Eyewitness News at 6, November 8, 2012

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  Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Leah Johnson.
     And I'm Frank Malloy.
     This is Eyewitness News at Six.
  We begin tonight with breaking news...
A Bibb County man tonight is charged with killing his year-old daughter.
20-year-old Antwon Davis is in the Bibb County jail....charged with felony murder.
  Bibb County coroner Leon Jones said the man's daughter...year-old Breazia (BREE-zhuh) Davis....was unconscious yesterday when EMTs brought her to the Medical Center of Central Georgia.
She died later that day.
Jones said an autopsy was performed this morning...and the results are not in yet.
But sheriff's spokesman Lt. Sean Defoe says Davis was arrested about two hours ago.
He says right now.....no further details are available on this case.
We'll update this story when more details are available...at 13WMAZ.com.


Tonight's top story..
   They're called the Greatest Generation ... 
    This morning,  dozens of World War II veterans gathered in Warner Robins for a special luncheon.
   And as Tom George found out, one of them made history of her own.
<he asked if I knew what I typed, I said Yes Sir, these are your battleplans for the invasion. >

90 year old Helen Denton went from a small town South Dakota girl to an eyewitness to history.
<I joined the service because I felt like it was the patriotic thing to do.. >

When Denton joined the army, she was assigned to General Dwight Eisenhower's staff, where she worked for months preparing battle plans for the D-Day invasion .. It was a top secret mission she had to keep secret for decades. 
<when we were celebrating the 50th anniversary in '94, that's the first time I mentioned I was involved in it, and since then I've been telling my story..>

And today, she told that story at a gathering honoring World War II veterans in Central Georgia... at Veterans of Foreign Wars hall in Warner Robins.
<I enjoyed that, I think it's a good thing to have something like this.>
<fantastic, almost unbelieveable to see so many old fellows getting together and having a good time. >

A good time, and a chance to learn ... Denton says Ike wasn't just a good general, he also cared ... She says after handing him the orders, he surprised her.

<out of the blue, he said do you know you have a brother over here, and I said no, I had not known>

Her brother was set to take part in the invasion, so he have Helen a pass to visit him for the weekend.
<here's a man who knew thousands of men, and yet he knew who I was and that I hadn't seen Jerry, so I will always remember. >

Lessons from the greatest generation ... For generations to come...

In Warner Robins, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
If you're interested in learning more about Helen's story, she's written a book.
 you can find a link to it on our website, at 13WMAZ.com

  Veterans Day falls on Sunday this year...   And there are several events 
    planned  across Central Georgia to honor those who have served our country..
      The Veterans Day Flag Retirement Ceremony will be Sunday afternoon at 4.
      That's on Emery Highway in Macon.
   Sunday..a luncheon honoring combat veterans of foreign wars will be held at the Riverview Ballroom in Downtown Macon.
   It kicks off at one in the afternoon..with a viewing of the Falcons and New Orleans Saints game...followed by a meal from three to four..
   The guest speaker will be State Representative James Beverly.

  This past Memorial Day weekend... you may remember the mother and infant killed... when a train collided with a car at the Ignico Drive Railroad crossing.
      The father of the infant survived... but prosecutors say he was under the influence of marijuana when he drove the car. 
     Austin Lewis has more.
Now at Ignico Railroad crossing...the gates go down...with time to spare before....
the train comes through...this gates arrived here in August....
Back in May....there were no crossing arms...when Donnell Reid and her infant child Kinsley Reid Lyons died here.
But now six months later.. Prosecutors say the missing arms did not cause the accident. 
<erikka Williams: we wanted to make sure that we had enough evidence to prove that it was not the lack of the crossing bar that caused this collision>
Prosecutors claim it was Willie Lyons Jr.....who was driving under the influence...when he drove into the path of an oncoming train.
<erikka Williams: it's our allegation that Mr. Lyons ran the stop sign in front of the railroad track and was basically trying to beat the train and just didn't make it and as a result  two people died. 
Lyons was indicted Tuesday on 8 counts....four counts of vehicular homicide...one each of driving under the influence...running a stop sign...reckless driving and violating child safety restraint. 
While these arms...may not have prevented this tragedy ... a Warner Robins mother...Ashley Penyman says she feels safer knowing that they're up to protect her and her children. 
Ashley Penyman, Warner Robins: I feel a lot safe with these being here with me being a young mother as well with two children it makes me feel a lot safer coming through this way and it makes the train it makes me know that the train is there. >
While much has changed at this intersection since May...the memorials for Donnell Reid and her baby...Kinsley...remain. 
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. 
Reid and her daughter's death sparked protests over the lack of crossing arms. 
As a result... Norfolk Southern and the Georgia Department of Transportation sped up the process...and installed those crossing arms this summer.

     Two women with a passion for pets want to find a home this Saturday for as many pooches as possible.
     The ladies teamed-up to host a dog adopt-a-thon in Perry.
     They want the one-day-event to be a success... 
     In tonight's Hero Central..Lorra Lynch Jones shows... getting there takes an everyday commitment
Tammy Knowland could be called a lot of things...
A Dr. Doolittle... Maybe a dog whisperer.
<most of the dogs are trained. We know something about all of them.>
If nothing else.. You could definitely call her committed to this cause.
<I work two full time jobs to help pay the bills, because donations are few and far between.>
Knowland fosters 36 dogs at her Peach County farm... Footing most of the bills herself.
<just our feed bill runs $800 a month. Bedding $500 to $1000 a month.>
Plus vet bills. She does it all with one part time employee... And recently the partnership of Alyssa Hillis... Owner of Canine Clubhouse in Perry.
<we just bonded. We have the same personality.>
Hillis took in 6 dogs at her boarding business... And offered to host the upcoming Adopt-a-thon.
<people can find the place easier and socialize with the dogs in a more family friendly environment.>
Potential pet owners can choose from 30 dogs.
There's Angel...
<she loves being outside and just playing.>
Boxer mix Ace...
<he needs dental work.>
And socks to name a few.
<sometimes people come to see one dog and leave with another, because we match the dog to the person.>
That's working she says. Of the last 85 dogs she's adopted out... None have been returned.
Knowland and Hillis hope their daily dedication pay off with a big reward this weekend... Many dogs finding forever homes... With the same level of success.   
In Perry, Lorra Lynch Jones, 13WMAZ, Eyewitness News.
  The Adopt-a-thon is this Saturday at the Canine Clubhouse.
     That's on Kellwood Drive in Perry... Just across from the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter.
     It runs from 10 a.m. Until 4 p.m.
     Call 478-224-2640 for more information.
     Again that's 478-224-2640.

  Georgia is becoming more diverse... and its presidential votes.... more competitive.
     And that has some analysts wondering if the Peach State will turn blue sometime soon.
   Tuesday night...Republican Mitt Romney carried the state with 53 percent of the vote...and President Obama 45 percent.
     that was the second-closest margin of all the states won by Romney... And it may be due to the state's changing demographics.
     According to the Georgia Secretary of State's office... in 1996.... 74 percent of the state's registered voters were white.
     For this past election.... it was 60 percent.
     The number of minority voters has more than doubled in that time.
    Greg George with  the Center for Economic Analysis at Macon State is here to explain how the state is changing... and what that could mean for both parties.

 Tonight at 11...
   It's the last week of regular season play for high school football...
   We'll check out the picks in this week's Jones Zone..
   And Bibb County is honoring its Teacher of the Year..
   Highlights from the ceremony...
   That's all on Eyewitness News..tonight...following an all new episode of "Elementary"...

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