Eyewitness News at 6:00: January 5, 2013

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Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at Six.
I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Less than a month after a mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school, the Newtown community and the rest of the world continues to recover.
One Byron woman wants to help comfort Newtown and the families of those who lost loved ones by making quilts.
Austin Lewis has more.
Julie Love, Byron: "I heard it on the radio that they had been killed, that they had a mass shooting at the elementary school and when I got to work I went to the news to see what was going on."
And the details from that day... from the police rushing into the elementary school...to the parents clutching their children made the Sandy Hook shooting that much more difficult to watch.
Julie Love, Byron: "Of course when I discovered that you know an entire kindergarten class had been wiped out and I thought, I just I can't imagine, can't imagine."
Julie Love of Byron soon discovered that one of the victims, Emilie Parker was from her hometown in Utah and the 6-year-old's story touched her.
Julie Love, Byron: "I really felt a bigger connection to it I felt like well I will make Emilie a quilt and then I thought no I am going to make quilts for all of our victims."
And those two colors will be on the quilts that Love is making for the families of the Newtown victims.
Each quilt will be in this design... "Love. We found a civil war comfort quilt block, it's an actual comfort quilt block design that we are going to be using."
Love says every quilt will have a logo that her group comforting quilters designed on it...along with individual touches that will tell the lives of the victims.
Julie Love, Byron: "It has their little colors and what their names were the things they liked the things they enjoyed in their lives and hoping that each quilt we make for them will have a little memory of some of their favorite things."
And Love says each quilt square will be cut with love.
Julie Love, Byron: "Well I hope they feel a little bit of warmth from Georgia that we're thinking of them and they are in our prayers."
And that comfort from Georgia is on its way.
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
Love says she is looking for volunteers to help make the 26 quilts.
She also hopes people will donate supplies like green and white fabrics for the quilt.

Organizers have cancelled four gun shows about an hour's drive from Newtown Connecticut this weekend.
They said they didn't think it was appropriate just weeks after a gunman killed 20 first graders and six adults.
The City Council in Saratoga Springs New York is urging a group to cancel a show there.
But gun advocates haven't backed down. Show organizer David Petronis says its not fair that the shows are seen as the brunt of the problem.

The holiday season is long gone now and one organization is taking advantage of what's left behind at many homes,
Christmas Trees!
Video Journalist Claudia Taylor shows us how people in Warner Robins recycled theirs.
Organizers for Keep Warner Robins Beautiful say they expect more people to drop off trees over the weekend.
They will gather and mulch the last of them on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Keep Macon- Bibb Beautiful teamed up with Georgia Power for their "Bring One For the Chipper" event.
Macon citizens dropped their Christmas trees off at various locations throughout the week.
Those trees were taken to Central City Park to be chipped.
People who recycled their trees, Today, were given the mulch along with tree seedlings and a pass to Lake Tobesofkee.
Organizers say the turnout and cooperation from the public made a difference this year.
Theresa Robinson: "We found that we didn't have quite as many trees this year that had the lights and tinsle still on them, so we really appreciate that. It does pose a safety hazard and we do try to get that message out every year."
More than 100 trees were dropped off at Central City Park, Today.
Organizers are working to weigh the amount of trees that were dropped off at other locations.

There are 12 dogs on the line at the Macon-Bibb Animal shelter.
They have until Tuesday January 8th to be adopted...or will face euthanasia. That's because the shelter is a maximum capacity.
Animal welfare director...Sarah Tenon...encourages rescues and pet lovers willing to adopt to come out before the Tuesday deadline.
The dogs of various breeds...have been in the shelter for over 30 days...one staying as long as July.
Tenon says she is anticipating an influx of animals coming in because of the large amount of calls about dogs -- roaming at large--.
Most of the dogs on the euthanasia list are pit bull mixes...a breed with an unfavorable reputation.
Kristal Mahoganey: "When I was younger, I actually got bit by a pit bull so before I was kind of terrified. But being in here with different pit bulls and different mixes, they're actually good dogs."
The adoption fee is 80-dollars with a refundable deposit of 50-dollars.
The fee includes spay and neuter. For more information check out our webstory at 13-wmaz.com

Three people were found dead inside an Aurora, Colorado home Saturday, after a police standoff.
Authorities shot and killed the gunman when negotiations failed.
Local media reports, one person inside the house was able to escape and call police.
The victims haven't been identified.
A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska early Saturday.
The quake initially set off a tsunami warning for portions of western Canada and southeastern Alaska.
The tsunami warning was later canceled.
No serious damage is reported.
Folks in Hawaii may experience larger waves and stronger currents because of the quake.

An Iowa State University women's basketball player received a big surprise Sunday after her team's win.
Her boyfriend proposed!
You can see Anna Prins' shock when her coach led her boyfriend out onto the court.
Of course, she said yes.

Take a look at this!
It's video from a girls high school basketball game in Lafayette, Indiana.
Player Gabrielle Gary of the McCutcheon High School Mavericks, hustled to save a loose ball and ended up making a three-point shot from the corner.
Gabrielle went on to score six more three pointers that night, setting a career high of 24 points.
Her team beat its opponent 56 to 36.

That's it for the show. Join us later for eyewitness news at eleven.
but remember the news is always on at 13 WMAZ.COM
Have a good night everyone.




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