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Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at Six.

I'm Kenny Burgamy.

Frank Malloy and Leah Johnson have tonight off.

Our top story tonight...

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office says a 21-year-old shot his girlfriend... And then himself this morning.

Katelyn Heck went to Milledgeville today. Katelyn, what did you find out?

Baldwin Sheriff Bill Massee told me it happened at Georgetown Village Apartments off Highway 49.

He says Travis Anderson shot 22-year-old Jalisa Scott in the head several times at her apartment.... Then shot himself.

Anderson was pronounced dead at the apartment....which was Scott's.

She died ...at the Oconee Regional Medical Center.

I spoke with Anderson's aunt... She told me the two had been dating for about a year and had a 5-month-old son.

The sheriff says the couple had problems...which led to the holiday tragedy.

<it's our understanding from doing a neighborhood canvas that they had had some arguments. It was clearly a domestic violence issue. They had separated, they were having some domestic problems and it boiled over into a terrible, terrible suicide and a homicide>

Massee says the child was in a different room of the apartment when the shooting happened.

He believes Anderson used a 380 automatic handgun... He could not say who it belonged to.

Scott's body has been taken to the GBI crime lab for an autopsy.

Massee says he does not know when they will have the results.


Thank you, Katelyn.

Tonight...the weather is something we are watching closely...as the possibility of showers and storms casts a shadow on the holiday.

Let's check in with meteorologist John Boyer now.

He's in for Ben Jones...with our first forecast.

Hospitals across the country, including Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins, recommended hepatitis c testing for nearly 8 thousand patients last summer, but nationally, those facilities report ... a lot of people haven't followed up.

That's after traveling medical worker David Kwiatkowski was accused of infecting patients with tainted syringes in New Hampshire.

Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins recommended that any patient who came in contact with him get tested.

Officials haven't said how many people that affects. But they said recently that they have not found any local hepatitis cases connected to Kwiatkowski.

Kwiatkowski was a contract worker at Houston in 2010 and 2011.

He was arrested in July...and pleaded not guilty to 14 federal charges.

He's expected to go to trial next fall.

It's been about a month since Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center announced...a former employee embezzled more than one-point-4 million dollars...and still, no arrests.

Now, some of the centers' donors want to know what's taking so long.

Authorities say the employee, whose name hasn't been released, stole the money by submitting phony invoices...and funneling Woodruff money through a fake company.

Woodruff Arts Center president and CEO Virginia A. Hepner said all the evidence from an internal investigation has been turned over to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Hepner assured donors ... That their contributions will end up where they're supposed to go.

Eight people have died on Georgia's highways since the holiday weekend started.

The Georgia State Patrol says that statistic is already higher than last year, when there were only three fatalities.

Authorities consider the holiday period...the stretch that started Friday at 6pm, and ends at midnight Tuesday.

None of the eight fatalities were in the Central Georgia area...but the State Patrol says everyone needs to be careful just the same, particularly with the rain coming into play.

The patrol have also worked 298 crashes...and reported about 124 injuries since Friday.

As you do make your way cautiously out on those roadways... You'll find gas prices are holding close to three dollars...continuing a trend that's been on a roll for about three months.

Experts say...enjoy it while it lasts.

Higher crude prices could turn upward as we approach the new year...

But for now..you can still find some bargains in Central Georgia.

If you're fueling up in Macon... The average price is about 3.14. That's a little higher than last week...but still a drop from the 3.22 a gallon of regular unleaded would have cost you on November 24.

And in our 13WMAZ web poll today.... We asked you if you're spending Christmas at home or away?

Many of you have responded...so far... 96 percent say they're staying home.

Only about 4 percent...are traveling by road or air this holiday.

Vote now...tell us about your plans.

Just log on the 13wmaz-dot-com...and look for the question on the right side of the homepage.

Wherever you're spending the holiday...some people found they had to make at least one quick trip out.

Destination: the Mall

Tom George caught up with some holiday shoppers who ventured out on Christmas Eve among the last minute crowds.

<It's a wonderful time of the year..>

Jamario Jackson says he's in the holiday spirit ... picking up some last items on his Christmas list.

<Well, I bought my wife a ring, had to definitely get that out the way, and I bought my cousins, and my sister some stuff, and my grandmother. >

Most customers say they've already bought most of their gifts, but are out on Christmas Eve to finish their shopping.

<This is the last minute things, thats what we're just picking up a telephone for the last minute.>

<I'm not a last minute person but I have to come out today to try to find my baby something you know and just make the best of it >

<National numbers are showing that a spike in last minute shoppers are helping boost numbers just before Christmas . Here at the Macon Mall, retailers are saying they're seeing the same thing. >

< A couple purchases. Some people are still shopping. Some people waited until the last minute, shopping, buying the rest of their Christmas list, so its been pretty good today. >

And a chance to spend quality time with the family.

