Eyewitness News at 6:00; November 3, 2012

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This is eyewitness news at 6.
Good evening and thanks for joining us for this late edition of eyewitness news at six... I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Macon coroner Leon Jones says one person died in a two car collision this morning on Mercer University Drive.
He says a Nissan Sentra turned into the path of a SUV.
Three men riding in the nissan went to the hospital and one person didn't survive.
Jones says they had to use the jaws of life to get the victims out of the vehicle.
The 28-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.
The coroner will release the victim's name once he gets a chance to notify the family.


In a second accident police say this car ran into the back of a Ford Ranger on interstate 75.
Macon police say a 21 year old man got out of his truck in the right hand lane to check an engine that he said overheated.
The car collided into the stalled vehicle.
The 21-year old went to the hospital but police say he had non life threatening injuries.


Police are asking for your help in finding two men in two separate armed robberies.
The first... A store clerk at the S and S Lottos on Shurling Drive told officers a black male demanded money and threatened her with a knife friday afternoon.
The alleged robber fled the store in a dark colored... ford... crown victoria.
The second... happened on Greenfield Road around eight friday night.
A woman told officers she was walking to her house when a black male stepped out of the bushes with a gun and demanded her purse... He also got away.
Both cases are under investigation and if you have any information on either of these incidents Macon Police ask you to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-68-crime.


Election day is just a couple of days away...and both Democrats and Republicans are making that last push to get your vote.
We stopped by the Bibb County Republican headquarters in Macon....where volunteers are making phone calls to voters asking them to support the GOP ticket.
Republican volunteers are also talking to voters one on one...where they are not only talking about the national race...but local races here in Central Georgia.
Bibb County Chairwoman...Suzanne Wood...says they're spending the weekend...making sure not only the Presidential race...but the local races get that support.
Suzanne Wood, Chairman, Bibb County Republican Party: This election season we've had more local candidates than we have ever had and with that comes more challenge, we are trying to kind of package deal our candidates so we want people to not only vote for president, but go all the way down the line.
Local Republicans say they're trying to reach under performing voters who don't always hit the polls every election...to try to get them to come out for this election on Tuesday.


And Central Georgia Democrats are also vying for votes at the Democratic party headquarters... working the phone banks and hitting the pavement.
They hope to canvass three precincts before elections and the first stop is Rutland 1, Godfrey and East Macon. The group rallied volunteers to make calls and also schedule rides for voters.
"We're getting the information and we're assigning them to a driver so they can start picking them up tuesday morning, taking them to the polls."
The last day to make your vote count is Tuesday. To vote in your precinct, call 478-621-6622.


Both Presidential candidates continue their campaigns during their final lap of the tour before election day next week.
Governor Mitt Romney spoke at an event in Iowa today.
"He made a lot of promises, but those promises he couldn't keep. And the difference between us, he made promises he couldn't keep. I'm making promises I have kept and I will keep them for the American people."
He made a lot of promises, but those promises he couldn't keep. And the difference between us, he made promises he couldn't keep. I'm making promises I have kept and I will keep them for the American people.
"After four years as President, you know me. You may not agree with every decision I've made. You may be frustrated at the pace of change. You know what I believe. You know where I stand."
Election day is this tuesday November 6th.


Take a look at this!
These are satellite images of the east coast before and after the damage brought on by Sandy.
There you see before and after...unbelievable.


The American Red Cross Chapter here in Macon are deploying two volunteers from the Middle Georgia area to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
Elizabeth Wood spent the afternoon making sure her travel information was correct for deployment for the Red Cross on Sunday morning.
Wood along with Alisa Alexander will be leaving to help with the relief efforts from Hurricane Sandy.
The two will leave from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the morning flying to White Plains, New York.
"there is a lot of devastation and I understand the area I'm going to still does not have power. Having been to several different other hurricanes I can imagine it usually very shocking when you are there first hand, so I'm expecting to see quite a lot of damage and quite a few people that are in need."
The two women will be deployed for 10 days.


A Georgia Sheriff's Deputy in Albany is recovering tonight after he accidentally shot himself in the leg Friday.
Albany police said 21-year old Jordon Ball was off duty friday when accidentally shot himself while he was unloading his personal handgun.
Officers are investigating the incident.


That's it for the show... Thanks for joining us.
Remember the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
We'll see you back here for eyewitness news at eleven.




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