Eyewitness News at 6:00; December 22, 2012

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This is eyewitness news at 6. Good afternoon and thanks for joining us for this late addition of eyewitness news at six. I'm Jennifer Moulliet.


Officials in Warner Robins say a 13 year old girl who went missing from her home on Sterling Drive has been found. Houston County emergency management authorities issued an alert this morning for the girl who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome and bi-polar disorder. Authorities did not identify her by name but did say again she has been found.


Shoppers were back at Kroger today, but with a missing piece. Friday, 49-year old Sammie Davis, Jr. was shot and killed by Macon Police officer Clayton Sutton after an altercation when Sutton tried to issue a warrant.


Friends say Davis would sit outside Kroger every day not bothering anyone and say they're still wondering why police would shoot and kill Davis. One shopper says he used to look forward to seeing Davis at Kroger but now says he can't bring himself to go back. Albert Collins- "Emptiness... Cause you'll go to Kroger's, you'll look around like "where he at," you would see him everyday he'll smile, wave, laugh, come back, sit outside, and then every night he'd go straight home. "Officials at Kroger say they did not call police yesterday when they came to the store.Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says Officer Clayton Sutton is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation in the case.


Authorities in Spalding County arrested a 40 year old man in the death of a 9 year old girl who went missing from Griffin Friday. The body of Skylar Dials was found around two A-M this morning in the woods off of Yarbrough Mill Road in Spalding County. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Shane Clifton Collett of Griffin was arrested. "It's a tragedy it makes it worse here around christmas, it would be sad anytime we just ask that the citizens keep the family in their prayers and to watch young kids close." Sheriff Wendell Beam did not say what led authorities to Collett.


One driver gave drive thru banking a new meaning. According to Macon-Bibb Fire officials a car went over the curb and crashed into the window of the Robins Federal Credit Union on Zebulon Road. The car then traveled into someone's office Lieutenant Mike Rumell says the driver was not hurt and neither was anyone in the building but the incident did require a lot of cleaning up, and shocked a lot of customers. James Tucker- "So was it kind of shocking to see the door that you usually go through with a big car in the window? Very much so. Really, really, I could see how she would be shook up. I just left from here and I got back home and I didn't get the right thing from them."Officials from Robins Federal did not have a comment on the crash but there were workers on hand who told us their job is to assess and fix the damage to the building.


The International Golf Club in Warner Robins offered a free golf clinic for wounded veterans and special needs children in Central Georgia. Austin Lewis was there and has more. Wounded war veterans, special needs children and families took over the green at the International Golf club in Warner Robins. They teed up for fun and went straight for the ace on the course. Jarred Treneau organized this event to give free golf lessons to some of America's heroes. Jarred Reneau, Organizer: "The fact that golf brings anybody together so the fact that we have wounded warriors and exceptional families with special needs kids anybody could come together and play golf and enjoy it and everybody has fun doing it."  And Noelle Campbell is one of those people who likes to drive it home. Noelle Campbell of Bonaire says, "well I played golf as if it was my class Miss Brooks say it's and I was playing golf with my friends." Mark Campbell, Bonaire- "She just took a liking to it so she loves to go out there and hit a ball around." And the joy of hitting the ball is what brings retired US Marine Mike Almanza here. He lost his arm during Desert storm. But it hasn't affected his swing. "It's a game you know you are going to hit a good shot you are going to hit a bad one. Mike Almanza, Warner Robins: Forget about the cell phones and everything else you go around hit that little ball, take your frustrations out on that little ball, have fun."And as for Noelle, now that she's conquered golf, the next sport is... "Me and my dad play hockey together." But until then she is happy on the green. Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. Reneau says he hopes to put on another free golf clinic like this one again next year.


If you plan on taking in a few holiday parties this week make sure you make alternative transportation plans because Georgia State Troopers have orders to aggressively patrol the Peach state looking for drunk drivers.The official travel period began last night at six pm.Troopers say last year they investigated close to three hundred accidents during the Christmas holiday.


Here's an easy way to get home without getting in trouble with the cops. Triple A and Bud Light have banded together to form the Tow to Go program. So If you've had to much to drink you can get a free ride... And your car will wind up in your driveway. This is the number you're going to want to write down. Its 855 286-9246. Or if you like letters more than numbers just put in your memory... 855-2-tow-2-go.This service is happening in Florida... Georgia and parts of Tennessee.


