Eyewitness News at 11, 2-1-13

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Central Georgia watches as another teen steps up to the podium... On Jeopardy!


Good evening everyone. I'm Leah Johnson.

And I'm Frank Malloy.

William Couch is a Northside High Student...and also...a Jeopardy winner.

13WMAZ's Tom George was at Wow Wings Cafe...with William and his friends...as he watched the episode he taped a couple of months ago.

Frank, Leah... Part of the fun of the evening...was the suspense.

Not only does a Jeopardy contestant have to be good at trivia and history... They also have to be good at keeping a secret.

William wasn't allowed to talk about his win...so all the excitement I caught in the room...was the real deal.

That's just mindblowing ...

That's Northside sophomore William Crouch in October surprised to learn he was going on Jeopardy! But his family was weren't surprised at all..


< Was learning state capitals by the time he was in elementary school , 1st second grade >

< I mean he knows exactly what he wants to do, what he wants to accomplish .. It almost makes us feel like slackers sometimes. >

< He's really modest about how smart he is... He's honestly a genius>

And tonight it all paid off...

NAT POP cheers...

The crowd was on its feet as William rocketed at the beginning ... Building up an early lead....

<we're so focused on getting answers that we don't focus on the score really, we're just in the zone...>

But another contestant was on his tail....

By the end, William was down, but then he picked up a Daily Double. .. Putting him just shy of the lead going into the final...

Then came the stunner that had everyone quiet...

William got the same wrong answer as the first contestant ... And then the third contestant and a different answer ... Turns out, they were ALL wrong ... But some smart betting put William over the top.

So, Frank and Leah... Here's the Daily Double Question William got right tonight.

This river that rises in the Black Forest flows through Germany and on into Austria.

Want to take a stab at it?

The answer was...

And that question got William 3 thousand dollars.

Thanks Tom.

Wednesday, you saw another Central Georgia teen compete.. And win.

That's Kelton Ellis... A student at Macon's Central High School.

He'll be back to compete in the next round...on Thursday.

Also tonight.. Someone born in Warner Robins... Names Sara.. Featured on Undercover Boss immediately after Jeopardy!

A fun evening for central Georgia viewers.

Turning to other news tonight, a couple of Bibb County residents asked a judge today to stop the school district from carrying out two different agreements.

One is a lease that the district signed last summer.

The other? The superintendent's contract.

Judge Edgar Ennis postponed making decisions in both cases, while he considers the attorneys' arguments.

Candace Adorka breaks down the main points.

To start off the 6 hours of hearings....Judge Ennis heard from , Ron Collier's attorney Jerry Lumley.

He asked the judge to temporarily stop the district from making any payments on a 5.7 million dollar lease.

Superintendent Romain Dallemand and then-board president tommy barnes signed the lease obligating the district to pay 575-thousand dollars a year to rent half of a former school building.

The lease secures a bond...., and the rent payments cover loan payments for the building's landlord-- an organization called central Georiga partnership for indivual and community development.

Lumley calls the whole thing a scheme-- and he says none of it was shared with the school board. He argues it was illeglal...because the school board didn't know about the lease before it was signed.

The school district attorneys denied that -- and called them wild accusations.

Along with the attorney for the Central Georgia Partnership....they said Collier and Lumley's arguments have no basis.

That's because the lease, and the bond have gone through what's called bond verification. A judge put his signature on the documents-- and the attorneys argue that cannot be overturned.

But lumley says it's up to the judge.

<As always judge ennis listened attentively and carefully, I'me sure that judge ennis will consider all the issues and will enter orders that will be fair and reasonable.>

Later in the morning, Ennis moved on to Brad Defore's suit. He's a Lizella Man who argues Dallemand's contract is not valid.

Ennis says before he rules, he wants the superintendent notified that this suit could affect his rights. Dallemand then has 30 days to decide whether to get involved. He's also given the attorneys a week to present him with the version of the contract that board members discussed in December....the night they made their offer to Dallemand.

It may help him decide if he agrees with DeFore's attonrey Charles Cox.

The lawyer says the contract that Dallemand signed is significantly different from what the board offered.

The school board attorney argues that it's clear what they intended with their vote. But Cox says even if it is....the vote was illegal.

<I just think it's crystal clear that the board has violated the open meeting act with its vote and I feel confident ultimately in how the judge will rule >

< I think there's no question, everybody who voted that night understood that they were voting on the document that had been discussed and so there's no dispute whatsovever about that.>

Cox says there may be no need for another hearing, but it may take some time before the judge has a ruling.

Candace Adorka 13 wmaz eyewitness news. >

A Bibb County man accused of shooting his wife near the Bond Swamp National Wildlife Rescue...was denied bond today.

Marcus Hoskins made his first appearance today before Twiggs County Judge David Brown.

Hoskins was read the charges against him that include kidnapping and felony murder.

The Judge said due to the nature of the charges against Hoskins...he could not grant him bond.

Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum says Hoskins pulled out a gun and forced his wife to drive to the bond swamp...he he allegedly made her walk 50 yards...then shot her multiple times.

An unruly child... in a public place... We've all seen it happen...and wanted to speak up.

But the Police Chief in Wrightsville says... One store employee did more than that..

Frank has the Chief's comments today.

Leah... Paul Sterling says, in his 21 years in law enforcement, he's never seen a case quite like this one.

He says it started when an eight year old boy caused a commotion inside the Dollar General Store.

<Paul Sterling, Wrightsville Police Chief: I think he threw a pack of cookies or a cookie at her... And later while he was in the store, you can see him running in the video... Trying to get away from her, and she comes to him with a belt... That she had taken off. And she was, uh, spanking him behind the counter. >

Store employee... Emilia Graciela Bell is charged with simple battery. She's since been released from jail on bond.

Now as for the child's mother...Chief Sterling says she was in the back of the store...and didn't know what had happened until she got home.

He said the child told her...the clerk had, quote, "whipped him".

Since we posted this story on Facebook around 3 this afternoon... About 150 of you have commented on our Facebook page. Connie Tidwell Frady says.. "while I understand the store clerk's frustration, I would never, ever allow some stranger to snatch my child up and spank one of them."

Joel Jones commented, "if you don't like others spanking your child, you probably won't like it when they get corrected by our judicial system."

And Dale Hamlin says, "I bet he threw his last cookie".

Feel free to comment now... Remember, let's keep it respectful...

That's on our 13WMAZ Facebook page...where you can weigh in.

Four airline companies put their name in the hat to provide services at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

Katelyn Heck breaks down their proposed flight plans for central Georgia travelers.

A new airline carrier could take to the skies out of the Middle Georgia Regional Airport by the end of March.

GeorgiaSkies currently provides nonstop flights to Atlanta... But the company wants to pull out of Macon.

Another carrier... Sun Air won a federal contract to fly out of central Georgia last year... But they backed out before starting.

The U-S Department of Transportation told GeorgiaSkies it must stay until a replacement is found.

Airport manager Doug Faour says a new carrier... Could open up new destination options for central Georgians.

The Department of Transportation extended the Georgia Skies contract for 30 days... until March 23rd.

Their notice to the company says the new airline will take over on or before that date.

The Georgia Sky plane is not flying right now...it's going through maintenance and they're not sure when it will be back up.


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