Eyewitness News at 11:00- December 29, 2012

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Good Evening and thanks for joining us for eyewitness news at eleven. I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Family, friends and some community leaders gathered to say goodbye to Sammie Davis Jr., today.
Davis was killed last week after being shot by a Macon police officer.
His funeral was held at Bentley and Sons Chapel in Macon.
Those who attended the service say it was a reflection of his sweet personality.
Friends call Davis "June Bug" and describe him as a nice guy who was humble and reserved.
They are trying to understand why his life ended in a way that was so different from how they say they'll remember him.
Dorrisa Merriweather- "Never seen any altercations out of 26 years just very reserved and to himself. He loved to smile, loved to make you smile. He was a great person.
Willie Clark- "As far as I know he wasn't the type of person to bother anybody. He would do anything he can for you."
Davis was buried at Woodlawn Memorial park in Macon.

Family and friends of people whose lives were taken by violence gathered at Coleman Hill in Macon Today.
The event is called Hope on the Hill.
It aimed to bring families together... who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones.
Community leader Al Tillman... and Bibb Solicitor General, Rebecca Grist offered their support.
The family of Sha'bora Daniels...a teenager who was killed by a stray bullet 6 months ago... is still seeking answers for her death.
Everyone signed the "board of remembrance" and released balloons as a symbol of hope... and healing.
Lori Daniels- "I feel like this is a good way to reach out to the community. If someone could just come forward or help us find justice for her, and other families that have been affected by gun violence."
Today's event marks the 4th Hope on the Hill.
Organizers hope to have others in the future.

The Levi's call for Roswell brothers, Ben and Henry Cleary has been cancelled.
Police found the two boys with their father Daniel Cleary in Texas.
These pictures were taken in Chatanooga days ago... The last anyone had seen seven and nine year old Ben and Henry Cleary.
Roswell Police Lt. James H. McGee said authorities learned this evening that 46-year-old Daniel Cleary had been pulled over in Austin, Texas and placed in custody.
McGee said they found the two boys with him and they were OK.
The children's mother is on the way to get them.
Daniel Cleary faces a charge of interstate interference with custody, a felony.

Former President George H.W. Bush's health condition has improved.
He's been moved from the intensive care unit to a regular patient room at The Methodist Hospital in Houston.
Doctors were initially treating him for bronchitis and a cough.
He was preparing to go home until he developed a fever and other complications last week.
Bush is 88 years old.

If the Georgia General Assembly approves a proposed ethics reform measure in the upcoming session it could endanger an important fall tradition for lawmakers - free football tickets.
The proposed ethics reform includes a lobbyist gift ban that could include football tickets.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the games are an important lobbying tool for big state schools since lawmakers vote on a state budget.
Some say lawmakers should get rid of the free tickets all together.... But others argue the tickets are a way to get lawmakers on campus to give them a look at what the schools are doing.

A military couple is finally able to walk down the aisle in an all-expense paid wedding of their dreams.
Judy Le talked to the bride and groom about their Salute to Love
Three months ago, Meghan Weekly applied for the Salute to Love wedding giveaway and won. Now she's tying the knot with Marshall Glass, her high school sweet heart.
"It's very nice to have a big weight lifted off of us and get married a whole year earlier than what we expected to."
Vendors from all across Georgia teamed up to make a dream wedding possible for one military couple by donating everything from makeup to catering. The prize package adds up to $40,000.
"we were originally going off of a $5,000 budget."
"It's very humbling. Both of us, we don't win things, we don't get things. We've taught to earn what we do get, work hard."
"It's not everyday that you find people who are willing to give their time, their amazing talent or efforts towards someone that they don't even know."
The wedding was set at Plantation Farms in Byron and housed 100 guests. Glass, who joined the Navy in 2006, says winning this prize came as a shock.
"never won anything in my life, why not a wedding."
"We were not expecting it. It was like winning the lottery."
For the newly weds... getting married is hitting the jackpot
judy le 13 wmaz eyewitness news.
The couple plans to fly to Maryland tomorrow where Glass is stationed with the Navy.
Then they'll relocate to Japan.

