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 Next on Eyewitness News at Six...
   Dozens of people in Central Georgia exposed to a potentially deadly disease... after being given tainted injections..
    Hear from doctors..coming up..    
  and If you're in the market for new appliances... big or small... you may want to do some shopping this weekend..
     We'll explain how you can save a few bucks..
  Eyewitness News at five is next.

<This is 13WMAZ Eyewitness News at Six>
 Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Frank Malloy.
  And I'm Leah Johnson.
     This is Eyewitness News at Six.

Our top story tonight...
      Almost 200 patients in Central Georgia were potentially exposed to meningitis-tainted medication at a clinic in Macon.
 Six patients have reported mild symptoms and have been referred to their physicians.
 That's according to district health director Dr. David Harvey.
 Candace Adorka has been following this story today.
     She's live in front of the Forsyth Street Ambulatory Surgery Center with more
 Dr. David Harvey, Director for the North Central Health District, said the symptoms of this form of meningitis appear slowly, making it harder to treat.

Police arrested an 18-year-old Macon man in connection with a drive-by shooting on Lamont Street.
Jeremi Hill is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.
    Investigators say 18-year-old Corey Jackson was shot Tuesday afternoon.....
    The shots came from the back seat of the car..
 According to the police report.. Jackson was shot in the back as he tried to get away from the gunfire..
   Police say Jackson was taken to the hospital... in stable condition.
     Hill remains at the Bibb County jail..
     Police say they expect to make more arrests..
Anyone with information on this shooting should call Crimestoppers at 1-877-68- crime...again that number is 1-877-68-crime...

 An 18 year old Bibb County student was arrested for bringing a gun onto school property today According to A news release from Bibb County schools.
 Administrators responded to a report of a weapon on campus at Rutland High School around 10 o'clock.
    The release says they found a small caliber handgun inside a locked car in the school parking lot this morning.
   Camps police approached an 18-year-old female student who then gave them permission to search the vehicle.
   The student was arrested and charged with felony possession of a weapon on school grounds.

 Bibb County schools have a new police chief... and it's not his first time on the job.
  Russell Bentley was the district's police chief until 2009.
That's when he joined a consulting firm that did a safety audit of the district a few months ago.
Now Bentley is back.
<I'm not one to sit on the side lines and if I can step in and be of assistance, that's my community obligation.>
The Bibb county native started October first. He says he spent his first week on the job meeting his officers. 
Bentley has his work cut out for him-- 
    Over the past couple of weeks...campus officers have responded to weapons and fight calls almost on a daily basis..
     Bentley says he's working on a plan to help curb safety and discipline incidents. 
<we will be looking at some initiatives that we had some great success with previously, we're in the process now of analyzing that and putting those plans in place so they'll be rolling out very soon. Again meeting with the law enforcement leaders in the city and county  and engaging ourselves in that process to have a partnership with those agencies. >
 Bentley said he took up his old position because he wants to serve the community.  

 With the election coming up in a little less than a month, the Bibb County Democratic Party is set with a new headquarters.
Their new office is located as 1680 Broadway in Macon.
Local party leaders say they're focusing on early voting, providing transportation to the polls and volunteer activities... as well as voter registration.
They also hope to focus not only on the presidential race, but important local races as well.
<we want economic opportunity for all, so that'd be economic opportunity for all Middle Georgians. We want to educate our children. We don't want to cut funding for education.   And we feel like we need to rebuild our middle class which has been dwindling especially here in the midstate.   >
   And if you've seen all lot of Obama posters in downtown Macon near the Courthouse, that building is the Obama for America Headquarters, which works with but is separate from the Bibb County Democrats.

Are you looking to go green at your home... Or maybe just save a little money?
This weekend.... the State of Georgia is allowing you to do both.. With a tax free holiday on energy efficient products.
     Brittiny Barber show us how you can get in on the savings.
  From Friday through Sunday you can get a break on the sales tax.. And save some money on some products for your home.
 Here's some of the things that qualify...
     Air conditioners... Dishwashers.. refrigerators..  And Dehumidifiers.     
     Also doors and windows... fluorescent light bulbs... And  Ceiling fans.
     The products must come with an Energy Star or Watersense label... And cost $1,500 or less.
     Home Depot is just one of the many stores in Central Georgia where you can purchase those products.
     Appliance Specialist Dawn Musgrove says Energy Star and Watersense appliances save you energy and water... Which also saves you money.
     And according to Home Depot associates... buying energy efficient  won't necessarily cost you more than the the traditional items. 
<there's no cost difference. If a washers $499, it's going to be $499 if it's the energy also, so it's just      they're not really changing the machine they're just changing the function of it. it's not using as much water. It can save you on your water bill  and your electric bill because it's not having to work as hard.  >
 Musgrove says they've had several people come in over of the last few days asking about the tax holiday.. And which products it works on.
     She says they've put blue signs in each appliance that's falls under the guidelines.
 For a complete list of qualifying items and for more information.. Find this story on our website 13WMAZ-DOT-Com.

 Today's WMAZ dot com web poll asks...
 Do you buy energy-efficient products?
    So far...78 percent of you say yes 
    22 percent say no.
 To vote now... Visit 13WMAZ.com.
   Look for the question on the right side of the homepage.

 Problems with the manager on duty and not keeping food at the right temperature.. 
 Those are just a few of the issues that came up when the health inspector stopped in to Central Georgia diners this week.
     Brittiny Barber joins us now with this week's Restaurant Ratings
 We're back in Bibb County this week.. And first we'll take a look at our lowest scores.
MAMA JACK'S at 2295 JEFFERSONVILLE RD got an 87... A "B"... The last time they were inspected they received a 71... or a "C".
     According to the report... The person in charge was not present, did not demonstrates knowledge, or performs their duties.
     That's a known risk factor for foodborne illnesses.
 CARRABBA'S on RIVERPLACE Drive scored an 86... Also a "B"... On their last inspection they got a 91.. Which is an "A".
     The health inspector found that food was not kept at the proper cold holding temperature and that it was not cooled in the right amount time.     

Since it was in the 80's today, we thought we'd take a field trip to the Mediterranean for the 5th Annual Central Georgia Greek Festival...
Tom George took a break from all the baklava and gyros he was eating to show you the sights and sounds of Greece right here in Macon....
And if you're mouth was watering from watching that ... You can still enjoy the festival all weekend long ...
 It's at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church located at 859 First Street in Macon.

Thanks for joining us.  We'll be back tonight at 11.
But remember... The news is always on at 13WMAZ.com.
The evening news is up next.
Have a safe night everyone.

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