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     Good evening, everyone, and thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at 11.
     Leah Johnson has the night off... And you'll be seeing Frank in about thirty-five minutes for Football Friday night.
     First on our broadcast... an update on a story we brought you earlier this week...that's gotten national attention.
     A conservative anti-tax activist is criticizing U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss...for saying he may support a tax increase.
     This week, Georgia's senior senator told 13WMAZ's Kenny Burgamy that he may break his 20-year-old pledge to oppose any federal tax hike.

<times have changed since then and I care more about this country than I do about a twenty year old pledge....I think we owe the debt and we've got to figure out a way to pay for it. .... >

     Now you may not be immediately familiar with the name of Grover Norquist... But he's the activist who originally created..and supported that pledge.
     Today...he released a statement about the Senator's shift of conviction.
     It said in part...
"If he plans to vote for higher taxes to pay for Obama-sized government...he should address the people of Georgia and let them know that he plans to break his promise to them."

     Chambliss isn't alone in loosening his stance.
     Several of his fellow Republicans have said publicly, they would consider a tax increase to reach some sort of deal with President Obama's administration.

     Chambliss first served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.

     In 2004, he was elected to the Senate...and is currently Georgia's senior senator.

     He is up for reelection in 2014, and so far, is expected to run.

     A teenage boy died in South Bibb County tonight after he was struck by a car.

     According to the Bibb County Sheriff's office, 15 year old Jose Bravo was crossing the southbound lanes of Hawkinsville Road, just south of Walden Road around eight tonight.
     He was taken to the Medical Center of Central Georgia...and was pronounced dead about an hour later.

     There is no further information on the driver.

     A fourteen year old girl is back in Central Georgia tonight...and her accused kidnapper under arrest all the way out in Colorado.    
     Our sister station KUSA in Denver reports that....35-year-old Michael Dempsey was taken in Wednesday on a kidnapping warrant, five months after the girl went missing.
     The Park County sheriff's department in Colorado says the girl is in good physical condition...and was put back on a plane to Georgia on Thanksgiving morning.
   They do not identify the girl...but according to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children...authorities began searching for Dempsey after the teen disappeared from her Hazelhurst home back in June.
   They said the two apparently left together...on his motorcycle.
     No word yet on where they've been...or how they were found in Colorado.
   We could not reach the GBI...or the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Department...for further comment.
   The Park County sheriff's office says Dempsey is being held...without bond.

         In other news tonight... Chaos erupted at a Wal-Mart in Moutrie on this Black Friday.
         At the center of it all... A deal on a pre-paid, unlimited data usage cell phone.

     We have some video that was posted on You-tube.
     It was shot vertically... It appears probably on an I-phone... So the image is small...
     But what you can see is a crowd gone wild.
     First, you see the mass waiting...then they surge forward, tearing open the plastic.
     You can hear screaming and shouting    
     And check this out... watch the woman in white... As the crowd tries to drag her back, away from the boxes.
     Then, it appears one man put his hand over her mouth as others tried to take away the phone.

     Walmart spokesman Randy Hargove told 13wmaz this was an isolated incident that does not reflect safe and successful black friday events at Walmart stores across the country.
     He says no one was injured and that the retail giant will evaluate the incident.
     13WMAZ also tried to reach the poster who published that video. 
     We'll let you know when we hear back from him.

     At another Walmart, this one in Tallahassee...Black Friday became violent when gun shots rang out in front of the store.

     Police say that's where two people were shot during an argument over a parking space.
     The victims have non life-threatening injuries.
     Police are now trying to determine who fired the shots.
     Witnesses say two couples were arguing when a shopping cart hit a car.
     They say that's when a man stepped out and started shooting.
     The store and nearby road were shut down for about two hours.

     At some other Walmart stores, it wasn't the customers...but rather the workers at the center of some Black Friday commotion.
     Bigad Shaban explains why the labor groups say they're striking...and what they want from the retail giant.

On one of the busiest shopping days of the year - POLICE ARRESTED DEMONSTRATORS AT A WALMART NEAR LOS ANGELES.



Some Walmart employees didn't show up for work demanding higher pay, less expensive benefits, and better treatment from the company.

(sot) I'm a month behind right now on my mortgage.

Walmart cashier, Virgie Freeman skipped out on her Black Friday shift to join hundreds of protesters at a Walmart parking lot in Paramount, Calafornia.

She says her 11 dolllar and ten cents an hour wage isn't enough.

