Eyewitness News at 6:00; October 13, 2012

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    This is eyewitness news at 6. 
    Thanks for joining us for this late edition of Eyewitness News at 6.
I'm Candace Adorka. 


    Only 24 days until November 6th... and the race for President is still tight.
The latest Rasmussen poll has President Obama leading Governor Mitt Romney 48 to 47 percent.
And those undecided voters across the country make-up three percent of that poll.
Some of those voters are right here in Central Georgia.
Austin Lewis talked to both political parties to see how they're trying to win over those voters still on the fence. 
President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney?
That's the question facing voters across the country...
And voters on the fence... Are still looking for an answer.
<Chris Owens, Undecided Voter: Because I am not for sure at this point which candidate would be the best to fix the economy. >
At the Bibb County Republican headquarters.. volunteers say Mitt Romney is the one to fix the economy.
Jason Downey... Bibb County Chairman for the Romney-Ryan campaign...says the undecided voter could decide the election. That's why they're reaching out to those voters through social media.
<Jason Downey Bibb County Chairman Romney-Ryan Campaign: When you have presidential campaigns that come down to three or four percentage points of difference and then you have swing states...It's critical to reach that small pocket of voters even if it's only four or five percent of the population >
Downey also says they're not just trying to reach undecideds in Central Georgia...they're taking it on the road to battleground states to help sway voters to the Romney-Ryan ticket.
<Jason Downey Bibb County Chairman Romney-Ryan Campaign: We've had people from here in Georgia who have gone down to Florida that have knocked on doors that have phone banked, that's really what we need to do to get out the vote and tell people in the battleground states of Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, what's going on >
On the other side of the fence... Bibb County Democrats say President Obama will turn the economy around...and that's what they're telling undecided voters.
<Sarah Hunt Bibb County Democratic Chairman: Well one thing that you need to do with the undecided voter is you need to make sure you have the facts, people are saying that President Obama has not done anything but he has done a lot. >
Bibb County Democratic Chairman Sarah Hunt says they're also using the web... to provide those answers...
<I would like for them to stop go to www dot white house dot gov and look at all of the accomplishments that have been made.. if you are undecided there will be no reason why you can't make-up your mind. >
A few of the undecided voters we talked to say if neither Democrats nor Republicans can win them over... they won't fill in either candidate's name come election day.
<Chris Owens, Undecided Voter: No I can't say that I would. I wouldn't feel like it would give me the right... I can't say that I would.>
But both camps are hoping to sway those undecided come November 6th.
Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
President Obama and Governor Romney face off again on Tuesday in the next presidential debate.
You can watch it right here on 13wmaz beginning at 9 p.m. 


    Bibb county residents in two voting districts will have to select a school board representative in November. Before election day we're introducing you to each of the candidates vying for your support. Today, we have the candidates for district 4.
43-year lester miller is running as a republican. He is a macon lawyer who ran for judgeship in 2004. He has two boys in Bibb county schools, and he's involved in various community partnerships with the schools.
His opponent, 37-year old Dominique Johnson is running as a democrat. He's an academic coordinator at Mercer University's Upward Bound- a program that helps low income students attend college he's also the pastor of the new Kingdom life church. This is his first time seeking office.
I asked each candidate to explain what sets him apart from his opponent.
<I think lester is a great guy, I think everyone running is trying to do the right thing, but for me, I'm not a politician, but what I do know is this is my mission this is my calling. Everyone has a calling but by mission and calling negates any story. I can give you the story about me growing up in east macon, playing ball and overcoming obstacles, but in the end of the day my mission and my calling supercedes that. When I get out of bed in the morning and put my feet on the floor, it's about helping kids succeed, that's what I do daily. I think I bring a sense of being able to work with people from diverse backgrounds I work in this area everyday, so I see what our kids go through I see what they deal with and we here at Upward Bound deal with a microcosm of that, and so dealing with that issue, I'm able to help motivate kids, to help deal with parents to help see the whole picture, so I think it gives me a leg up in this situation.>
<I think the differences are, number one, IU have two children that go to the Bibb county schools since they've been in kindergarten, and he's got a very young child that's just now starting in that process. So I can see how things have changed the time they were in kindergarten, the time they were in 5th and 6th grades, and the time they're in the 7th and 11th grade now. That's one difference. THe other difference is the fact that I believe we have a discipline problem, I believe we have a safety problem, my opponent said there may be some issues there in his last report that I watched. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that we have those problems and there's no sense of hiding that. I also believe because of the criminal experience I talked about representing people in the criminal field that I know what has caused some of those problems for those people and I know what happens and I can tell people. I'm in the schools everyday booster club, community baseball coach, PTO president, school council ... I'm involved in my children as well as the bibb county school system."
Johnson says safety and discipline are priorities for him as well. You can hear more on that topic and others from both candidates in the extended interviews on our homepage... 13 wmaz dot com. 