The new year is right around the corner and however you decide to ring in the new year Remember celebratory gunfire is illegal and could result in jail time or a hefty fine.
Celebratory gunfire is the act of pointing a gun skyward and firing shots into the air.
Atlanta Police officials say a falling bullet could have the same impact on someone as a shooter aiming and firing at them and a bullet fired into the air could rise up to a mile high before gaining velocity during its descent.

And if you plan on going to a grown up party this holiday season we want you to stay safe and be responsible.
To help out...
Triple A and Budweiser's - Bud Light have created the "Tow to Go" program.
If you have had too much to drink, you can still get your car home without the concern of driving.
This is the toll free number you're going to want to write down.
Its 855 286-9246.
Or if you like letters more than numbers just put in your memory... 855-2-tow-2-go.
This service is provided for residents here in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

The Senate and House are back in session tomorrow in a last ditch effort to avoid the fiscal cliff.
But the deal they're trying to strike only kicks the can down the road again.
Tara Mergener is on Capitol Hill with the latest.
Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell left the Capitol tight-lipped but smiling after working behind closed doors to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.
"Did you make progress today sir?"
He and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are working on a scaled-down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle class tax hike.
The plan is to present it to the full Senate for a vote Sunday, and then send it over to the House.
House Speaker John Boehner was also at the Capitol but left with no comment.
Both sides remain at odds over the Democrats' insistence that the wealthy pay more in taxes.
Sen. Roy Blunt/Missouri - R- "The president's tax hike would only fund the government for 8 days. Americans deserve to know what the president plans to do for the other 357 days of the year."
President Obama insists his plan on the table is fair and includes plenty of cuts to government spending.
"The nation can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy."
Tara Mergener/CBS News/Capitol Hill- "If Sunday's negotiations don't pan out, the President says he's ready to propose his own scaled-down bill that would block tax increases on all but the wealthy and preserve expiring unemployment benefits."
With the deficit ticking ever higher, patience is wearing thin.
Jeanne Egan/New York, NY- "For those of us that invest in the stock market, it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money cause it gets affected everyday."
Missing in all the last-minute negotiations is talk of the 1.2 trillion dollars in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into effect Tuesday.
The U-S will also hit it's borrowing limit Monday, making it difficult for the government to pay its bills.

A passenger jet smashed into an airport highway while trying to land in Moscow, splitting into three pieces and catching fire.
Officials say the red wings airlines flight was returning from the Czech Republic when it overshot the runway at Vnukovo international airport.
Four people were killed and four seriously injured.
russian media now say a third person died on the way to the hospital.
those numbers could have been much higher.
Elena Smemimykh"01A TU-204 passenger plane, during landing at Moscow's Vnukovo airport, overshot the runway. As a result, the plane was partially destroyed, and its right engine caught fire. Rescue workers and firefighters responded in a speedy manner and were able to put out the fire quickly."
The plane was a Tupelov-T-U-204, which can hold more than 200 people.
This flight, however, had only 10 people on board.
Russia's prime minister has ordered a special commission to investigate.

Police and the FBI are investigating a hostage situation that was called in from a Bank of America branch in Phoenix.
FBI spokesman Manuel Johnson said employees arrived at the bank near 48th Street and Ray Road on Saturday morning to find a co-worker with some kind of device around her neck.
Bomb squad personnel were able to remove the device, but the device turned out to not be explosive.
The bank employee was taken hostage, last night, by a man and was taken to the bank around 8:30 a.m.
Sgt. Tommy Thompson- "She was given instructions to take money instead the police were alerted and the bomb squad called in we were able to remove the device."

Mexican soldiers discovered a drug smuggling tunnel under a suburban house in Nogales, Mexico, headed for Arizona.
According to local media, the entrance of the tunnel was hidden behind a fake wall and extended for 361 feet but didn't cross the U.S. border.
It also extended 16 feet into the ground and had lighting and ventilation.
Police found the tunnel after being tipped off. No arrests were made but investigations continue.

That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here at 7 for Weekend Mornin
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