<Are you mom and aunt in a more giving mood to maybe get you some more stuff? Nooo yesss>

< Tell her what you want! An EZ Bake oven, and that's it!>

< Do you have any money? Oh you do? Ok well then I guess if she's paying for it then she runs it>

In Macon, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

And if you're really pushed...Wal Mart is still open until 8 p.m., Target until 9 p.m., and K-Mart and Toys R Us until 10 p.m.

A homegrown award-winning rapper beat Santa Claus to the punch this afternoon.

As Candace Adorka reports... young jeezy visited Macon for the fifth year in a row...

to share some giftS Straight from the Heart.

5-year-old Jordan Dancy got to pick out his gift from young jeezy first out of about 200 kids.

<coz I said merry christmas>

It was the rapper's 5th visit to the Booker T Washington community center to hand out toys.

<I like to get up close and personal with the people and do it my self. It isn't something that I would look for a corporation or anything to do, I feel like it's my responsibility.>

He teamed up with Pastor Tony Lowden, director of Stoney Academy, an after-school program for at-risk youth.

<young jeezy reached back, he's more than just an entertainer or a grammy nominee, he's also a part of this community. >

He says it's nice to see the children excited about their toys...

<it plays videos and you can listen to up to 1000, I mean, 2000 songs.>

<i got this Nerf basketball and you can see it in the dark>

But the event was less about the toys, and more about the lesson behind them

<we have a lot of kids that look up to our entertainers and rappers and for me, to go along with what we teach our kids, that you've got to have a good character, it takes a good character for someone like young jeezy to give back to our community.>

<I might give my present to my cousin because she didn't get to come>

then again, her real gift was a lasting memory with one of her favorite artists.

<HE gives back to the kids that might not be able to get many presents for christmas community, so that's good, and most celebrities might not.>

In the end, three massive boxes of toys were emptied... Replaced with grateful smiles.

<thank you for bringing all these toys for us>

Candace Adorka 13 WMAz eyewitness news.

Young Jeezy was nominated for a Grammy this year for his song "I DO." He has three prior grammy nominations.

And some other holiday gifts...rode straight from the heart...and onto the streets of some Central Georgia neighborhoods.

Thanks to a donation drive organized by Larry Guyton, about a hundred kids got new bikes today.

The community leader joined with others at the Olympia Family Fun Center to give to kids in need ...

Cars were lined up around the block as each child went inside to pick their own new Christmas present.

< Priceless. I mean words can't express how good I felt, and the first little girl that walked in and she was peeping through the door trying to wipe the fog and just seeing the look on her face like wow I want that bike ... priceless >

Danny glover, also a community activist, says the Olympia Family Fun Center's Roller skating rink will be open for free until 10 p.m. today to families with a Medicare or Peach Care card.

Sports is next... With a look at a Mercer athlete...who's bringing more than just sports prowess to the court.

Stay with us for his story.

It will be a white Christmas for much of the country- especially in the Pacific Northwest.

This was the scene in Spokane, Washington in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

Much of the region is under a winter weather advisory through Christmas Day.

Four to six inches of snow could fall in some of the lowest-lying areas with up to eight inches in the mountains.

Sights of the season...everywhere.. Including the Big Apple.

One of New York City's iconic landmarks is bathed in green and red lights this season... all decked out in honor of the Christmas holiday.

Several groups are helping out...for Central Georgians looking for a good meal on Christmas Day.

Here are a few of them.

The Macon Rescue Mission at 774 Hazel Street will serve a full Christmas meal with turkey and ham starting at 11:30 a.m. until around 2 p.m. They say they're are prepared for as many people as need to eat there.

The Salvation Army at 1955 Broadway will also serve up a holiday feast....from 12 p.m. to around 2 p.m.

Heritage on Houston Avenue.... at 4116 Houston Avenue...will welcome the community starting at 11:30 a.m. and going through the afternoon.

For more information on holiday meals around the region....look for this story at 13WMAZ-dot-com.

And that's all the time we have this evening.

We'll be back with you for Eyewitness News at 11....

Until then... You can follow us around the clock at 13wmaz-dot-com...and on your mobile Aps for Ipad, Iphone, or Android.

As we say good night for now... Here's something you'll want to see...

You're looking at 35,000 Christmas lights.

The Iphone user who shot this video ... says the family has set up elaborate displays for many years and that they typically pay a $1,000 power bill after every December.

We leave you with a look.


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