Nearly two months after Super Storm Sandy devastated the east coast thousands of people are still trying to rebuild. Days before Christmas, volunteers delivered a little hope to one family still trying to move back into their home. Erica Ferrari is in Breezy Point, New York with the story. Laine Dripchak does not have a job this Christmas. Super storm Sandy destroyed the restaurant where she and her three daughter worked. It also wiped out the first floor of their home in Breezy Point, New York. Laine Dripchak/Home Damaged by Sandy- "YOU JUST WANT TO BE BACK IN YOUR HOME EVEN IF IT'S NOT GOING TO BE THE SAME." Volunteers from Operation Blessing are trying to make that happen. Days before Christmas seven of them put up insulation. An expensive job that this single mother says she just doesn't have the money for right now. Laine Dripchak/Home Damaged by Sandy- "IT'S SUCH A RELIEF IT IS SUCH A BURDEN OFF YOUR SHOULDERS.//31:58IT'S FABULOUS THAT THEY ARE SUCH KIND THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE." THE FAMILY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS IN THEIR HOME THIS YEAR...IN FACT, THEY DON'T EXPECT THE WORK TO BE FINISHED UNTIL THE SPRING. BUT, THEY SAY KNOWING PEOPLE VOLUNTEERED TO MAKE THEIR CHRISTMAS BRIGHTER IS THE BEST GIFT THEY COULD RECEIVE. In October, Sandy caused billions of dollars in damage along the east coast and devastated this water front community.The Dripchak's aren't the only ones getting help from Operation Blessing. Volunteers have done more than 300-jobs this like one for the people of Breezy Point. LAURA KELLY/OPERATION BLESSING VOLUNTEER- "WE KNOW THIS IS AN AREA THAT HAS BEEN SO DEVESTATINGLY AFFECT BY THE STORM AND THERE IS SO MUCH NEED." Laura Kelly and her family came from Connecticut Saturday to help re build. LAURA KELLY/OPERATION BLESSING VOLUNTEER- "IF I WAS EVER IN THIS POSITON, I WOULD HOPE PEOPLE WOULD COME AND DO THE SAME FOR ME, IT'S THE LEAST I CAN DO." But, the Dripchak's say it's not a little deed - it's given them hope - and a sign the Christmas spirit is still alive. Erica Ferrari, for 13WMAZ eyewitness news, Breezy Point, New York. The Kelly family says they came to New York to help Sandy victims in honor of those killed in Newtown, Connecticut earlier this month.They say it is one of 26 acts of kindness they'd like to complete this holiday season, one for each of the Sandy Hook victims.


A federal judge is giving the okay to a settlement between BP, businesses and people hit hard by the 20-10 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Under the settlement, BP will pay an estimated 7-point-8 billion dollars to settle economic and medical claims from thousands of businesses and individuals in Louisiana, Alabama and other coastal areas. Aside from seafood industry claims, there is no cap on the amount BP will pay to those who agree to the class action settlement. The company will pay 2-point-3 billion dollars to commercial fishermen, seafood boat crews and other industry workers. The BP oil spill was one of the worst in U.S. history. Eleven workers were killed and oil spewed into the sea for nearly three months before a cap was placed on the well. Last month, attorney General Eric Holder announced BP would plead guilty to manslaughter charges stemming from the explosion and the spill. The company also agreed to pay four-and-a-half billion dollars in government penalties. In an addition to that they will also pay 525-million to settle claims that it lied to investors by understating the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf after the explosion.


Well, we survived the predicted end of the world on Friday. And now there's more good news. NASA says an asteroid that was feared to be on a collision course with the Earth -- *no longer* poses a threat. It had been believed that there was a one-percent chance that the asteroid -- known as "2011 A-G-5" -- would hit our planet in February 2040. But after observing the asteroid's future course, astronomers say that risk has been completely eliminated. NASA says the asteroid will pass no closer than 553-thousand miles from the Earth. Scientists say a collision with the Earth would have released about 100 megatons of energy. That's several thousand times more powerful than the atomic bombs that ended World War Two.




Traveling the weekend before Christmas can be pretty stressful.
But people flying in and out of one Idaho airport were treated to a delightful holiday surprise.
Members of the Idaho State Viola Camp Carolers played carols at the Nampa Municipal Airport on Friday.
The group is made up of musicians from across the state and includes string instrument players of all ages.
The musicians perform at the airport every holiday season.


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