
"Great game, Joseph..."
The 8th graders are looking forward to 9th grade at West Forsyth High School.
Where coaches are already talking about including Joseph on the team.

The question on everyone's mind... What's the deal with gas prices...
Last month.. the average price of a gallon of regular was three-dollars-31-cents nationwide.
last week it jumped to three-64.
today, it's three-dollars-78-cents per gallon.
that's a huge spike by any standard.
so, for some insight into what's going on we turn to tom kloza, chief oil analyst for the oil price information service.
Tom Kloza: "I think we'll probably peak this year somewhere between March fifteenth and April fifteenth but don't believe that nonsense about five dollars or we haven't built a new refinery we have more crude than we've ever had from domestic sources our refining business is in great shape it's just they're down for a little bit of a hiatus right now when they come back and when the investors sense and when people cut back a little bit when prices are higher that's when you'll see prices drop, I think whatever you pay on St Patricks day will be considerably higher than what you pay on memorial day and july forth."

That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here at 5 for Eyewitness News Mornin but the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
Law call is next. We'll see you tomorrow.

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