Eyewitness News at 6, October 22, 2012

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  Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Leah Johnson.
     And I'm Frank  Malloy.
     This is Eyewitness News at Six.
    Three people are facing charges after a deadly ATV accident in Laurens County.
   18-year-old James Bodrey died in the crash.
     According to the Laurens County Sheriff's office...a 13-year-old was driving the four-wheeler on White Road and three other people were riding on it.
   27-year-old Jeremy Brown of Arabi is charged with allowing the minor to drive the vehicle.
   20-year-old Ryan Setliff of Thomasville...is charged with possessing alcohol.
And the 13-year-old...is charged with being an underage driver.
   Judy Le talked friends and family of the victim..in Cordele.
James Bodrey...a former athlete at Crisp Academy in Cordele...died in what Coach John Penney calls...a freak accident. Bodrey fell off a four wheeler on a deer hunting trip to Laurens County
"Most people slip and fall off would be skinned up and beat up...but the way he landed..it was massive head trauma ."
The injuries were fatal...and the 18-year-old died at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon.
"I got there just as he got there. We were told from the start that it didn't look very good."
The left-handed baseball player was enrolled at Darton College on scholarship. 
Crisp Academy coaches described him as a fierce competitor on and off the field.
"He was always trying to do it the right way, professional, and be a good sportsman in everything he did whether win lose or draw."
"We don't have enough time on that camera for me to tell you all the things i'd like to tell you about James Bodrey."
Crisp Academy plans to retire Bodrey's jersey number 11 to honor him. His family finds another way to remember him...
"His organs have been accepted to recipients and so he is living on...he's living on."
Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news
Laurens County sheriff Bill Harrell says the accident happened off White Road... in the southern part of the county.
He said one of the people hunting with Bodrey was charged with alcohol possession by a minor.
The sheriff would not comment further.... saying the case is still under investigation.


A Macon woman is in the Bibb County jail tonight...charged with fatally shooting her boyfriend in the head.
Tom George has more on the death of Terrific Woolfolk.
A neighbor says a Macon shooting victim lived up to his name ... Terrific.
Macon police say Shondrinka Walker shot 47-year-old Terrific Woolfolk Saturday afternoon near the 2400 block of D Street....off Eisenhower Parkway.
Police say Walker first told them Woolfolk shot himself...but later confessed to shooting him. Police say she used her own gun.
Gina Collins says the couple seemed happy that day...and they left for the store together just before the shooting. When Woolfork asked in Gina wanted anything there....it would be last time she would see her neighbor alive.
"They were in a good mood. Their spirits were high when they left here. We laughed. We were joking, you understand, and he asked me what did I want from the store .. He said that he was about to go buy her something to eat, and that was it ... I was waiting for him to bring me a soda back, and he never came back."
The 22-year old Walker is in the Bibb County jail charged with murder ... Neighbors remembered Terrific, who worked doing lawn care ... as a nice guy.
"He was pleasant. And he was always trying to accommodate someone. As I said, when I met him, he was cutting everyone's grass. He cut this gentleman's grass over here, he cut mine, and he didn't have to do those things, but he was a nice guy.  Terrific was alright."
But GBI records show Terrific was charged in 2000 with child molestation, and was on Georgia's sex offender registry. Macon Police say they aren't aware of any connection between that case ... And Saturday's shooting.... Frank?
We tried but were unable to talk with Shondrinka Walker's family about the case..


Macon police are asking for the public's help in solving an apparent homicide.
87-year-old  Christine Cook was found dead last Thursday in her home on General Lee Drive. An autopsy said she was smothered.
In a news release today.... police said they want to hear from anyone who had contact with Cook recently....or anyone who's noticed anything suspicious in the neighborhood recently.
If you have information on the case can contact Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME. That number again...1-877-68-CRIME.


The trial of a Warner Robins teen...accused of killing the owner of a Mexican food store...is scheduled to get under way tomorrow.
District Attorney George Hartwig says they completed jury selection today...in the case of Jermontae Moss.
Back in September 2011....police charged Moss with killing 43-year-old Jose Marin...at his store on Bowling Drive.
They say Moss tried to rob the store...and shot Marin with a stolen handgun.
Opening statements in the case are scheduled to get under way at 9 a-m....in Houston County Superior Court.


  He's on the Georgia ballot, but he's not on stage for any of the presidential debates..
   We spoke with Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson from California today.. where he talked about his beliefs.. and the growth of his Party.
"Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential candidate: "The notion that the government shouldn't be in the bedroom. Government shouldn't be making a whole lot of decisions they do in our lives. I really think there's a strong Libertarian contingency that exists everywhere. I think it's the fastest growing segment of American politics today, and speaking with a broad brushstroke, that's the notion of being fiscally responsible, socially accepting. How does that equate to today's issues? Well, it's not bombing Iran, it's ending our military intervention, so getting out of Afghanistan and bringing our troops home now, it;s marriage equality - I believe it is a constitutionally guaranteed right, it's ending the drug wars and repealing the Patriot Act, never signing the defense authorization act, it's balancing the federal budget now and reforming the tax system, in this case I'm embracing the fair tax, and that does come out of Georgia. "
   Johnson said he filed a lawsuit because he felt he was unfairly excluded from national presidential debates.


