Eyewitness News at 11, 9-28-12

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First tonight... Fights at bus stops... shots fired in the air...and a student attacking a faculty member.

The bottom line... discipline problems are on the rise for bus riders in Bibb County... and the district's working up a plan to fight back.

Todd Harris says over the last two to three years... he's seen fights.... bad language.... vandalism ...and other problems increase.

And a consultant's safety report recently highlighted the same problems.

Harris says he'll head up a task force that will use that report as a guide... and put some proactive changes into motion.

<It comes down to make sure we have the right processes, and we're managing them consistently across the school district. And that school to school, we're all on the same page, following the same processes and have the same expectations for students. >

Harris says the district expects to pick the task force within the next two weeks.

He says they hope to start meeting in October.

A spokesman for state Superintendent John Barge says the education chief has reached an agreement with Attorney General Sam Olens on how he's voicing his political activity...when it comes to an upcoming referendum on charter schools.

That referendum will be on Georgia ballots in november... and Barge has been outspoken about his disapproval.

That amendment would allow the state to issue charters... so private operators could run taxpayer financed schools.

And for a while... a primer on the issue could be found on the state department of education's website.

Not anymore though... if you go to the D-O-E homepage you'll find it's now gone.

The Department took it down after a private attorney filed a complaint accusing Barge of violating state law that limits the use of public resources for political activity.

Barge's spokesman says He'll continue to make his position clear on the speaking circuit.

A Warner Robins woman gave up everything she had for a man she met on match.com..and now she says the man of her dreams led her to a nightmare.



Carolyn Benningfield was convinced to invest her entire life savings, totaling almost 800 thousand dollars into the fake oil company of a man claiming to be from Macon.

He promised her that the company would turn a profit when he came back to the U.S. from business, and that they would eventually be together.

the Federal Trade Commission refers to this kind of thing as romance fraud.

According to the FTC's website, OnGuardOnline-dot-gov... Millions of americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms...and can be taken in by those who create fake profiles.

The website warns that an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

And it offers some tips on how to recognize them.

The relationship may not be what you think... if your online significant other wants to leave the dating site immediately and use personal e-mail or instant messenger.

Another warning sign is if they're willing to claim love too quickly.

If they claim to be from the U.S....but they're constantly traveling or working overseas... That could be a problem.

And if they plan to visit... but are always prevented by a traumatic event... or a business deal that fell through.

Often, they'll even say they're serving abroad in the armed forces.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

For one thing.. .making online purchases or sending packages to other countries can be risky.

And... never wire money... even if the person asking says it's for an emergency.

So...if you suspect a scam... report it immediately

to the Federal Trade Commssion...the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center... or your state's attorney general.

Newly released court documents are raising questions why University of Colorado police did not report James Holmes, the "batman movie shooting" gunman, to outside authorities.

Court documents confirm shooting suspect James Holmes threatened a Colorado University professor before his shooting rampage.

There's a dispute over whether Holmes had been banned from campus.. or he was withdrawing from school.

Holmes also mailed a notebook describing a violent attack, but the defense says the notebook is protected under doctor-patient privilege.

Holmes has not yet entered a plea.

He is in jail facing 152 charges in the theater shooting that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

A Connecticut community is reeling after a well-liked teacher shot and killed a masked intruder..that turned out to be his own son.

< "Sounds like a big mistake. I hope they're easy on him.">

Police say Jeffrey Guilliano got a call from his sister - who lives next door - saying that someone was breaking in.

Giulliano went over and saw a person dressed in all black. There was a confrontation and Guilliano shot the would-be robber.

State troopers arrived and removed the mask, revealing that Guilliano killed his 15 year old son Tyler.

No word yet on what his son was doing or why he had a small hand gun.

Police in Pennsylvania have charged 6 teenage girls as adults.. for savagely beating a woman.

In this video posted on Facebook, you can see the girls are laughing and celebrating while they are attacking a 48 year old mentally challenged woman in their neighborhood.

