Eyewitness News at 11, 11-28-12

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     People across the country had 550 million reasons to fantasize tonight... With a giant Powerball Jackpot in the offing for a drawing that happened just moments ago.

   Hello, everyone.
   Thanks for joining us.
   I'm Frank Malloy.

   And I'm Leah Johnson.
   This is Eyewitness News at 11.

     Thousands of people, feeling lucky, pounced on the opportunity to cash in on the Powerball Dream.
     Now at 550 million, the jackpot is the highest in Powerball history.

     Georgia is one of 42 states participating in the lotto.
     Tonight's drawing made the 16th straight one... The previous fifteen had no winning numbers.

     No word yet... On if there are winning tickets...but we can tell you...a single winner who took a lump sum payment would receive 360 million dollars before taxes.

     Now if you didn't jot the numbers down just a minute ago when we aired the live drawing...

     Let's throw those up on screen again.
     They are... < ad lib numbers >

     While the odds of having to manage hundreds of millions of dollars of Powerball winnings are slim to say the least... The prospect of managing a sudden influx of cash... Whether from a smaller jackpot...an inheritance...or even a settlement... Aren't out of the realm of possibility.
     So what do you do if unexpected cash suddenly comes your way.
     Kiplinger's Personal Finance says the best approach to a windfall is a practical one.

<You want to ask yourself the same questions you would ask yourself if you had never gotten this windfall. Do you want to beef up your retirement savings? Do you want to pay off debt? Do you want to save for college for your children? What is it that you want to do? And now perhaps you have the money to do that. >

     Other advice... avoid hasty decisions early on...and find a trust-worthy money manager.

< You want people who are going to ask you questions, What are your goals? What do you want to do with this money? >

     One more piece of advice .. Get guidance from a tax specialist on what you might owe the IRS...even if the windfall seems small.

     A parent says a teacher at Rosa Taylor Elementary gave her son...a three-hour time-out...in what she describes as a storage room.
     The school system says...the time was more like thirty minutes...and the time-out space is actually a tutoring room.
     Judy Le brings us both sides of the story.

That's where 9-year-old Zachary Bedgood says his teacher at Rosa Taylor Elementary... left him because he couldn't focus on a test.

<I was in there 30 minutes before lunch and then 2:30 minutes after>

Donnie Porter, Director of Communications with the Bibb School...says Zachary was only in the room for 30 minutes.
His mother calls it a storage closet or utility room...but the school calls it...a tutoring room.

<(Crystal Bedgood, mother)  There's no way possible that they use that room for a tutoring room the way I saw it>
<(zachary) The desk was right here, the shelf was right here, the wires were over here, there was supply stuff everywhere>

Porter says Zachary's teacher took him away from the general classroom and placed him in a quiet area to finish his work.He said it was not punishment.
His mother...Crystal Bedgood says it happened on November 16th.....the Friday before Thanksgiving. She was notified when she picked Zachary up after school.

NAME: judy le, eyewitness news

<Crystal says she documented what happened in this journal. She says she gave the school two days, excluding the week-long Thanksgiving holiday, to respond to her concerns>

Crystal had a week to mull over what happened...and the more she thought about it...the angrier she got.

<(crystal) lord please why. Why did it happen to him or any other student?>
<(zachary) I don't want to be in a room by myself>
<(Cherryl Dowd, grandmother) If Crystal or anybody would've put their kid in a closet and it would've got back to the welfare or law so what's the difference between a teacher?>

The Bedgoods met with Rosa Taylor's principal for about four hours
Tuesday. Zachary has not been back to school since that day.  His mother says she's trying to transfer him to another Bibb County school. Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

     Crystal Bedgood says she believes what her son says.
     Porter says the school apologizes for any confusion and anxiety this situation has put on the student and the family.

Change is on the way to passenger air service at Macon's Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

A new carrier is set to take over air service provided by Pacific Wings, L.L.C.
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation... Pacific Wings is not allow to suspend its service until January 22, 2013, or until the new provider... Sun Air Express begins service.
Doug Faour with the airport says he received notification from the Georgia Department of Transportation about the transition.
Pacific Wings is a commuter airline company based in Dallas, Texas.
Their contract with the airport was initially set to expire the week of Christmas but Faour says it had to be extended until replacement service begins.
Sun Air will provide air service to the Middle Georgia Regional Airport under a two year contract.

     Some information to help you Survive the Economy tonight... As the Macon Bibb Economic Opportunity Council offers up a way to help Bibb County residents offset energy costs as heating bills edge up this winter.