    A new poll shows a close race on whether to amend Georgia's constitution so the state could create more charter schools.
The poll conducted last week for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed 45 percent of likely voters said they would support the amendment in next month's election.
Meanwhile, 42 percent of likely voters were opposed and 13 percent either didn't know about the issue or didn't answer the question.
The poll had a margin of error of just over 5 percentage points.
That means it's possible the opponents of the amendment could be in the majority.
A small majority of registered and likely voters rated public school performance in their community as excellent or good. 


    The Georgia Children's Museum in downtown Macon now has a new development partner to help it move forward with expansion plans.
They will now be working with Ronald Conners and Eugene Cox Dunwody Junior.
Part of the partnership includes the sale of the building... Located at 382 Cherry Street... But the museum will continue to occupy its current space.
Some of the highlights of the new development plan include four new exhibits.. That are scheduled to open in the next six to nine months.
The first expected to open... Leonardo's Machines... An interactive exhibit featuring replicas of Leonardo DaVinci's inventions.
In addition to the new exhibits.. The development will include construction of twenty loft apartments on the upper four floors of the building.
To read more about the agreement and plans for the museum.. Look for this story on our homepage.. 13wmaz dot com. 



    A group of volunteers gathered together this morning to make a difference in the community by helping to keep the Macon-Bibb water supply clean.
More than 300 people gathered at Ocmulgee Heritage Trail on Spring Street to collect trash and debris along the riverbank and the trail.
It's all part of Ocmulgee Alive... which is Macon's Annual River Cleanup.
The volunteers broke-up into teams with trash bags in hand to help provide a cleaner park.
The teams worked a 3 mile radius from Amerson Water Works Park to Ocmulgee National Monument.
<I've floated down the river many times, I grew up here in Macon. This is my home so I have used the river a lot and I have been really disappointed with seeing the trash that is being thrown into the river. There is so much we can do to keep it out. It's something that we are all going to all have to work together to continue these efforts.>
<Our air and our water are so valuable to us for our health and for the health of the wildlife and if we each clean up our own backyards and then we add to a cleaner world.>
This is the 8th annual Ocmulgee Alive Event. 


    More than 3,000 families went out to The Rock Ranch in Upson County for some quality time with their loved ones.
It's a story that comes... Straight from the heart.
The event was filled with food, sweets and activities for families like train rides, paddle boats, zip lining, cane pole fishing, a petting zoo, and much more.
The day also brought out former major league baseball player Sid Bream who signed autographs and took in the farm with his family.
<"This is so important to get families back to where they need to be with mom and dads doing things with their kids. When a mom and dad are in a home the chances of a young person staying grounded and staying on the right path is so much greater.>
<it is so wonderful to have the time to spend with your family when everyone is busy all the time. This is a great slower pace without a lot of worry I think>
For more information about upcoming events happening at The Rock Ranch visit our website... 13wmaz dot com.
Look for this story on the homepage. 


    Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at six.
We'll see you back here tonight for Eyewitness News at 11.
The news continues now on 13wmaz dot com and wmaz mobile.
Have a great night everyone.









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