Eyewitness News at 6, November 7, 2012

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  Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Frank Malloy.
     And I'm Leah Johnson.
     This is Eyewitness News at Six.
 Our top story tonight..contains video that some may find graphic...
  When a pair of young siblings found themselves pitted against two dogs...the brother  put himself in danger to save his sister's life. 
   Judy Le talked with the family at their home in Dublin.
To get to the bus stop....11 year old Maleik Carr and his sister Jalia walk through the backyard and along a chain link fence. But on Monday morning, the neighbor's fence had a gaping hole and two unleashed pitbulls. 
<The brown and white dog ran to the other side, jumped out of the fence and the black one did too and they started snapping at Jalia so I ran over there started kicking them away from her and they bit me and I told Jalia to run>
The five year old ran across the street...while Maleik battled the two dogs
<When they locked on to my leg, I got a chair and started hitting them with it>
It was Jalia's toy chair that saved her brother's life.
Maleik kept the dogs off long enough to jump his own fence. That's when his older sister took him to the hospital.
<(Willie Carr, Father) It hurt me to my soul when I saw those cuts. It was very hard not crying in front of him because he was already so strong and I wanted him to continue being strong>
<(Sherry Carr, Mother) I was hurt, scared, and after all was said and done, angry because more care wasn't taken to make sure these dogs didn't hurt anyone>
That's a real scare for Sherry and Willie Carr...whose ten children frequently play in the backyard. But there's also a sense of relief.
<They will react to protect each other at all costs. It makes me so proud. It makes me so proud to have this hero in my house>
It's all part of a brother's responsibility.
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news
he pitbulls were picked up by animal control. Willie Carr says he hopes the dogs will be put down.
We were unable to get in touch with Dublin police to find out what they plan to do with the dogs..

   President Obama has been re-elected and will serve another four years in the white house.
Jennifer Moulliet spoke with some local college students... To find out what they hope to see in another term.
We went to both Mercer University and Fort Valley State University's campuses to see what advice students had for President Obama... going into the next four years. 
<one side of me i'm excited that he has opted a second opportunity to do what he said he was going to do the first term on economic advancements on war and social healthcare however on the other side there are some of his plans that i'm not keen towards especially when you're looking at social programs that are going to cost americans more in taxes than they already pay now  >
< I think that the President could do a little more in terms of reaching across the aisle and try to unify this country a little more rather than draw lines. >
<through the animosity that we look passed it and we keep growing as Obama says moving forward that's not just for the democratic side but that's for the whole country we need to move forward.  >
<we're not asking you to be our pastor we're asking you to be our president... Keep us safe make decisions that are non bias that don't have hidden agendas that are truly for the advancement, that are truly for the advancement of the total american family household and country   >
Even though the students came from both sides of the political spectrum...they all seem to agree that the economy should be at the top of the President's agenda.
< my best hope is that the people in DC can speed up this recovery as quickly as possible.  >
<I just hope that we can get out of this recession... We can bring our troops home and get back to where we were like ten years ago and just be America.   >
<national debt, taxes, why are we being taxed so much, where is that money going towards and how can we monitor that to make sure our money is used effectively >
Jennifer Moulliet 13wmaz eyewitness news. 

  Tonight's web poll question asks..
   How do last night's election results make you feel about the next four years?
   75 percent of you say worse...
   15 percent say better..
    Nine percent say about the same..
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  A financial consultant says the Macon-Bibb consolidated government will start out almost 110 million dollars in debt.
But the company told Katelyn Heck... that number isn't as bad as it sounds.
Davenport and Company broke down their projections for the consolidated government's finances... Including ways it could save more money.
They say the 110 million is not a lot of debt to handle... Because both the city and the county already find ways to keep their individual debt levels under control.
<they pay their debt off very quickly unlike the federal government, and as a result, they've given themselves opportunities when they become a consolidated government to make one plus one perhaps equal three as opposed to being in a mode where there's just rolling debt. They have an opportunity to pay it off faster, to lower the debt levels, and that brings some opportunities to strengthen the overall finances of the consolidated government.>
The advisors also broke down Macon and Bibb County's credit ratings.
They say the county has the better grade...and the consolidated government can use that to their advantage... Especially with refinancing options.
<as the city and the county merge together, there are opportunities for this new unit of government for savings. That's the big key word, as far as savings, refinancing our debt. As far as looking at what we can do with the price of money today, it's at an all-time low as far as interest rates, how can we capitalize on that?>
Davenport says their consulting services include answering those questions... At a cost of around 40-thousand dollars.
The proposed transition budget has already climbed to over 376-thousand... A price the city and county will have to split 50-50.
That includes fees from the Middle Georgia Regional Commission, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, and a technology consultant.
Committee members say Davenport's presentation gave them a look at how the merger can save money.... But they want to talk to other companies before signing Davenport as their financial advisor.
Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News
The finance committee will propose their budget numbers and discuss Davenport's presentation with the full transition task force next week.
 If you're going to be out Saturday morning...make sure you avoid Arkwright Road at interstate 75...
    Arkwright  under I-75 will be closed from 6 a-m to 8 a-m to allow crews to set support beams for the interstate.
   Traffic will be re-routed to Riverside Drive and Pierce.

 Georgia's only independent lawmaker..says he's thinking about switching to the Republican party..
    State Representative Rusty Kidd of Milledgeville kept his District 145 seat...after defeating Democrat Quentin Howell in yesterday's election.
   Kidd says he sent an email to state House Speaker David Ralston and majority leader Larry O'Neal about the possible move.
    He said he'll make the move if he decides it's the best way to help his district... and he won't ask for anything in return from the GOP leadership.
   He expects to decide before the 2013 session starts in January.
   If he switches..that would give the GOP a super-majority of two thirds in the state house.
    District 145 covers Baldwin County and part of Putnam County.


The American Heart Association calls today....National Eating Healthy Day.
   Our country's health is compromised by rising obesity rates, which causes health issues... from heart disease to diabetes.
    But associates at James Bates Brannan Groover Law firm are fighting back.
     Instead of fried snacks... Like potato chips... they're choosing healthier options such as fruit and trail mix.
     Associates also meet after work for exercise challenges.
     They say the changes allow them to encourage each other to lead better lives.

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