      People can apply for energy assistance starting at 7 a.m. .....This Monday...december third.....at St. Paul AME Church on Shurling Drive in Macon.
     The next session is Friday December 7th at 7 a-m also at St Paul AME church.
     A few more dates are posted at 13WMAZ-dot-com.

     Now this video is from last January.
     It gives you an idea of what to expect...and just what the lines can look like at these sessions.
     This year...the E-O-C says it can hand out about 1.2 million dollars in home heating help.
     That's about 10 percent less than last year.
     But it will still help about 3-thousand people.
     Some counties let people make appointments over the phone to apply.
     But the E-O-C says their first-come...first-served system works best for them.

<lonnie Miley:  other programs have come to look at our programs as to how it works so well so you know as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it our program aint broke and there is no reason to try to fix it.

     When you apply for fuel assistance...you must have your latest energy bill...a state driver's license or I.D....and a Social Security card or printout for all household members.

     In other news affecting your money tonight... we've got some bad news for renters, but good news for homeowners.
     As the economy improves, rent is expected to jump up about five percent next year.
     That's the fourth straight year of increases.
     The association of realtors says it's a simple matter of supply and demand, with prices expected to keep rising until construction catches up.
     The good news - home prices are also going up in most major cities, according to the latest Standard and Poor's - Case Shiller report.
     So if you're looking to sell some property...it could be your market.
     Uncertainty over the economy isn't just affecting folks' real estate decisions... It's also impacting their Christmas wishes.

     When asked...if they'd rather have a holiday office party...or a bonus...most American employees are choosing..the cash.

     That's according to an annual survey on the career site Glassdoor-dot-com.
     They polled more than two-thousand Americans with full-time jobs.
     73-percent would rather ditch the holiday party and get a bonus instead.
     Just five-percent want to socialize with colleagues.

     But you'd better get your best party outfit ready anyway.
     More than 80-percent of companies are planning a holiday party this year... according to a separate survey by an international outplacement and consulting firm.

     That's up from 68-percent of companies last year.

    One family's tradition that started as a dying boy's wish decades ago, has ballooned into a community tradition.

    But as Candace Adorka reports the Tripp family Christmas in Yonkers Georgia may have ran its course.

At the Tripp family house

When the switches flip at 6 p-m

It's show time. 

{***SOT FULL***}
<wow I mean it just puts you in the christmas spirit it really dows>
<I like the little snowflakes in the trees and everything>
<I look forward to this every year>

The tripp family spends almost 2 months putting up more than 100-thousand lights

<I like the santa claus>
<seeing all the penguins>
<anything that twinkles or shines I like>

Joey Tripp is the inspiration behind the massive spectacle that's been going 28 years.

<I was going through stage 4 bone cancer and when I was first diagnosed they gave me 6 months to live.>

That was when he was 10, and his one wish was to see christmas lights-- his dad obliged, and after Joey beat the odds, the lights returned each year-- bigger and better than ever.

<it's transferred from helping us cope with stress and anxiety to becoming a family tradition and not only a family tradition for us, but its become a community tradition.>
<we love it and we'd love to keep coming every singe year until our kids are grown>
<on average 10 thousand people walk through this display each year, and that's only those who sign the guest book. But after decades of hard work, the tripp family is thinking about putting the tradition to rest.>
<it's a job that takes a team and our family of growing up and my siblings are getting families.>.

The family hasn't made a decision yet, but Joey says the 30th year may be the last.

And it might up up to another family, to bring a little sparkle and cheer to the holidays.
Candace Adorka 13 wmaz eyewitness news.

This year the Macedonia Misisonary baptist church is hosting a living nativity scene alongside the Tripp family christmas display. That will be next wednesday starting at 6 pm.

     Anyone know how many gifts are named in "the Twelve Days of Christmas" song?
     364... And buying them all...will cost you more than it would have last year.

     According to the annual P-N-C Christmas Price Index, the grand total comes to more than 107-thousand dollars, up six-percent over 2011.
     Blame the birds, musicians and jewelry.

     Geese-a-laying are up more than 29-percent this year.
     Three French Hens and Seven Swans-a-Swimming have also increased.

     The survey says this year's drought drove up feed costs for the birds.
     11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming cost 5-and-a-half percent more this year.     
     And five golden rings soared more than 16-percent thanks to rising gold prices.

    If you're feeling thrifty, there is good news.   
     Six items mentioned in the song have stayed the same price.

     Among them: the Partridge, Two Turtle Doves, and Four Calling Birds.
     Guess you can't put a price on the lords a leaping.

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