Eyewitness News at 11, 2-11-13

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Thanks for joining us for Eyewitness News at 11.

I'm Frank Malloy.

And I'm Leah Johnson.

First tonight... No severe weather as such to talk about.... Just some showers...but the extra rainfall is enough to put part of the area under a Flood Watch...and to close schools in one county.

Brenda Fields...with Telfair County Schools...tells us all classes are canceled there for students.

Teachers and staff are to report at 10 a.m.


That's the only cancellation we're aware of... again that's Telfair County... But as far as the rest of the viewing area...

Chief Meteorologist Ben Jones explains what the weather mean for you tonight and tomorrow. Ben?

Thanks Ben. We'll talk to you again a little later in this newscast.

Of course it's important to be careful on the roads if you're driving in these slippery conditions... And tonight, we have some more information for drivers in Houston County.

One Warner Robins intersection ranked number one for the most accidents two years in a row.

That's on Moody Road... at its intersection with Russell Parkway.

Police worked 28 accidents there... With 11 injuries, though none of them were serious.

The most common cause? Following too closely.

It seems that area's trouble no matter which way you're going.

The number two spot....is on Moody....at Russell Parkway.

26 accidents happened there.

The city counts that as two different intersections...depending on which road you're driving on.

David Hughner works in the thick of it...at Raffield Tire near Moody and Russell.

<everybodys trying to make that light because they don't want to wait beacause otherwise you're stuck through 2 or 3 lights before they can make a turn, so they're going to to gun it to get across the intersection there.>

The intersections of Russell Parkway and Houston Lake Road... Watson Boulevard at Carl Vinson Parkway... And Russell Parkway at Kimberly Road round out the top five for the most crashes.

The annual statistics for accidents show there were 6 fatal crashes last year... Compared with 11 the previous year.

Officers say the owl appeared to be in good shape and didn't suffer any injuries.

That's not the only brush with nature we have to report tonight...

The Mullins are a family in Fort Myers... Who have an unusual yard ornament.

This is Tina on the right.. A mannequin... Who's worn all kinds of costumes over the years. During the Clinton era, she was even dressed up as Monica Lewinsky.

But now... She has a new look. Tina is bald.

This is why...

<"on saturday m0orning we heard a loud noise on the deck and we come to look and we see an osprey had dived down, knocked the hat and glasses onto the deck and grabbed the wig and took off across the water to the ospreys nest">

Ant that's where the wig remains... Comfortably furnishing the bird's newly renovated nest.

As for Tina... A new crowning glory is on order.. This time... Mr. Mullins says, super glue will be involved.

Tonight... We congratulate our Facebook Fan of the day...

Carla Bridges.

Carla tells us...she's a sports fan...her two favorite teams are the Falcons and the Vols.

If you want to be Fan of the Day... Just like us on Facebook...and fill out the form to enter the contest to win.

A reminder... Just one school district reporting a school closure tomorrow.

That's Telfair County...

Brenda Fields, assistant to the superintendent...says staff should report to work at 10a.m.


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