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   Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Frank Malloy.
     And I'm Leah Johnson.
     This is Eyewitness News at Six.
Around 3.9 million concussions occur every year in the U-S according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
And if you play football for some years.... they say you've got a three out of four chance of getting a concussion.
Katelyn Heck spoke with a central Georgia football coach who uses education to tackle those stats... and keep his players safe.
<back when I was playing ball, it was just called getting your bell rung and the coach was just trying to push you back on the field, 'oh you just got your bell rung son, you gotta go back.'>
In a collision sport like football...
one out of every 10 athletes will get a concussion in a season.
"A lot of people don't understand as parents or even as athletes how important concussion is, how dangerous concussion is. So I think we need to be more proactive than reactive with the situation to educate our parents then educate our students and let them know some of the signs."
They include dizziness... Slurred speech... And behavior changes.
Loss of consciousness... Even for a second... Is serious.. BUT most concussions actually occur WITHOUT that happening.
"I've learned so much about concussions, that it really changed my mind set, you know, I'm always concerned about my players but when I saw how some kids were affected, how they had lost movement in their limbs and couldn't function and that type of deal, it made me look at it from a different perspective. I have a more honest understanding of what I'm dealing with when I'm dealing with a child that is concussed."
Many organizations want all coaches and players to learn all of the signs of a concussion before they step on the field.
"No football game is more important than a kids health or safety, so if you see those signs, there's no return to play. You gotta basically tell your kid, even if he's the star of your football team, 'you gotta go sit down.'"
According to GHSA rules... That athlete can't return to play until  a medical professional clears them.
Researchers say there is no magic number for recovery time... It's different for every athlete and every concussion.
Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News
The Concussion Coalition estimates that a professional football player will get hit in the head between 900 and 1500 times during a single season.
And once an athlete gets a concussion... their risk of getting another increases.

     It's back to the drawing board for a dog park in Warner Robins.
     Council member Carolyn Robbins says they scratched plans for building the park on Spruce Street.
     Earlier this month... Council decided to build the park on city property off the Wellston Trail.
     The land is in a residential area... Next to several homes.
     Robbins says several neighbors opposed the idea.
     Some of their concerns: noise... Parking problems and the fear that people would abandon dogs.
     She says they're now looking for another site.

