Eyewitness News at 6, October 31, 2012

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  Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Frank Malloy.
     And I'm Leah Johnson.
     This is Eyewitness News at Six.
   Some Laurens County students were involved in an accident this morning on their way to school ... Tom George went to East Dublin to find out what happened.
Early Wednesday, around 7:30 AM, a Laurens County bus was headed for East Laurens Elementary, Middle, and High schools.
But it never made it to school.
The bus was involved in a three-vehicle collision on Central Drive in East Dublin.
Police say the bus was stopped to pick up students...and a car also stopped behind it...when a second car struck it from behind.
Police Chief Bill Leucke says 23-year old Antonio Surry admitted he was not paying attention....and he was cited for following too closely.
<parents of students living across the street here at the American Inn say they saw the whole thing and that their children were either on the bus or about the get on the bus, when the accident happened. They say their kids were injured and had to go the hospital.  >
<when the car hit the bus, I came up and fell and twisted my leg.>
<the car hit it, and the door hit, me, and I flew, flew into the air, and hit the ground. >
<well my daughter got throw on the floor and hit her head, and she got bit knot in the back of her head. >

None of the injuries were serious ... But parents say the accident should be a lesson for drivers on busy roads like this one.<slow down! When you see the bus, slow down, stop. Because kids are crossing the street.>
In East Dublin, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
The middle car was driven by a 15-year old on a learner's permit. 
She was in the car with her mother, a Laurens County teacher. 
Both had minor injuries.


 Jones County's fire chief says a heating lamp may have caused a fire that destroyed a home this morning.
  Chief Donald Graham says it happened around 9 a.m. at 157 Sand Creek Trail.
Graham said the home owner apparently was using a heating lamp to warm part of the back porch and kept it on when he left the home Wednesday. 
<a preliminary..looks like this area right here where the homeowner was keeping his dog warm.  He had a light all night long.  It shorted out..shorted out here at the bottom here base and that's where it started..went up got into the attic and that's what happened. >
   Graham said no one was home and no one was hurt.

   President Obama got a first hand look at the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy.
<We are here for you and we will not forget we will follow up top make sure you get all the help you need until you've rebuilt. At this point our main focus is on the states of New Jersey which got hit harder than anybody, the state of NY, Long Island.>
   The president and New Jersey governor Chris Christie inspected the damage on the ground and from the sky...
    Later at a community center that's serving as a shelter..President Obama said one of his top priorities is getting the power back on..
   Millions of people across the northeast are still without electricity..
   The official death toll now stands at 61.

    As donations and volunteers pour into the Northeast to help victims of Hurricane Sandy... Airmen from Robins Air Force Base already have boots on the ground.
     The 6-89th combat communications wing sent two teams to help.
     Lorra Lynch-Jones explains their missions in Delaware and New Jersey.
Tech Sgt. Brian Fontane says only ten members make-up the elite Hammer Ace Team at Robins. Three of those airmen deployed to help in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. 
<this is a 700 that provides internet capability>
They loaded-up their equipment and with in 11 hours of the call for help... Set-up emergency communications at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.
<we were leaning forward. We knew we were going to get a call.>
6-89th commander... Col. Joseph Scherrer... Says his men prepared to set-up a communications network at Dover... If Sandy knocked theirs out.
<it was an insurance policy that didn't have to be used, but we were there if needed.>

That team is now coming home... But another from his wing is at the center of relief efforts from New Jersey's McGuire Air Force Base. The full motion video team takes satellite images that allow federal, state and local agencies to identify where help is needed most.

<they know when they're out there in the field, that they're making a contribution to whatever mission they've been called upon to do. This case, they're helping their fellow American's get out of a tight spot. It's pretty gratifying.>
Scherrer says that team will stay as long as needed.
The Hammer Ace crew looks forward to welcoming their members home.
<we did fulfill our role up there to provide that back-up.>
They'll be trained... Loaded.. And ready to roll out when the next call to duty... Comes in.
At Robins Air Force Base, Lorra Lynch Jones, 13WMAZ, Eyewitness News.
     The Hammer Ace team responds to plane crashes... And natural disasters to establish emergency communications.
     However, their primary mission... For which they are prepared but not often used... is cases of nuclear disaster.
     They're the only unit in the Department of Defense trained for that task.
Warehouse 366 begins at 7p.m. each night.. and it runs tonight.. and also Friday and Saturday..   at 366 6th Street in downtown Macon
Advance tickets are $13.. available at NewTown Macon, Country Oaks in Bolingbroke and all Macon Kinetix Gym locations.
Tickets are $15 at the door.
Students and military are $13.
If you don't want to wait in line, a Fastpass is available for $22.50.

 We have some times and events for Halloween.
     In Macon... Warner Robins... And Montezuma...trick or treating is set between the hours of 6 and 8 tonight.  
     In Byron... You can head to the park located on Jailhouse Alley right off Main Street from 6 p.m. To 7:30 p.m.
     Milledgeville has set the times to trick or treat between 6 and 9 tonight.  
     And in Gray you can trick or treat until 7:30 p.m.


 A Bibb County Grand Jury has indicted a Macon grandmother in the death of her 11-year old granddaughter.
     Nancy Malcor with the District Attorney's office told 13WMAZ... that 49-year old Cynthia McClesky-Baldwin was indicted on multiple counts... including malice... felony murder... and cruelty to children in the first degree. 
     Authorities said Ruth Baldwin was dead when she arrived with her grandmother at an urgent care center on Riverside Drive in Macon last July. 
     An autopsy revealed that the girl had suffered "a history of blunt force trauma".
     McClesky-Baldwin remains in the Bibb Law Enforcement Center without bond.     

he district attorney's race heats up... every time Republican incumbent Greg Winters and Democrat challenger David Cooke debate the issues.
         One dispute is over Cooke's accusation that Winters hasn't been effective.... since taking office almost two years ago.
         To make his point, Cooke released a list of cases that he says Winters handled.... all the way back to 20-02.
        Those cases include murder, rape and child molestation. The challenger says Winters dismissed entirely too many of those cases, including all eight rape cases that he handled.
         But Winters says Cooke doesn't have his facts straight. He says he didn't even handle many of the cases Cooke cites.
          So who's telling the truth? 8
          To find out...we tried to look at the original case records...and filed an open records request to review the files.
          Winters even invited the media to check those files...and show who was right.
          But because of the number of cases and pages involved.....Winters says they won't be ready for review until next week....possibly after the election.
         But Cooke says he also can't produce the records to support his statements...and ads.
          He says he obtained his information from the district attorney's website...but that site doesn't include details about who dismissed the case...or why.
        And he accused Winters of stone walling to keep files hidden until after the election.
     They meet in Tuesday's general election to determine who'll be the DA for the Macon Judicial Circuit for the next four years. The circuit covers Bibb, Crawford and Peach counties.

Haunted Houses are a big part of the fun of Halloween..  NewTown Macon and Grave Intentions are behind Warehouse 366..  where governmental experiments have gone horribly wrong.. this Halloween..
    Ben is live in downtown Macon..  where demented doctors.. and tortured patients are on the loose this Halloween night..

    Most people will dress up for Halloween Today... 
 Some elementary school students dressed to promote literacy.
     Students and teachers at Riley Elementary school... dressed as their favorite book characters...
     and showed off their costumes in a character parade.
     Riley faculty say the event is done once a year to get students involved by using their imaginations... and to help them realize that reading can be fun.
< It's kind of telling you that you have to read a lot.  If you read, it will take you to different places.>
     The fun didn't end when the parade did.
     Riley students had lunch on the lawn... Which allowed them to discuss their favorite books over a nutritious meal.

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