(:36-:42)((sot: Virgie Freeman/Walmart Cashier))
"A lot of times I have to juggle what we going to pay, to whether we're going to have food on the table that week or not // (1:32:59)

(:43-:54)((Bigad Shaban/CBS News)) Walmart says protests like this one outside Los Angeles have not hurt their Black Friday sales. The company says it was selling 5-thousand items per second after stores opened on Thanksgiving night.

Walmart customer Juanita King says she sympathizes with the employees, but the protests won't stop her from shopping at Walmart.

(1:01-1:11)((sot: Juanita King/Walmart shopper))"I hate to cross any pickett lines, but because I'm out of work it makes a little bit in demand to be here (BIGAD) Because you need the low prices? (Juanita) Exactly


Walmart called the protests a union-funded publicity stunt, claiming that many of the demonstrators don't even work for the retail giant.
(HANDOUT VIDEO WALMART)The company said the number of employees who didn't show for this Black Friday was far less than last year.

The protesters' demands include a minimum wage of $13 dollars an hour.
    At this Walmart in Atlanta, workers were out early, among the early shoppers.
     Police and store security were on hand to keep the protests civil.
     The leader of one activist group says workers demands are not out-of-the-ordinary.
<"We're not going to tolerate it when Walmart management retaliates, intimidates and fires workers that are trying to organize for respect on the job and basic dignity in the workplace." >

     Some shoppers said they were sympathetic to the protesters, while other say walking off the job is not the best way to get what you want.
     Meanwhile an executive with wal-mart says... the company has a strict policy forbidding retaliation...and if there are any complaints, employees should go through the proper channels to report them so higher-ups can investigate.

     Black Friday may have been a day of fighting, pushing, and protests in some spots.
     Fortunately, that wasn't the case everywhere.
     As 13WMAZ's Tom George found out, lots of Central Georgia retailers saw a smooth uneventful day...they chalk up as a monetary win. 
With early morning rush over ... Late risers, still woke up for some bargain hunting.

{***SOT FULL***}
<that's correct ... Sleep in a little bit, and still get some great deals. >

     The Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development reports 22...that's about one out of five... percent of Georgians will take care of at least some of their shopping on Black Friday.
{***SOT FULL***}
<it tend to be that they're gravitating towards everything .. We have the electric appliance this morning .. I mean they sold out pretty quick, but it seems to be everything this year. >

     At JC Penney's at the Galleria Mall in Warner Robins, managers say they should have a good year.
{***SOT FULL***}
<it honestly looks like the traffic is a little better than last year, we've had a lot of customers coming in the store and the reaction has generally been positive.>

     Radio Shack managers says although they are on target for sales for the day, turnout was a little slower after the morning boom.
{***SOT FULL***}
< As the mornings progress, that's when the mellowness comes down, everybody kind of chills out, and then the sales take from there .. In the morning, it's kind of hectic, jampacked, compared to last year it's a lot calmer, a lot calmer.>

{***SOT FULL***}
<it's the middle of the day right now, and you can see the crowds have kind of tapered, but some customers say sleeping in and coming in a little later, doesn't mean you can't get you hands on some deals. >

{***SOT FULL***}
<I got a total value of 208 and I only paid 20 dollars WOW>

       The study also showed around half of shoppers plan to spend the same amount throughout the Christmas season as they did last year ... And that Georgians plan to spend an average of $970 for all their gifts.

     Now today is known as Black Friday, but in three days, it'll be what's commonly called Cyber Monday.

     A survey of retailers finds that more than ever will offer Cyber Monday deals, aiming for the 72 million Americans who say they'll do some holiday shopping from the office this year.
     So... When shopping on line... Here are some tips:
-- Check statements regularly to make sure the only charges are ones you've made.
-- And keep record of order confirmations and receipts, with a designated folder in your inbox or with an app like "slice."
     Speaking of apps, retailers officially adopted the "Cyber Monday" moniker in 2005, and seven years later, it may be time for a name change, with a boom in mobile and consumers shopping from smartphones and tablets. 
     A reminder for those who shop on the go -- 
-- Don't use public wi-fi, only secure connections.
-- Lock devices with a password so data is protected even when your phone is out of your hands. 
-- And work within apps from trusted sources. 
     Adding another incentive for Cyber Monday shopping, the National Retail Federation says about four-in-ten retailers will offer free shipping, with no conditions attached. 