The attack even moved inside the woman's apartment - she was screaming for the teens to get off her.

None of the 6 girls made any attempt to hide their faces from the camera.

Police believe the attack took place this week.

The woman was treated for her injuries and was not seriously hurt.

Emory University.. with other Atlanta partners Will launch a new autism research center using an 8 point 5 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health.

The Autism Center of Excellence will bring together more than 25 researchers and physicians in eight laboratories.

The center will be one of three around the country.

Organizers say it'll establish Atlanta as a leader in autism research.

The center will focus its research on infants and toddlers... including new screening programs in early infancy.

Most teachers will tell you-- they don't do what they do every day for the pay.

But one local teacher combined her love of creative learning with a head for business...and is now a millionaire because of it.

Deanna Jump is a first grade teacher at Central fellowship Christian Academy in Macon..

But Jump says she and her husband Ed, who's a college professor, have always struggled financially.

Deanna comes up with creative games to teach everything from reading to math.

One day.... a fellow teacher suggested she put her ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers - an online market like eBay where teachers share and sell their ideas and resources.

<Deanna Jump, Teacher: "Like probably 90 percent of the teachers in America I was juggling bills like, okay, I can pay the electricity bill this week and I've got seven more days before they turn off the water.">

Jump has sold more than 161-thousand units so far.. from places as far away as Canada, Spain and Africa...and she still has notebooks full of more ideas where those came from.

At the movies this weekend, a human falls for Dracula's daughter, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young Bruce Willis.

Let's get started with a look at the Weekend Box Office.

<sir, sir, we have clog in the toilet... It's all right. We all get stomach aches, Mr. Bigfoot.">

"Hotel Transylvania" is a lavish resort where monsters and their families can enjoy some relaxing time away from the human world.

It's run by Dracula himself.

He's throwing a party to celebrate his daughter Mavis' 118th birthday, when a human enters their midst, and falls for Mavis.

"Hotel Transylvania" is rated p-g.

"Looper" is set in a future where time travel is possible, but illegal.

That doesn't stop the mob, which sends targets back in time to be executed by a hired gunman, called a "Looper."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a looper who discovers one of his hits is his future self, played by Bruce Willis.

"Looper" is rated R.

In "Won't Back Down", Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis play two mothers determined to take on the entrenched bureaucracy of their failing inner city school, and build a better future for their children.

Based on true events, "Won't Back Down" is rated PG.

And those are the three new films rolling out of Hollywood this weekend.

For a listing of all the movies showing in your area...check out 13WMAZ-dot-com...click on the features tab...and go to the Scene 13 page.

Sunday...on the small screen...the CBS series "the Good Wife" returns to this station for its 2012 season...bringing with it major names like Nathan Lane and Kristen Chenowith.

Here's an early preview.



Show clip..cop says eras that recording son

JULIANNA MARGULIES SAYS OC; 1;13;20 there's maybe three people on this plant that know what's going to happen this season, including many of the cast members. But I'll say this: it's brilliant in its landscaping of how these characters are going to fill out the stories.

JULIANNA SAYS OC: 01:11:58:25 It's not that there won't be a lot of court scenes, but it has definitely shifted to a political backdrop, which is sexy and exciting. (cover with b-roll or campaign rally at 38:14)(

Nat sound Nathan Lane

JULIANNA MARGULIES SAYS OC; 01:10:31:21 Nathan Lane plays a very repressed, um, one might say angry, uh, trustee that's on our board that has to come in and basically slap us all back into shape

Show clip 18:51 18:57 I'll meet with you today to discuss the staffing situation ..wjhat staffing situation? A reduction?

NATHAN LANE : 1:09.34:04 My level of excitement is over the moon! It's through the roof!

Show clip 26:05 Will's partnership is essential to this firm, yes but wouldn't it be better if one person was making the decisions?

