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This is Eyewitness News at 11.
Good Evening and thanks for joining us.
I'm Candace Adorka.


All month Central Georgians have been going pink to raise awareness and funding for Breast Cancer research.
It all came to a head at North Peach Park in Byron this morning.
Austin Lewis reports the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure drew out a couple thousand people this year.
And they're off...men, women and children....race for a cure.
Feet pound on the pavement...with the same fervor...as cheerleaders on the sidelines.
Sharon DeMille, Macon: Even if they're passing you, they're like keep going you can do it, everybody is cheering each other.
About 2-thousand people descended upon North Peach Park in Byron..in the Susan Komen's Race for a Cure.
Runners say...what keeps them going on this 5-K is the great cause.
Jillian Farmer, Perry:I feel better paying for a race when the money goes to something that's important like this.
But the heart of the race...is those who beat it..200 of these pink warriors were honored...for making it through...and standing proudly as a survivor.
Sharon DeMille, Macon: Obviously I am very happy and I do feel very strong I can't believe that I went through that but when you're out here with other people you realize how many people are fighting and doing it. And it's a good sense of comaraderie.
Mary Lowe, Macon: Because there is a lot of people all over with cancer and I think they come out to support and let everybody know that they care.
What brought the DeMille family out here..is Sharon, a nine year survivor. Sharon's daughter...Carson says while the run wasn't easy...
Carson DeMille, Macon: It was okay there was a few tough hills in there but overall it was a pretty good run.
what kept her feet on the ground was her mother.
Carson DeMille, Macon: It's a big deal to survive and it's like a good celebration once a year you want to celebrate, all the time you want to celebrate but it's like a big celebrating once a year you see everyone that survives and you can remember people who didn't.
At this race...winning...isn't about your time...or crossing the finish line first.
it's about the cheers you gain along the way...every step taken to fight breast cancer.
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.



Race for the cure wasn't the only game in town this morning-- Hundreds of runners donned their Halloween best in the Jay's Hope 5-K.
About 600 costumed runners ...young and old... made it through the finish line at Bass Pro Shop in North Macon. The race is in its 7th year, and like every other year, the proceeds go to help children and families battling cancer. It was all about camaraderie for Stephanie Byars (BUY-ARS). She ran for her little cousin...Kade Howard who was diagnosed with cancer in August.
i'm super excited and i'm so excited to see so many people here supporting the families with the kids with cancer. It's really emotional.
Organizers say the race was a success because this year had double the participants as last year.


Make a Difference Day is the nation's largest day of volunteering.
Over at 13WMAZ...we've been collecting children's books so that we could pass them out to little readers and runners who showed up in Byron and Macon for another good cause. Judy Le has that story.
For one of our younger viewers...make a difference day was about a book.
and I was like, i'm so excited. I jumped out of bed, I didn't even put any clothes on and when we got here, we were trying to find it and we said, 'where is this place?
we saw it on the news this morning, they were having a book giveaway. I knew my daughter just loves books.
The 13WMAZ team set up a table piled high with children's books...ready to be given away.
I chose this book because I saw it at books a million and I said I want to get that book because I read about it a few chapters and I wanted to get it. When we got here and found out it was for free, I definitely got it.
We teamed up with two events to celebrate Make a Difference Day...Race for the Cure in Byron...and Jay's Hope 5k in North Macon.
My mom had cancer a few years back so we really wanted to come out and support that.
i'm super excited and i'm so excited to see so many people here supporting the families with the kids with cancer. It's really emotional.
Runners exercised the body and the mind for a good cause. At both events....the 13WMAZ team passed out free books....emphasizing the importance of targeting literacy at a young age.
it's for a good cause and it teaches my daughter, too. She's impressed with all the people who came out for a good cause and she didn't have any idea this many people would be here.
Making a difference starts with one book
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news
The books were a hot item--- 13WMAZ passed out hundreds of them to young readers and their parents.


