Eyewitness News at 11:00; November 17, 2012

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This is Eyewitness News at 11.
Good evening... And Thanks for joining us.... I'm Jennifer Moulliet and this is eyewitness news at 11.


It's an update to a story we brought you last night, a 15 year old girl was shot on Patton Avenue by 49-year old Anthony Green..That's According to Macon Police Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet.
Gaudet says, Green fled the scene after he fired a shot through the door hitting the the girl.
She was taken to the Medical Center with non life threatening injuries.
If you have any information on the shooting please call Crimestoppers at 1-877-68-Crime.


Officers with the Houston County sheriff's office blocked parts off Highway 247 after an accident involving a motorcycle tonight.
Traffic was rerouted to avoid... The intersection of Davis Drive and Highway 247 and Elberta Road and 247.
We called the Houston County Sheriff's office several times to try and get more information... But they said they couldn't tell us anything... But did say that the coroner on duty was working a scene.
We'll update you as we get more information.


Robins Air Force Base plans to demolish some of their older buildings and homes to cut energy costs and improve efficiency.... That's according to the Associated Press.
Base officials say 14 buildings on base... Including four homes will be torn down.
Some of the buildings are more than 50 years old... Have leaky roofs and structural problems.
The demolition is part of Robins' plan to meet an Air Force initiative to reduce operating costs by 20 percent by the year 20-20.
Six additional buildings have already gotten the wrecking ball and base officials say the total demolitions will reduce building space by roughly 92,000 square feet.


From canned peas to frozen turkeys...thats Feed the City...a program set up to collect enough food...for two thousand thanksgiving meals.
The 15th annual event is a community-wide initiative to help support families in need.
There's enough food to feed about 10,000 people.
That means about 2,000 families will have a full thanksgiving meal.
Another 200 volunteers welcomed the morning crowd....some coming as early as 6:30 AM to wait in line.
"I've got grandchildren that will be coming for Thanksgiving dinner and I can't afford to buy it. I've got great grandchildren that are coming and I needed help," says Virgina LaVar.
30 out of 38 schools in Houston County collected food for Feed the City.


Seven middle Georgia churches joined together to fight hunger... And to spread a little cheer before Thanksgiving arrives.
Program Coordinator... Donnie Addison... Says the outreach program is the best way to promote holistic health... and give back to the community.
The event provided health screenings... Raffle prizes... And games for children.
Each family left with a Thanksgiving box... To take home for the holiday.


You can help us feed others too.
Kroger is partnering with 13WMAZ for a special way to give.... as we begin the holiday season.
It's the Can Hunger Food Drive happening at your local Central Georgia Kroger stores.
And you can help by bringing in non-perishable items to any area Kroger between now and Tuesday, November 20th.
It's an easy way to be a hometown hero to those who depend on the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.


For years...Lindsay "doc" Holliday has been involved as a private citizen in local government.
We have heard him talk about everything from T-SPLOST to Council Ethics.
But on election day...he joined the ranks of elected official...when he ran and won unopposed to be Bibb County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. 7
Austin Lewis has the story.
"and the water from teh little theater parking lot all come through drains into this little pond here."
Lindsay "doc" holliday says the Museum of Arts and Sciences got it right when it comes to water drainage.
Water...goes through these storm drains...and flows...down to this pond...
And water from the sprinkling system comes from the storm water.
Lindsay Doc Holliday: "Uh the museum has done it well in that because soil is not eroding off their site the water is being detained soil is not moving off the site and they have done it in a beautiful way."
Holliday is a local dentist who has been involved with government for years.
But on Election day...he became part of the government...winning the position of Bibb County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.
Lindsay Doc Holliday: "Our goals are to educate people to do better best management practices as far as land disturbance."
Holliday says he became passionate about water and soil...when he saw it first hand.
Lindsay Doc Holliday: "Well it started out for me when I had a drainage retention system break on my property, well it actually broke on a developer's property next to mine and it flooded my land with mud and this was back and I talked to the city engineer back in the 80s and they were of no help to me at all." And Holliday says one thing he'll do as an elected official...is to County are armed with information... to make sure people in Bibb
Lindsay Doc Holliday: "I think the best elected officials can do is to educate the public how to do well."
On how man...soil...and water conservation can work in harmony.
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
Holliday says making sure the storm drainage is done properly in Bibb County is something he will work on as an elected official.