     Now today on 13WMAZ-dot-com...we asked.. How will you be doing most of your shopping this holiday season?
     68 percent of you said... In store.. But 32 percent of you will stay out of the fray...and make your gift purchases online.
     The engine that powers one of the original smartphone devices is experiencing a big boom.

     Blackberry was once the only game in town... It's largely been pushed aside by iPhones and Androids.
     But...research in Motion shares have been on the upswing for the past two months, gaining 59-percent since September. 
     Much of that is attributed to anticipation for the BlackBerry 10, which is set to make its long-awaited debut at the end of January. 

     Now today on 13WMAZ-dot-com...we asked.. How will you be doing most of your shopping this holiday season?
     68 percent of you said... In store.. But 32 percent of you will stay out of the fray...and make your gift purchases online.

     The engine that powers one of the original smartphone devices is experiencing a big boom.

     Blackberry was once the only game in town... It's largely been pushed aside by iPhones and Androids.
     But...research in Motion shares have been on the upswing for the past two months, gaining 59-percent since September. 
     Much of that is attributed to anticipation for the BlackBerry 10, which is set to make its long-awaited debut at the end of January. 

     Facebook's experiment with democracy may soon come to an end.

     The company is considering removing its users' right to vote on major issues concerning the governance of its 1 billion-member online network.
     Facebook lists two primary reasons for ditching digital democracy.
     One, the company is huge now...And two, it's a publicly traded company and now answer to regulatory agencies around the world. 
     The reaction online has been less than welcoming.
     Some technology writers have called for users to revolt.

     Israeli soldiers shot and killed one Palestinian and injured about a dozen others during an incident at Gaza's border with Israel on Friday.                          
     As Tara Mergener reports, this is the first reported violence since Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease fire Wednesday.

Palestinians marched through the streets to bury a man shot Friday - chanting God is Great and death to Israel.

He died when Israeli troops opened fire on the Gaza border. The Israeli military says about 300 Palestinians tried to breach the security fence at different points.

So far, the incident hasn't compromised the two day-old cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

((nat pop))

It was a calmer scene on Gaza's border with Egypt.. where two crossings are open again. They closed last week when the fighting broke out - now Palestinians can once again travel to Egypt.

((on cam))

Tara Mergener/ CBS News

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi earned high praise from the US for leading cease-fire negotiations.. but now he's facing a backlash from his own people for trying to expand his power.


The Egyptian President's spokesperson announced on television that President Morsi and his Parliament would be exempt from any legal challenges until a new constitution is written.

((nat pop-protesters))

Egyptians took to the streets in protest.

((nat pop-protesters))

Police fired tear gas near Cairo's Tahrir Square, the heart of the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Now thousands of demonstrators are calling for Morsi to step down.

      The State Department released a statement calling for calm in Egypt, but also saying President Mosi's actions are of concern.

     Before we get to our forecast tonight...time to introduce you to today's Facebook Fan of the Day.
     Frank Campbell.. Congratulations

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     When Black Friday rolls around...you know it's only a matter of time before we're all welcoming Santa Claus to town.
     Several Central Georgia cities will celebrate the season of joy in the next two weeks...with holiday parades.

Next Tuesday...November 29th...Forsyth and Monroe County mark their 23rd annual parade.

It starts at 7 Pm...in downtown Forsyth.

A week from Saturday....December 1st...is a busy day.

That's the day of the annual Warner Robins Christmas parade...which begins at 10 a.m. They'll step off from the intersection of Houston Road and Watson Blvd.

That afternoon...Perry welcomes Santa to town with their own parade...starting at 4. They'll march down main Street and wrap up at the old Harvey's.

And Bolingbroke gets into the act that same afternoon...with a Norman Rockwell Christmas parade at 3 Pm....on Rivoli Road.

And you can wrap up the day at Centerville's parade. It begins at 7 PM on Thompson Road...and ends at the Galleria Mall.

Macon gets their chance the following weekend...on Sunday the 9th.
The annual Middle Georgia Christmas Parade begins at 3 Pm....with bands, floats and dancers marching through the streets of Downtown Macon

And finally...Jones County holds its annual parade on December 11th. Their annual extravaganza steps off at 6-30 p.m....as always...from the Ingles parking lot.

You can find more details on these and other holiday events on our home page....13WMAZ-dot-com.

     And that's all the time we have for Eyewitness News at eleven...but there's much more sports..starting in about two minutes with Football Friday night.
     For Lorra and Ben... I'm Courtney Lyle. See you in a few.

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