Eyewitness News at 6, September 13, 2012

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 A Houston County Judge denied bond for 17-year old Carmen Kaneisha Collins... Who's accused of her killing younger sister this summer.
     Her attorney asked for her release because he found a relative who lives outside Houston County...that she could stay with. He said she would wear an electronic monitor.
     But the prosecution said the teen has a history of running away...and that the seriousness of the crime should keep her behind bars.     
     Brittiny Barber has more.
  Carmen Kaneisha Collins came in to the courtroom Thursday.. In her orange jumpsuit and with shackles around her legs.
     The teen sat quietly next to her public defender.. Nick White.. As he asked the judge to release her.
<it wasn't unexpected we knew that it was going to be a tough road to hoe to get a bond.  I mean the charges are serious. >  
 Carmen is accused of shooting and killing her sister.. Then setting the family's house on fire on July 3rd.
     The 17-year old was found in Columbus two days later.
     But White says many of the allegations are false.
< She denies shooting her sister. She denies going willingly to Columbus . There are a lot of factual differences obviously between the defense and the state and we will contest every one.   >
  White told Judge Katherine Lumsden that if granted bond.. Carmen would stay with a relative in Montezuma and wear an electronic ankle bracelet.
     But the prosecution argued that the teen had a history of running away... And was out on bond for a burglary charge when she allegedly committed this crime.
     In the end... Lumsden chose not to let her out of jail.
<is it a victory? I mean, we're concerned about the ultimate outcome of this case. This is just one step in the process.   >  
The girl's parents were in the courtroom.
     As sheriff's deputies escorted Carmen out...a family member said "hey"...she smiled and waived at them.
< They love their daughter and they've never expressed anything but love they have visited her every time they've had an opportunity at the jail. The dad takes off work . They just have  a lot of support for their daughter.      >  
   White says after a judge denies bond...you must wait 30 days before you can ask again.
     He says that request must be submitted in writing.. Per Houston County Superior court policy. 
     But he says he does plan to ask again for his client to be released.
     Brittiny Barber 13wmaz eyewitness news.    
 White says the next step will be an arraignment.. Where his client will plead not guilty.
     Monday.... Mossy Creek Middle School will hold a memorial service in honor of India Collins..At the service they will show the family a special tree dedicated in memory of the 12-year-old.


A man wearing a costume robbed an adult store in East Macon off Emery Highway. 
     But this isn't the first time that the Xmart store has been a target for thieves....
     So we did a little digging. Judy Le has that story.
The Bibb County sheriff's department says a man wearing a black Halloween costume with a bandana covering his face entered the store around 4:30 am. He had a gun and demanded money from the clerks. No one was injured but he took off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The X-Mart...open 24-7...has been a target in the past. Sheriff's spokesman...Sean DeFoe...says this store has been robbed 9 times since November 2008. That doesn't include an attempted robbery in April 2010.

And this is the second robbery there...in less than a month.

I went inside to talk to the clerks but they wouldn't put me in touch with the owners. After a little research...I found out the he lives in Florida...and owns several adult stores in that state. I tried to contact the owner...but was only able to leave a message. 

Judy Le...13WMAZ...Eyewitness News.
DeFoe says the sheriff's department has spoke to the X-Mart's owner...to talk about security measures. He said the store is probably seen as an easy target...because it's open 24 hours...on an isolated stretch of highway.
 If you have any information on this case...you can contact Crimestoppers 1-877-68CRIME...that's 1-877-68CRIME. 


Here's an update to a story we brought you yesterday.
Macon police say they've arrested a man suspected of throwing cockroaches at a church.
Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet confirmed the arrest...but did not release the suspect's name.
Yesterday...we told you about the mystery at Fountain AME Temple Church, on Madison Street.
Church members believe the man came to the church...several times..and threw cups of roaches at the front door.
So far..no one knows why.
We'll update this story when more details are avaiable...at 13wmaz-dot.com.


 Today's web poll question asks:
 What's your
 favorite part of fall?
   72 percent say cooler weather..
   20 percent say  football
   5 percent say it's counting down to the holidays.
   And two percent of you say...the kids being back in school.
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As we step into fall, Georgia peanuts are ripe for picking. 
The Georgia Peanut commission is projecting a record supply this year--- despite the ongoing drought. 
Candace Adorka spent the morning on a peanut farm in Hawkinsville to find out why. 

<"That's what they start as...">
Rodney Dawson says in all his 42 years of farming... he's never gone into harvest season expecting as many peanuts as this year. 
<"I'm hoping I can get 4 to 5 thousand pounds per acre."   >
He's secretary on the Georgia Peanut commission, and they're projecting almost a million and a half tons of peanuts would come out of GA soil this year. 
Last year, farmers planted the fewest acres of peanuts in 25 years-
They got a good return for peanuts, since there was a low supply. This year farmers wanted to cash in again, so they planted 50 percent more acres of peanuts--- and the crops are doing well. 
It's a far cry from the last five years or so... when farmers battled drought. 
<"Anything that was not irrigated last year in our area was not harvested. It was zero. So that really hurt." 
"This year, Georgia farmers took precautions against the drought. Dawson says 60 percent more farmland is watered with irrigation systems like this one. That's helped make sure this year's peanuts are ready for market. (13)"
"A fully grown peanut will have a sweet, mature taste to it. This one has a bitter taste to it, this one that's not mature. (11)"  >
He says an abundance of ripe, tasty peanuts means a bargain on grocery store shelves. 
<"I just heard the other day that JIFF is planning on coming out with a promotion of 2 jars for 5 dollars."
HE says it's a good deal because last year, peanut products prices were up 30%.
Next year, Dawson says there'll probably be more corn and soy planting, and fewer peanuts, and prices should climb again.
<"This roller coaster up and down is not good for the consumer. It's not good for the farmer, it's not good for the comsumer either.">
He says it'll take the right mix of science and luck to get a little consistency. 
Candace Adorka, 13wmaz eyewitness news. 
Dawson says harvesting will go through December, but around thanksgiving, they should know if the predictions about the big harvest came true.   
According to the State Department of Agriculture, Georgia produces almost half of the country's peanuts. 
 The Federal Reserve announced a plan today it says will hopefully help stimulate the economy...
   It involves spending 40 billion dollars a month to purchase mortgage-backed securities...and keeping interest rates at record lows at least through the middle of 20-15.
   Greg George... Macon State associate professor of economics and director of the Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, is here to explain what this all means.
   Thanks for joining us.

Tuesday marked 11 years since 9/11.
And this September, Georgia first responders want to make sure they're prepared for mass casualty incidents in the state.  Tom George spent time at a special training session in Forsyth where they staged a mock building explosion.
<I got third degree burns and apparently I can feel my hand, it hurts a lot but I can't feel my arm, but I still have obviously third degree burns so I just beg for them to help me. >
<they're going to be all have moulage applied to them so that's make up to make it look like they're actually involved in an explosion. And then we're gonna have approximately 30 different players come in  and able to go and handle the response in the immediate aftermath, so theyre gonna have to go in  and assess the victims, they'll have to treat them, track them, and transport them.   >
"why aint nobody going to help that kid!"
<georgia is susceptible not only to natural disasters, but also man made ones.  So not only to be have to practice out response to hurricanes and tornadoes, we also have to practice in the event of a large scale explosion. >

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