Eyewitness News at 6, 12-19-12

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Good evening and thanks for joining us... I'm Leah Johnson.

Frank Malloy has the night off.

One Crawford County high school student went from a would-be Santa to suspended.... After a Facebook post that he says people misunderstood...

Tom George went to Roberta to learn more.

Crawford County sophomore John George had his bag all packed...

<some candy canes .. And another costume .. And part of the elf stuff right here .. That's all that was in my sack.>

A sack he planned on using to spread some holiday cheer at school Wednesday...

<Soon as we got to school, we were gonna go meet up in the bathroom and get dressed, and give out candy canes and chill with our other friends. >

The night before ... He'd left a tease on Facebook, saying quote Students of cchs ur in for a big surprise tomorrow <let the games begin>

But someone who saw the post decided to call police.

< I guess it could've been all the stuff that happened in the elementary school last week .. The shootings and all that had people concerned. >

Roberta Police officers questioned George at his house Tuesday night, but found no cause for concern.

But Wednesday morning... police escorted him off the bus into the principal's office....where he was suspended.

< I spoke with Principal Mike Campbell who says they're taking the post extremely seriously... given the events in Connecticut.>

In a statement...Cambell called the post "disturbing."

And a police report says George's Facebook profile....appeared to have a very Gothic and dark theme.

Some parents say they were concerned about rumors going around town Wednesday morning.

< Yes it really does concern me, and I was anxious to know what was going on.>

But, the Georges say, it's all just a misunderstanding ... And that the comparisons to Connecticut are hurtful.

<we don't own any guns. We don't have any of that stuff going on here and we don't believe in it . We're a good family, he's a mouthy kid like all of them, but he comes back in tune with everything and doesnt cause any problems.>

<cause taking something this innocent and turning it into World War II .. It's ridiculous.>

In Roberta, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

The school district says John George Junior is suspended until they complete their own investigation of the case... and that could take up to 10 days.

The man accused of shooting a woman at an East Macon gas station was back in court today.

Frank Reeves appeared for a commitment hearing... where his attorney Veronica Brinson asked questions about the evidence against her client.

Two weeks ago.... this case drew national attention... for a fatal lunchtime shooting at Murphy's Express Gas Station on Gray Highway.

Austin Lewis was in the courtroom today and has more.

73-year-old Frank Reeves was rolled into court for a commitment hearing...where he learned about the evidence against him in the death of Linda Hunnicutt.

His attorney...Veronica Brinson...asked Detective Shermaine Jones about witness statements...and what detectives saw in the video surveillance.

Jones says they saw Reeves raise his hand...then saw the Jones County woman fall to the ground.

She also asked about what her client told police.

<the only real alleged evidence is that alleged admission and this is a 73-year-old man that was interrogated by sophisticated and savvy trained detectives and to try and use that admissions to convict this elderly man we just think is a gross miscarriage of justice.


As the questions continued in court...Reeves sat quietly and closed his eyes several times. Brinson also questioned Jones asked about the original charges against her client.

<Veronica Brinson: We wanted to know why such occurred because we don't think any evidence changed in between the police investigation and the later upgrade to murder that is very shocking and surprising and we just wanted to know why suddenly within hours from voluntary manslaughter to murder>

Jones told her Reeves was originally charged with voluntary manslaiughter...but the charge was upgraded to murder after discussions with the district attorney's office.

Brinson says her client is truly sad about Hunnicutt's death.

<Brinson: The fact that there is someone who is gone for her loved one has been very shocking to him he just indicates that he wish that day had never occurred, that's basically he wished that day had never occurred. >

At the end...Reeves was quietly wheeled out of the courtroom and the case will head to Superior Court.

Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Brinson says she hopes to get a reasonable bond hearing in the next week or so.

Reeves remains in the Bibb County jail... without bond.



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