Macon's downtown area may look a little cleaner now... after several members of the community took some time to spruce it up.
Main Street Macon and the Daybreak Homeless shelter teamed up to help prepare the city for the Holiday season.
Over a dozen volunteers went through Cherry and Poplar streets... Picking up trash.
They also pressure washed the area across from the Macon Transit Authority... To get the streets ready for this year's Christmas parade.
Joseph Saturna- "We live down here. We work down here. This is our home. So, we want to clean it up and make it look real nice and presentable."
"We want to make sure all the trash is picked up, all the posters are taken down, all the weeds are gone and that kind of thing," says Mechel McKinely.
Macon's Christmas parade will take place the week after Thanksgiving.


A Hostess plant in Columbus is among 33 company factories that were suspended Friday.
The Ledger-Enquirer of Columbus reports that nearly 400 workers were picking up their paychecks... When the plant suddenly closed.
Hostess... based in Irving, Texas... filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January... and suspended operations at its factories and 565 distribution centers nationwide.
The company's website blamed the liquidation on a Bakers Union strike.
The Hostess facility in Columbus is the only plant the company operates in Georgia... And About 12-hundred people were once employed at the plant which opened in 1971.


Saturday marked the fourth day of fighting between Israel and Hamas.
Airstrikes are continuing with little sign of either side willing to back down.
Erica Ferrari has the latest from New York.
Hamas continues to fire missiles toward Israel. Launching more than 100 on Saturday alone.
Warning sirens sounded in Tel Aviv.
The Israeli military says its missile defense system intercepted one of the rockets headed at the country's commercial capital.
The new technology gives some comfort to people trying to go about their normal lives in the city.
Officials say the system known as "Iron Dome" has blocked nearly 250 missiles fired at Israel since the violence erupted on Wednesday.
Israeli forces launched about 300 airstrikes on the Gaza Strip Saturday.
The attacks hit key military targets including the Hamas Prime Minister's headquarters and a series of tunnels used to smuggle weapons from Egypt.
Three Israeli civilians have died so far and more than 40 Palestinians - many of them civilians have been killed and dozens more injured including children.
Even with rockets firing overhead during a news conference - Hamas leaders pledged not to back down saying ...
HAMAS LEADER- "the enemy will lose and will not fulfill it's aims in this operation."
But, Israel has tanks lining the Gaza border and 75-thousand reservists prepared to fight if the government decides to launch a ground assault.
The White House says President Obama is keeping in close contact with middle east leaders who are working on a possible cease-fire deal.
But, stresses the United States stands by Israel and maintains it has the right to defend itself.

Two people are missing and four others are in critical, but stable condition after an explosion ripped through an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana on Friday.
A torch that was used to cut an oil pipe ignited the blaze.
No oil has been reported leaking into the sea.


There's a metro Atlanta connection to the tragic parade accident that killed four veterans... In Midland Texas
A Holly Springs officer and his wife were on the float that was hit by the train.
Shane and Meg Ladner were in Texas for a special deer hunting trip for wounded veterans.
But the trip was immediately cancelled after the deadly train collision.
he Holly Springs officer was treated for back injuries and released, but doctors had to amputate one of his wife's legs and doctors are concerned about internal bleeding.


A teenager is turning heads with one of his new creations.
15-year-old Collin Graver has built himself a wooden bike.
The home-schooled tenth grader says he got bored with his physics homework so decided to create the bike in his garage.
It was made from a single sheet of plywood at a cost of twenty bucks.
But the bike won't be winning any races.
It's 65-pounds, only goes six miles an hour, and even its creator admits it's a rough ride.
Collin is already working on a new project --
Another bike made of higher quality wood that can go a bit faster.


That is the show for tonight... We'll see you back here at 7 for Eyewitness News Mornin
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com....
We'll see you tomorrow... Have a good night






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