People living along the northeast are bracing for Sandy...
The storm is moving north...and expected to make landfall early next week..near Delaware.
Governors in several eastern states have already declared states of emergency..including New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut..
Randall Pinkston has the latest from New York.
Crews along the east coast are boarding up businesses...
... and homes.
The approaching storm is threatening some 60 million people.
Sandy is already kicking up rough surf and winds in North Carolina.
Evacuation orders are in affect for some coastal communities in Deleware and New Jersey.
In Atlantic City - officials ordered casinos to close Sunday afternoon.
Sandy's storm surge could cause major flooding.
(maps) Forecasters predict Sandy could merge with two other winter weather systems to become a super storm bringing high winds, torrential rain, and heavy snow to a third of the country.
(STANDUP RANDALL PINKSTON) Here in New York City officials are keeping a close eye on the storm's path. The governor and mayor are considering shuting down mass transit systems including the subways.
Widespread power outages are another concern.
Crews from Ilinois are already en route to the east coast ready to help get electricty back on in hard hit areas.
Sandy may also put a damper on Halloween plans.
Forecasters say the storm could linger though midweek.
The storm has already killed at least 58 people in the Caribbean..and another dozen are still missing..
Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas were hit directly..but Haiti got the worst of the storm.


The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials picked a Macon church for their fall conference held today.
They discussed getting out the vote for the upcoming election.
Tom George spoke to the leaders who raised concerns about disenfranchised voters.
<martin Luther King ... Stand up for righteousness, >
Black leaders from across the state gathered in Macon for the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials Conference ... This year's theme ... Turn Out the Vote.
what they mean voter fraud ? What we gon' vote twice? They cant even get us to vote once...>
They say voter ID laws can be a form of suppression ...
And used a school board election in south Georgia as an example of what they say is misuse of such laws
Quitman school Board members were suspended after being accused of voter fraud.
Their fight earned the so-called "quitman Ten" ...the organization's movement of the year.
IT ended up being a black majority black board, which has never happened in the history of our county happened in the history of our county, and because change is hard. .They're saying that wont happen..>
Another problem they say ... low turnout... An issue Lowery says cost President Obama Georgia in 2008.
Black Georgians who registered, eligible, were not guilty of fraud, had the Id's that they say we need, but they wouldn't go vote.
Dr. Lowrey and others at the conference warned people not to become complacent, so that the rights that he and others like Dr. King fought for ... Don't slip away.
I think that's real messed up, you know what I mean. I think people, I think they doing to try and discredit to lower and middle class ... That's what I think they trying to do.
But some Republicans don't see it as an issue.
Voter ID laws are very simple .. Just ask that we can verify that there's any fraud going on. I think this idea of sort of re-wording to say voter suppression is a gimmick.
But no matter which side, both agree getting out the vote ... Is a good thing.
In Macon, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
The conference was held at the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Macon, which played a role in the Civil Rights Movement by leading the Macon bus boycott in the 1960's.



Time is ticking down towards the November 6 election-- but if you've already made up your mind, need to wait.
Today, hundreds took advantage of the only Saturday that the polls will be open.
At the Bibb County Board of Elections..people in the front of line said they waited for more than 45 minutes to cast their ballots. Election officials say while the turnout was high, it was comparable to early voting in 2008. Still, some of those we spoke with said the long lines don't beat the convenience of Saturday voting.
If I didn't have early voting, I don't know what I'd do ... I'd probably just not take my trip out of town.
So I thought I got some time on Saturday and I'd go ahead and take care of it so its very important that we vote.
If you didn't hit the polls today, not to worry--- early voting continues all of next week, and of course, at your polling place on November 6th.



Both presidential candidates are working to sway undecided voters in battleground states...
President Obama campaigned in New Hampshire...
He's getting a little star power from singer-songwriter James Taylor in Nashua.
During today's event..the president criticized opponent Mitt Romney's economic plan..
Last night...President Obama's focus was on younger voters.
During an MTV interview, he addressed the issue of gun control.
There's no doubt that looking at how we keep guns out of the hands of kids that are shooting each other is a critical component and we will work to fin solutions to that particular problem but are also going to have to broaden the conversation so that these kids don't feel as if they have no prospects in life and end up killing each other.
Viewers also asked questions about same-sex marriage and education.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is in Florida...counting down to November 6th.
he supporters of the president have this chant the do four more years four more years I like what i heard a moment ago with Marco Rubio I like ten more days its a lot better you know that.
During today's appearance in Pensacola...Romney criticized the president for his performance in office...
Florida is the biggest of the battleground states...holding 29 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election..
Only two states hold more power...California and Texas.


That is the show for tonight... We'll see you back here at 7 for Eyewitness News Mornin
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com....
Have a safe night. We'll see you tomorrow.








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