  Thousands of teens ages 13 to 17 Nationwide tried out to be contestants on the Teen Jeopardy Tournament.
     Out of all those thousands... Two from Central Georgia made the cut and a chance to compete for 75-thousand dollars.
     Lorra Lynch Jones surprised the students in the classrooms.
     Kelton Ellis is 15-years-old and attends Central High School in Macon.
     He watches Jeopardy every night... And says he can't wait to meet Alex Trebek.
     At Northside High in Warner Robins... William Crouch is 16.
     He got the surprise in his musical arts class... With his parents on-hand to celebrate.
"15 kids across the country and you are one of them? That's just mind blowing."
"I knew I got 90-percent on the on-line test and the written test and the audition. And the producer seemed to like me, so I felt like I had a good chance of getting on."
     Kelton and William fly to LA to compete in November.
     The Teen tournament will air January 30th through February 12th right here on 13WMAZ.
On election day, some Bibb County voters will have to select school board representatives. 
In district 3, which covers much of South Bibb County, voters can choose between the democratic incumbent Sue Sipe, and republican newcomer Angela Freeman. 
Candace Adorka has the rundown on both candidates.
Let's start with Susan Sipe, she's just wrapping up her first 4-year term on the school board.  She has a granddaughter in the school system, and experience with the PTA, but she says it's her experience on the board that makes her invaluable at this crucial transition. 
{***SOT FULL***}
<at this time with three brand new members coming on, it would be very difficult if I am not put back on the board and we have one half of the board being brand new, it really is going to put a major strain ion the other 4 board members, so I think it's important that I have the knowledge I have the expertise of how the system works   >
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Her opponent is Angela Freeman, a behavior specialist. She used to teach special ed in Bibb county now she helps adults with disabilities. She says even with Sipe's experience, the district is no better than it was four years ago, but she feels she can make a difference.  
{***SOT FULL***}
<when I see an opportunity, to solve a problem, I just don't stop, and I don't plan to stop, and I encourage and I would welcome at the end of a four year tern if I have not solved the problems to step aside and have someone else try.>
[ReadRate:16][<mos><mosID>avid.deko1.wmaz.gannett.mos</mosID><mosAbstract>FS:District_3_freeman_sipe_fix</mosAbstract><abstract>FS:District_3_freeman_sipe_fix</abstract><ncsID>wmaz-enps01</ncsID><mosItemEditorProgID>DekoMOS.Browser</mosItemEditorProgID><objSlug>FS:District_3_freeman_sipe_fix</objSlug><objID>1351282480</objID><itemChannel>1</itemChannel><createdBy>SADORKA</createdBy><itemEdStart></itemEdStart><itemEdDur></itemEdDur><mosExternalMetadata><mosScope>PLAYLIST</mosScope><mosSchema/><mosPayload><pinnacleDevice>Deko</pinnacleDevice><browserVer></browserVer><machine>WMAZ-EDIUS037</machine><user>SADORKA</user><defaultStyle>G3_News</defaultStyle><dekoDkoFile>2_Full Screen/FS.dko</dekoDkoFile><dekoAtxFile>2_Full Screen/FS.dko</dekoAtxFile><dekoDkoFolder>\\Wmaz-dekomos\E\FTP_Root\G3_News\Templates</dekoDkoFolder><dekoLayer><type>S</type><name>AXIS FS Replace</name><alias>District_3_freeman_sipe_fix</alias><data>District_3_freeman_sipe_fi__ab_WMAZ-Artbox_59156.tga</data></dekoLayer></mosPayload></mosExternalMetadata><itemID>7</itemID><itemSlug>webpub-7</itemSlug></mos>]
The pivot point of this race is unity on the board, or lack-there-of. Sipe has often been on the losing side of 5 to 3 votes. Freeman says her opponent has lost the ability to work with other board members. Sipe says she can be part of unified board, it's just a matter of starting off on the right foot when new members come on.  
"We must get together, if we just come together and the 8 of us on a saturday to develop lines of communication among the 8 of us it's going to be very important. When I came on the board four years ago, that was not done, there were a lot of times when it seemed like, Ms  carter and I came on the board at the same time a lot of the time it seemed like it was 6 to 2. We didn't understand some of the background on some of the issues that had been going on for years so I hope that doesn't happen with this new board and I would like to do whatever I can to facilitate to make sure the 8 of us can learn to talk to each other and listen to each other.
"One of the things that she actually had in one of her mailers says that she believes that standing up for what is right is never wrong, Well I absolutely agree with that. I am very good at seeing the problems that are out there. The problem with the current representative is when she stands up at these school board meeting and she gives her opinion, she is basically told to sit back down. And I believe having known many of these board members for years, graduated with somebody that's running for school board, I believe that after 20 years of knowing most of the board members, that they know me well enough to know that I am a good listener, but I set out to solve problems"
Both candidates had a lot to say on other issues like budgeting, the strategic plan, and safety. You can get it all with a few clicks on our homepage 13 wmaz dot com. Candace Adorka 13 WMAZ eyewitness news.  
The district 3 seat is not the only contested school board position on the Bibb county ballot next month. Lester Miller and Dominique Johnson are vying for the district 4 seat. That's the one currently held by board vice president susan middleton. 
  Also.... tomorrow is the only Saturday that you can take advantage of early voting...
  In Bibb County.. you can cast your ballot at the board of elections...from 9 a-m to 4 p-m.

  The health inspector works to make sure you and your family are safe when you go out to eat.
     This week... some Houston County restaurants made the mark.. While others fell short.
     We begin with the lowest scores of the week.
     Top Wok... at 1244 Watson Boulevard.. Scored an 82 or a B on it's last inspection.  
     Its previous score was a 91 or A.
     The inspector noted that the restaurant was not following proper reheating procedures for hot holding.. And that it was not using proper hot holding temperatures.
    Atlas Pizza at 3035 Watson Boulevard.. Scored an 81 or a B.. Following a 96 or A on its previous inspection.
     The inspector said the restaurant lacked adequate hand washing facilities Which can cause a risk for foodborne illness.
     The inspector also cited improper cold holding temperatures and improper storage on single use.. Or single-service articles.
     And Buffalo's café.. at 3061 Watson Boulevard scored a 77 or a C on it's most recent inspection.  Its previous score was a 91 or A.
     The inspector noted that workers hands were not clean or properly washed.. Which can also increase your risk for foodborne illness.
     The inspector also documented two cases of problems with personal cleanliness.
     Now.... for the best scores of the week.
     Huddle House #197.. at 2075 Watson Boulevard.. scored a 100 or A... Following a previous score of 100 or A.
    Skipper Johns of Perry... at 1210 Macon Road.. Received a 100 or A.. Following a previous 100 or A.
    And... Yoder's Sandwich Shop... at 1201 Sunset Avenue also received a 100 or A... Following a previous 100 or A.
    We'll average our top restaurant's past five scores and reveal this week's Golden Spatula winner Tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.
     For all of your Restaurant Ratings... check us out online at 13WMAZ-Dot-com.
     Click on the features tab to search by your county.     

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