Eyewitness News at Six: February 2, 2013

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Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at Six.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling says they plan to upgrade the charges Monday from simple battery to aggravated assault on a Dollar General store clerk accused of spanking a child.
Sterling says that's because footage shot at a different angle shows the clerk continuing to spank the child around 25 more times with a belt.
13WMAZ spoke 8-year old Logan Ivey, the child in the video.
He says the clerk hit him with her belt on his back.
Logan Ivey, Wrightsville: "So I walked down this aisle and I seen the lady she started calling me a demon so I said I'll show you bad and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her so then she starts chasing me around the dollar general with her belt and takes me behind the counter and starts beating me with her belt."
Jody Ivey, Wrightsville: "I just wish everybody could see the video because they can't, everybody makes comments about what it should be and what they should have done as far as the parent and all that, if they have seen the video it would be a lot different."
We reached out to the Dollar General Store and they declined to comment.
We also contacted the clerk Emilia Bell and she also declined to comment.

The City of Macon wraps up its Macon A Difference resource fair Today.
The fair allowed more than 40 nonprofit organizations to set up booths and exchange ideas at the Macon Centerplex.
Keith Moffett with the city of Macon says more than 100 people supported the cause of finding ways to make volunteer efforts better in the city.
The fair included workshops and opportunities for nonprofit leaders to network.
Those who attended say the fair will bridge the gap in providing services to people in need.
Roberta Treppa, Director, Family Advancement Ministries: "Those who come to us for help and we may not be able to serve them but it's always nice to be able to say but this is a place who does do what you need."
Pamela Rugen, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia: "I may have a volunteer that may want additional work and may be able to help with another organization."
Organizers say the next step is to set up focus groups that will target the needs of different communities.

Animal lovers gathered in Macon today to celebrate the fourth birthday of AC Pup.
He's been the spokes-dog for the animal shelter and Central Georgia CARES since he was 4 weeks old.
Instead of presents, A-C asked people to bring food and toy donations.
Patti Jones: "There are so many families that love their animals and for one reason or another have trouble feeding them, so we help with needy families. We also help with rescue groups. There are a number of rescue groups that associate with CARES and we just help them with food."
To learn more about AC Pup and Central Georgia CARES... You can check out their website... ACpup.com.

Super Bowl 47 is now just one day away..... Courtney Lyle joins us now with more.... Courtney.
Fans from across the nation have flocked to New Orleans for the game and to try-out their skills at the NFL's theme park.
And one very special guest just arrived.
Teresa Garcia has the story from New Orleans.
The NFL Experience is the place for fans to show the love for their teams...
((NATS - Ravens & 49ers fans screaming in line))
...see what they'd look like dressed as a player...
((NATS-kids jump into cushion after running dash))
even run a 40-yard dash.
Robert ?: "I've taken pictures, I've ..... it's amazing."
And while fans are getting their chance to make a big play today.....tomorrow...the 49ers and the Ravens get their opportunity to shine on the NFL biggest stage.
Bridge - Teresa Garcia, CBS New, New Orleans: "Inside the NFL Experience, fans can even take a picture next to the actual Super Bowl trophy that will be awarded tomorrow night. And of all the fans at the game.. for one in particular, it will be a well-deserved break from a very tough last few months."
((NATS - possibly Tim Brennan (of NY) meeting up w/ photog Robert Fogarty, hug/hello))
Tim Brennan of Breezy Point, New York arrived Saturday for the game... his ticket a gift from New Orleans-based photographer Robert Fogarty.
((NATS-quick/ giving tik to Tim "cool"))
Brennan risked his life the night Super Storm Sandy hit his beach front community.
((if time-"We said we got to get out, get out, get out.."))
Back at Breezy Point, Brennan showed us the devastation.. and explained how when homes started burning, he threw on his wetsuit and paddle-boarded to rescue neighbors.
Tim Brennan: "So I told them I was going to go down and search house to house. That is the way the place is, we are neighbors, you always look out for each other."
Robert Fogarty snapped this image of Tim for his "Dear World" photo project.. which gives voice to real people. Tim's message: "The Reason Why We Fall.. Is So We Can Get Up Again".
Fogarty felt Tim deserved a break to get away.
Robert Fogarty: "3320? "I just want to show Tim a good time.. New Orleans has had a long road, and Tim has a long road ahead."
But for now, he gets a thrilling break watching the Ravens and 49ers battle it out on Sunday.
Remember you can catch Super Bowl 47 tomorrow right here on 13 WMAZ.

An early spring is on the way!
You can thank the infamous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, for that prediction.
He did not see his shadow at Gobbler's Knob in Pennsylvania this Groundhog's Day, which means spring is coming early according to the old tradition.
It probably didn't feel like it though for the estimated 40-thousand people standing outside in frigid temperatures waiting for Phil's big moment.
Officials in Punxsutawney say it's one of the largest crowds in history.
Some people got there as early as 3 a-m just to get a good spot!

That's it for the show... Join us back here later tonight for eyewitness news at eleven.
But remember the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
Take care... We'll see you soon.


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