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President Barack Obama...taking his second oath of office in our nation's capitol...in front of a national mall packed with an estimated 800 thousand people today...

Good evening, everyone. I'm Frank Malloy.

And I'm Leah Johnson.

Our nation's commander in Chief...was sworn in today...on the same day dedicated to the memory of an iconic American civil rights leader.

That's right, Leah...

From four different directions, they came today...

gathering in front of Macon's city hall.

One of several marches culminated downtown...with city leaders...and every day citizens...gathering to remember the life behind a dream that fueled generations to come.

This look...from 13WMAZ's Tom George.

gathering in front of Macon's city hall.

One of several marches culminated downtown...with city leaders...and every day citizens...gathering to remember the life behind a dream that fueled generations to come.

This look...from 13WMAZ's Tom George.

The event stepped off with a march from the Old Field Baptist Church on Houston Lake Road and ending at New Hope Baptist on Washington Street.

More than 300 marchers took to the streets...uniting in song to recognize the legacy of Doctor King.

<I was talking to my grandbabies and was telling them. When I was small I couldn't go to department stores or restaurants and they can do that now. Dr. King fought for that so they can go to school wherever they want to go to school. They can go anywhere they want to right now because that's what he did for us. >

The festivities concluded with an hour long ceremony and breakfast...

Now for some...the memory of Doctor King...provided the inspiration to roll up their sleeves...and dig in to share the day with the communities in which they live.

Jennifer Moulliet caught up with two Central Georgia groups to show you how they gave back.

<dianne Fuller, Fuller Center for Housing: "we are starting our project to renovate this 1920's house.>

Dianne Fuller... Board member for the Fuller Center for Housing... Says they're converting these two apartments back into a single family house.

<we're going to put a new roof... nats.... plumbing ... New electrical ... Sand the floors... Nats.... New paint... Interior and exterior >

<this porch has some age on it and it's rotten so we're taking it apart. >

Fuller says the payments on the home will be affordable.. And the family won't be charged interest.


{***SOT FULL***}

< this family would normally not be able to own their own home... Because they can't qualify for a bank loan... But through the fuller center they'll be able to own this home. >

The family's payments will then go into an account to fund renovations for other low income families.

<we believe that all of God's children should have a simple and decent place to live that's affordable for them.>

Across town... Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority served lunch at the Daybreak Center.

<sekema Harris Harmon, Sorority President: "we're here today to serve. MLK said that we can all serve and on this day on his birthday our sorority nationally is doing sunday supper >

<we have homemade hot soup, homemade sandwiches and cakes, desserts and tea >

<we want to help those that we see everyday... Those that we might pass on the street those that may be homeless.. We're here today because our sorority is taking a day on not a day off >

Jennifer Moulliet... 13WMAZ eyewitness news.

The Fuller Center for Housing will host its sixth annual bike adventure across the country this summer... To learn how you can join the movement visit our website ... 13WMAZ dot com ... and look for this story.

While generations who remember...the days of Dr. King... Slowly dwindle...the memories ring clear for Thelma Dillard.

Now a member of Bibb County's Board of Education.... Dillard recalls the days when the thought of holding such an office...would have been simply out of the question.

I sat down with Dillard last week...as she reflected on attending the march on washington and the importance of how young people should know their history.

In our webpoll today... We asked this... "is the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy still properly appreciated in 2013?"

67 percent of you...think perhaps it's overappreciated...

18 percent of you say...underappreciated.

15 percent responded with...it's about right.

To vote now... Visit 13WMAZ.com.

Look for the question on the right side of the homepage.

When eyewitness news continues... When was the first presidential inauguration...livestreamed?

The answer to that and much more... Just ahead.

As we go to break...a look at some of the patriotic spectators from today's ceremonies in front of the Capitol.

Stay with us.

And the oath concludes with ruffles and flourishes.

As you saw the President sworn in... you may have noticed... He placed his hand on two Bibles...

One was from Abraham Lincoln...

The other from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now today... You saw some of the president's predecessors in the audience.

Here are some numbers for you...

Four... Is the number of outgoing presidents who did not attend the inauguration of their immediate successors.

Also...this year... The official inauguration actually happened on January 20th as mandated... That was yesterday.

Today...was the public ceremony so spectators and other elected officials take part.

But this isn't the first time this has happened.

In fact...seven...is the number of times a president has been legally sworn in on a Sunday.

Now the inauguration tradition as it stands... Dates back to 1789...that's when the first inauguration happened.

George Washington took his oath at federal hall in New York City.

A couple of other firsts... 1949...was the first inauguration televised.

That was Harry Truman.

And 1997... The second inauguration of President Bill Clinton...was the first to be webstreamed.

Now in 2009, six out of ten Americans saw Barack Obama's inauguration as a celebration of democracy in action, a celebration by all Americans.

Now, six in ten see the festivities as a political celebration by the president's supporters.

That change in thinking is clear in this morning's release of a new C-N-N poll.

Nearly seven in ten Americans told C-N-N they were happy or even thrilled to see Obama inaugurated in 2009.

Only half of respondents said they feel the same way now.

That's the same level of excitement seen in 2005, during the second inauguration of former President George W. Bush.

Nonetheless... Plenty of excitement around today... You can find much more coverage at 13wmaz-dot-com...

You can also check out all our news stories..by downloading our I-Pad ap...free right now in the Ap store.

While many of those...participating in today's MLK Day march in Macon...had childhood memories of the civil rights movement.... some only know Dr. King through history books and through the tales of their elders.

Nonetheless...that doesn't mean they're too young to understand and appreciate those who went before.

Tom George today...caught one young man on camera...as he presented Dr. King's entire "I have a Dream speech" ...All nine minutes of it ... from memory.


Ashton Young...is a first-grader student at the M.A. Evans Grade School in Macon.


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