Eyewitness News at 11, 11-15-12

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< Twlight ... The series ... The saga ... Team Jacob>

<oh please, Edward ... Team Edward all the way!>

Self-proclaimed Twi-hards packed Macon's AmStar Theater tonight... eager to sink their teeth into the final installment in the popular Twilight series.

Good evening and thanks for joining us.

I'm Leah Johnson.

And I'm Frank Malloy.

This is Eyewitness News at Eleven.

As early as 3 this afternoon... Twilight Lovers... Dedicated to the ongoing saga of Bella, Edward, and Jacob... Lined up for premiere night.


The first official showing filled the theater at ten tonight... With the feature still underway as we speak.

But some Central Georgians got treated to an early sneak peak.

Tom George shows us why.

From Forks Washington, to Macon, Georgia fans were lined up for the end of an era.

<ohhh, it's very bittersweet, I think there's going to be a lot of tears...>

But before the curtain closes on Breaking Dawn Part Two, one self-described Macon "twi-mom" wanted to help the community.

<and also the number of women my age that really love the Twilight series and wanted to do something positive with it. >

So she founded Esmes' Heart, a non-profit group of Twilight moms who organize charity events, named after a Twilight character she says has a big heart...

<all these die-hard Twilight fans aren't just lined up to see the last installment of their favorite movie, they're also carrying Toys for Tots, and food for charity.>

<that's one of the best parts, really, I did this last year, and when they decided they would do it this year I couldn't help but come. >

<I think it's great ... I came from Montgomery Alabama because we don't have any groups like this there >

And it also drew the attention of Daniel Cudmore, the actor who plays Felix in the movie, who came to Georgia in person for the first time...

<yeah its great so far, I had Chic Fil A for the first time,k I was good.>

He says it's the people who make the series such a sensation.

< I mean without the fans, you really wouldn't have this size of a scope of the film, and it's touched so so many people's lives, so if you have the ability to use all of that and use it towards helping more people, I think that's a great and positive place to be. >

So no matter which team...

<oh please, Edward all the way.>

<i'm not on any team .. I don't know>

Helping others is something all Twi-hards can agree on.

In Macon, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

The twilight franchise is a five parter....based on books authored by Stephanie Meyer.

Though it was first promoted as teen fiction... You can see the saga quickly caught on with fans and movie-goers of all ages.

In other news tonight, fire damaged a two story apartment home off 247 in Bibb County tonight.

Investigators had to block off the highway for a while as they pulled hoses from their fire engines across the road to douse the blaze.

The building is located at 6040 Andrea road.

Macon Bibb Fire Investigators say the brick structure had mostly smoke damage...and though there were people home...there weren't any injuries.

<when our first unit arrived, they found fire coming out of the bedroom of a two story garage apartment, they went in, put it out real quick...the people that were in there got out... >

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Four months after Georgia State Senator Cecil Staton narrowly defeated opponent Spencer Price to retain his seat... He was re-elected today...to another job.

Staton will once again serve as Majority Whip during the upcoming legislative session beginning in January.

The election happened during a retreat of the Senate Majority Caucus today.

The whip's role is to research legislation, communicate research with caucus members, promote attendance at votes, and keep tally of votes.

The state senate majority whip is the third ranking leadership position within a party's caucus.

Bibb County Schools will be getting new lighting that could save the district millions of dollars over the next decade.

The school board approved a contract this evening with Wipro EcoEnergy

The district will have to take out a loan for more than 6-million-dollars to pay for the entire project... But Wipro is guaranteeing more than 8 million in savings over 9 years... Or a little more than 2-million-dollars in net savings.

Representatives from Wipro gave board members the details tonight.

They said in addition to the lighting, they found ways to make the district's air conditioning and I-T systems more efficient.

Three board members were absent. Of the 5 who attended, 4 voted to approve the contract.
<I thought it was golden opportunity, it's something that's research based. It's guaranteed the company has a long track record of doing this. And it's going to be financed by a national bank. >

Board member Gary Bechtel was the dissenting vote. He says the district is borrowing money for an unnecessary project to generate funding for the Macon miracle strategic plan

<we have a splost fund that should be used for capital improvements. If they're necessary. I honestly do not think these are necessary. I think we're going out on a long and doing indiction lighting in areas we do not need to do inductio lighting all for the sole purpose of improved cash flow for some of the foolishness that is in this strategic plan.>

In a press release in September, the district said it planned to use the energy savings to pay for some technology improvements.

Two weeks after Superstorm Sandy blew through the Northeast... President Obama travelled to New York to get his first look at the damage it left behind.

The president took a helicopter tour over areas of Queens and Staten Island that were flooded and burned out during the superstorm.

The tour included Breezy Point, a waterfront community in Queens where an estimated one-hundred homes were burned in a massive fire.

After the tour, he then met with people waiting in line at an emergency response center at a Staten Island high school.

The White House said fifteen hundred people had received services at the center.

At least four people are dead after a parade procession of wounded veterans in Texas was hit by a train.

The annual "Hunt for Heroes" event was being held in Midland, Texas when a trailer full of veterans being pulled across some railroad tracks was hit by a passing train.

At least 20 of the veterans were taken to a local hospital.

the hospital called in all of its available staff.