   As for that debate... it begins tonight at 9.
    It will be the last time President Obama and Governor Romney face-off before Election Day..
   You can watch it right here on 13WMAZ or on 13WMAZ dot com..
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   We'll have local reaction coming up at 11..

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Here's an update to a story we brought you earlier...on the death of 18-year-old James Bodrey.
The Laurens County sheriff's department now says a 13year-old was driving that four-wheeler on White Road...and three other people were riding on the vehicle.
The other three...now face charges.
27-year-old Jeremy Brown of Arabi is charged with allowing the minor to drive the vehicle.
20-year-old Ryan Setliff of Thomasville...is charged with possessing alcohol.
And the 13-year-old...is charged with being an underage driver.
Sheriff Bill Harrell says the case is still under investigation.


     Houston County's Fire Department is gearing up for a major test.. A Test that could affect how much you pay for homeowners insurance.
     Chief Jimmy Williams says they started preparations in June for the November Insurance Service Survey.
     But as Lorra Lynch Jones explains... There's one factor they can do little to improve.
Houston County Fire Fighter Christopher Stoner checks hydrant number 15 of the day... Number 300 since September.
"Make sure all the water flows clear and clean, get all the sediment out of the lines."
This work is part of 5 months of preparation for the Insurance Service Survey... The first in ten years for Houston County.
"It's a lot of work, a lot of paperwork especially to be done."
Chief Jimmy Williams says for three days.. Starting November 5th... an inspector will grade them on 3 categorys: Access to water... 911 communications... And the fire department itself. 
"That grade is for our insurance premium and how things will be charged and how our fire department is classified."
Houston County is currently a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10... A 5 would lower premiums... a 7 would raise them.
"Williams says his chief concern going into the survey is man power. Last time they were surveyed, they had about 175 volunteer fire fighters. Now, that's down to 51."
"Volunteers are hard to come by now days. With the economy the way it is, we just need people."
The volunteer shortage will affect their grade. The insurance service says it takes 4 volunteer fire fighters to equal one full timer.
Stoner is one of only 11 career firefighters on staff.
"I'd like to see 200, 250 volunteers>
That won't happen before the November inspection... But Williams hopes other factors measure up.
In Houston County, Lorra Lynch Jones, 13WMAZ, Eyewitness News.
     Williams says moving from a 6 ISO rating to a 5.. Could lower insurance premiums 100 to 200 dollars a year on a 100-thousand dollar home.
     To give you some perspective... The City of Macon is a rated a one... The best you can get.
     Williams says only about 25 to 30 fire departments in the country have that distinction.

A group of young girls in Macon say they're better people because of a program designed to inspire them to achieve their full potential. 
In tonight's Hero Central report, we introduce you to the woman who created the "U Go Girl" program and the young people she's helping.
Ke'wanna Hepburn
Ms. Lacy is there to talk to you, give you good advice, keep you out of trouble, something to keep you motivated during your day.>
For Ke'wanna Hepburn... The time spent in this room is inspiration for her future. She's taking part in a program designed for young girls just like her. It's called U Go Girl...... created by Lacy Fields.
"U Go Girl is an acronym for Understanding Goals and Opportunity, Giving Inspiration for Real Life and we do just that. I try to take real life situations for the girls to where they are now, this way they can apply it to their everyday life."
"Time management, money management, we do goal setting, fears, peer pressure, peer selection. Everything that they're going through right now, we try to find solutions to get them to move forward in life."
"When I first, before I started coming here I used to be in a lot of trouble and by Ms. Lacy talking to me, giving me good advice, I've learned to just calm down, talk about it, so that it won't go to a bigger event than you expect it to."
The program is a collaborative effort with the Freedom Park Recreation Center in Macon. Director Clarence Thomas says "U Go Girl" works to lay an important foundation.
"Instilling in them right now where they are at ages 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 that hey, you are very, very, special and that you can be counted on as being responsible citizens in the future who are valued and can be counted on to do what's right."
Destiny Oliver 9th Grader
"I love the fact that I'm meeting new people. I'm learning what I need to know for me to move on in my life. How to keep myself planned out and how to keep my goals and stuff together."
And as for Hepburn... She has her goals in order too. She says she has dreams of becoming a pediatrician. It's a goal that's within her reach she says, thanks to all that U Go Girl has to offer.
U Go Girl is an ongoing program that is hosted in 8 week cycles at Freedom Park in Macon.
 For more information you can call 478-751-9248.

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