JULIANNA MARGULIES SAYS OC; 01:10:31:21 it's very hard to get through a scene without laughing because he's playing so opposite of everything I always see him do,

ALAN CUMMING SAYS OC: 01:06:59:19 Kristin Chenoweth, of course, is here

ALAN CUMMING SAYS OC: 01:06:59:19 It's kind of everywhere you look, you fall over some fabulous, um, guest star, actor. It's really, it's great.

KRISTEN CHENOWETH SAYS OC: 1:07.37:00 I play Peggy Bun and she is a journalist ///EDIT

Julianna says were mednding fences during time we separated

15:23 Kristin says Do you live in his house

Julianna says I have my own apartment but sometimes I stay at the house

Kristin says Do you stay in the same room?

Julianna says that's none of your business

I believe she is at the top of her game. I believe she is extremely professional but um, knows how to work it and gets what she needs at the end of the day

ALAN CUMMING SAYS OC: 1:02;00 I'm going back on the campaign trail. Peter's running for governor and so I'm back-in my natural habitat,

Nat sound Scene where Peter has hung up the phone with other states attorney and they talk

(cover with b-roll ) JULIANNA MARGULIES SAYS OC; 01:12:45:02 my character finds it very exciting. I think what it's doing for her is opening doors.


Julianna says She's all of a sudden one of the most important people at the law firm because everyone wants the state attorney's wife-perhaps governor's wife-to be part of their case

ALAN CUMMING 01:03:35:13 Eli's sort of become a nanny to the whole family

And also I think he is genuinely fond of Alicia. Their relationship has grown since the first season into one of mutual understanding and respect. And also they need each other

Show clip..he makes sounds during Alicias interview

JULIANNA MARGULIES SAYS OC; : 1;13:20 They do. (laughs) They need each other a lot, and I think, uh, what I love what's happening this year with Eli and Alicia is that ultimately Eli's the only one that knows all her secrets,

JULIANNA SAYS OC ; 1;15;03 I've never been on a set where I see many crew members reading the script, like, so excited, you know? ///edit///when crew is as excited as the cast, you know you're in or a good thing.


You can see "the Good Wife" Season four begin here on 13WMAZ this Sunday, September 30th...at nine...followed by "the Mentalist".

Students at Bruce Elementary School got a living history lesson today... in the third annual "Back to School with The History Makers" event..

History Makers encourage members of the African American community to go into schools and share their experiences and struggles.

It's all part of an effort to help young people stay in school and leave the violence behind.

This year's featured guest was R and B trumpet and trombone player Newton Collier...

< I try to stress to them yes, you like this and you like that but also try this and try that. You'll never know what you'll have to fall back on.>

According to the organization's website...The History Makers is working on creating an archive of five thousand interviews with history makers.. to establish a digital archive of oral history.

It's no election year joke...

Comedienne Roseanne Barr is running for president.

Tonight, she appeared in Oakland.

Reporter Juliette Goodrich says ... she's picked a platform some feel is a winner.


Comedian and former tv star Roseanne Barr is now running for president ...as the peace and freedom party candidate ...



Barr telling Voters she wants to legalize marijuana .....

"you mean I can get twice as many brownies "

Barr spoke on a panel at oaksterdam ....the nations first cannabis industry trade school ...


"welcome to Oakland ....thank you ...

About peace ...freedom and justice ...rad "


Juliette Goodrich-- Oakland

Standup : it is official .,,she will be on the ballet ...but only here in California and a handful of other states .


Barr isn't on enough ballots to win... But her supporters think otherwise ..


"eventually the cannabis issue will decide a presidential election "


"you think she can bring it to the forefront .... Absolutely ...we will educate her "

If anything Her supporters hope the roseanne barr ticket will boost the peace and freedom party voter registration.


A list compiled by the University of Minnesota shows at one point... 239 candidates were running for president this election year, so it's not uncommon to find parties you probably haven't heard of.

The list usually narrows when candidates have to file their F-E-C statements.


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