There are believed to be at least four fatalities but an accurate number is not known as this time.

The "Hunt for Heroes" event gets its name from a hunt that is held on Friday for the veterans.

Israel's army says Palestinian militants have fired a rocket near Tel Aviv.

No one was injured - but several Israelis did die in a missile attack on another town

A family of three in Southern Israel was killed in the heaviest fighting along the Israel-Gaza border in four years.

The battle is escalating a day after Israeli forces assassinated the chief of Hamas.

The militant group says 15 Palestinians were killed in that attack.. including 7 civilians. More than 100 others were injured.

The government warned Israelis living within 25 miles of Gaza to stay home - and inside as the pounding continues.




White House officials said the US supports Israel's right to defend itself ... and said Hamas needs to stop its attacks on Israel for tensions to ease.

Former C-I-A Director David Petraeus will testify tomorrow about the attacks that killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi.

The closed-door hearing will be his first public appearance since resigning over an extramarital affair with his biographer.

Meanwhile, intelligence committee members were briefed today on the timeline of events in libya.

The group, which includes Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, was shown real-time, classified video from surveillance cameras at the consulate.

White House officials said the US supports Israel's right to defend itself ... and said Hamas needs to stop its attacks on Israel for tensions to ease.

Former C-I-A Director David Petraeus will testify tomorrow about the attacks that killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi.

The closed-door hearing will be his first public appearance since resigning over an extramarital affair with his biographer.

Meanwhile, intelligence committee members were briefed today on the timeline of events in libya.

The group, which includes Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, was shown real-time, classified video from surveillance cameras at the consulate.

"Director Petraeus went to Tripoli. As I understand it, he interviewed many of the people who were involved. So the opportunity to get his views, is very important."

((SOT)) Sen. Saxby Chambliss/ (R) Georgia

"Are there still questions out there you bet, and we're gonna continue to work to get those answers."


Lawmakers say the focus of Petraeus' testimony is strictly on Benghazi.

The justice department said thursday that Petraeus' affair did not put the nation at risk.

The weekend is inching closer...and there is fun to be had around Central Georgia.

It's off with the weather hat...

and on to Scene 13.

Ben Jones, what's going on?

Guys, there are festivals....there's music, an auction, and...something tomorrow you can really sink your teeth into.

Let's start it off with the Kruger Brothers in Concert. These guys have been performing acoustic music since 1997...and tomorrow night...they're doing it on the stage of the historic Douglass Theatre.

Now these brothers are both raised in Europe...so when they moved to the U.S...they fell in love with the country's performing arts...and became known for performing what they call American Traditional Music.

Tomorrow night at 7:30, you can catch them...for 20 dollars for adults...15 dollars for students...and free admission for kids 12 and under.

Now even though it's a little cooler out there...it'll be red hot in Central Georgia on Saturday morning.

The Mid-State radio auction will be broadcast from the stage of the Hawkinsville Opera House on 103.9... But there are actually 400 seats in the house where you can be close to the action.

About 25-thousand dollars worth of items are going up for auction....starting at 40 percent of retail prices.

There's no admission to get in, but you do have to preregister by calling 478-893-6614.

There's on online link too...you'll find it in the Scene 13 section of our website.

The auction happens from nine until one...so head down to Hawkinsville and get your bid on.

And here's another one for the music lovers out there.

This musical extravaganza brings us to the Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House.

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The Fly South Festival brings artists like the Mathis Brothers and the Travis Denning Band to the stage, to name a couple.

There's entertainment for the kids...and also a silent auction to benefit Macon Purrs and Paws.

Music starts at 3...and rocks on until 11 p.m.

The cost for tickets is 15 dollars in advance, 20 the day of...and kids under 10 get in free.

Call 478-741-5551 to get yours...or check out the link on our website.

One more thing we want to tell you about...some news for all you TwiHards out there.

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< "what a pleasant surprise.">

Yes....if you weren't part of those crowds at the theaters tonight...eagerly anticipating the premiere of "breaking Dawn: Part ii"... That means you gotta get your ticket, right?

And as it turns out, vampires aren't the only ones who need blood.

So does the LIfeSouth Blood Bank.

So... Here's what you do.

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When you stop off at Houston Lake Cinemas tomorrow, between the hours of twelve and six to get your ticket... Look for the folks from Lifesouth...make your blood donation...and get a free ticket to the movie.

It's a win win...for you...and for someone who's life you might save.

And that's a wrap for Scene 13 folks. Get out there and take a bite out of something fun this weekend.

What's 136 feet long and 48 feet wide...with 40 cows and pigs inside?

That'd be the new barn, built just for Veteran's High School's future farmers of America.

Ag teacher Clay Walker says the barn enables students to work with their animals everyday.

Once they built it.. They had an overwhelming number of students who wanted to participate in the program.

They actually had to turn some students away from showing livestock this year.

Walker says the barn isn't just for the schools 217 F-F-A students.

It's also being used by science and history classes for outdoor lessons.

Kroger is partnering with 13WMAZ for a special way to give as we begin the holiday season.

It's the Can Hunger Food Drive happening at your local Central Georgia Kroger stores.

Simply bring in non-perishable items to any area Kroger between now and Tuesday, November 20th.

It's an easy way to be a hometown hero to those who depend on the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.


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