Eyewitness News at 11, 8-3-12

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Good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining us on this Labor Day.

I'm Lorra Lynch Jones.

Frank and Leah have the holiday off.

A 17-year-old Northside High School football player will probably be sitting out his team's next game... after someone shot him in the back at a Labor Day gathering.

Northside Coach Kevin Kinsler says the victim is Austin Roberts... A senior defensive end.


Tabitha Pugh, Spokesman for the Warner Robins Police Department says Roberts was involved in a confrontation on Wendon Way when a gunshot hit him in the back.

The teen walked a street over to Camelia Circle for help.

Coach Kevin Kinsler says the bullet traveled through the highly-recruited player's back... and came out the other side.

<he's a good young man and he's working hard towards his goal and that is to go to college and play college football and hopefully this set back won't keep him from that. >

Roberts was released from the Medical Center of Central Georgia Sunday night.

Kinsler says he's at home resting and doesn't expect him to play in their game against Veterans High Thursday.

Tonight-- we have an update on a story we brought you at six.

A Macon man says he called the water authority repeatedly-- after finding what appears to be sewage pouring into the Ocmulgee River.

He says hours passed between the time he first reported the problem--and the time it was fixed.

The leak has stopped... But he's still got questions.

Tom George looked for answers.

<Robert Neal says this appears to be sewage ... And Monday it gushed from a pipe into the Ocmulgee River.

Neal watched it happen near his home on South Pine Knoll Drive... And decided it deserved the Macon Water Authority's attention.

<every looks like minute to me, every is crucial in my book . I feel like they should get out here as soon as possible. >

After seeing a normally dry creek filled with the murky substance... he says a found the source... A broken pipeline.

<now normally that water that's gushing behind me would be 20 feet below the ground .. But today it's all the way up here .. And there's no sensor on the camera for smell, but I can tell you firsthand it's pretty strong. >

With an empty creek now full... And the water turning browner... Neel made his first call to the Macon Water Authority at 1:30, sent a text a few minutes later. Then, followed that up with an e-mail to the sewage reporting address. At 2 pm- someone answered the phone... And sent an employee to check out the problem around 330.

<we're glad to see them just arrive now, an hour and 45 minutes after we first called.>

Neel said the employee didn't ask him for any information...

NAT POP - yelling at me

... And left ten minutes later left... with the spill still going.

Just before 5... (to report a sewer spill, please press 9) we reached Plant Operator Ronnie Smith, who said they'd just changed shifts and he hadn't heard anything about the spill... But would look into it.

Around 5:30 another crew came out... But again... didn't talk to Neel about the situation.

< One more question ... Who told you not to give your name? ... Nobody. >

By 7... The spill stopped and it its place... a sign. It stated a later time of notification than what Neel first reported to us, an earlier time of correction, and an estimated volume of discharge at just 2,700 gallons.

Neel questions that number... Since no one asked him about what he saw...or when he saw it.

<improve is a question mark now ... >

In Macon, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.>

The Ocmulgee is also used for recreation.

Neel said earlier in the day... People had been boating in the water near his house... Unaware of the spill.

He was concerned it could be possibly dangerous to their health.

One person was killed and a second person was injured in a fall at the Georgia Dome over the weekend.

The mishap occurred during a football game.

As Will Frampton reports, investigators are looking into the possibility that alcohol may have contributed to the accident.

The investigation is ongoing.

First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Charlotte for this week's Democratic National Convention.

Mrs. Obama walked through the Time Warner Cable Arena this afternoon, where the event kicks off tomorrow.


She shook some hands and took some of her husband's supporters up on requests for photo ops.

The first lady is playing a prominent role at the three-day gathering.



She's the featured speaker on Tuesday's opening night.

Former president Bill Clinton will give the nominating address Wednesday.

And President Obama addresses the convention Thursday.

And...call it the party before the party.

The Democratic National Convention is hosting Carolina Fest in Charlotte to kick off the week.

Actor and singer Jeff Bridges... is just one of the many performers taking part in today's festivities.

Bridges, who acted with Clint Eastwood in the 1974 movie, "thunderbolt and Lightfoot", talked about his former co-star's show-stealing fictitious conversation with the president last Thursday at the RNC.



<I didn't see it. I have this vision of Obama doing a little ventriloquist thing with a puppet of Clint and doing a little rebuttal. I don't know if that will happen or not, but that's where my mind went.>




Bridges is at the D-N-C to promote the "No Kid Hungry" campaign... as well as to politic.

That's a movement to end childhood hunger in the U.S.

Bridges is the campaign's national spokesman.

The Republicans had Clint Eastwood...some Democrats want Betty White.

The web site change-dot-org has launched a petition to get the Golden Girl to appear at this week's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Eastwood's rambling speech made headlines in Tampa last week after he interviewed an invisible President Obama.

The petition says Eastwood "gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere" and urged people to take action to see "a real Hollywood icon get a political introduction right."

90-year-old White endorsed President Obama in May.

As of Monday evening, the petition had more than 46-hundred supporters.

But those backers may be out of luck.

Betty White's agent said that White is in production on her two T-V shows and likely won't be available to appear in Charlotte.

Many consumers choose organic foods because they think they are healthier to eat.

But as Duarte Geraldino reports, new research shows the organic label may not always represent what consumers expect from the product behind it.

<The Alfano family chooses organic as often as possible. They hope it cuts down on pesticides and hormones in their foods.

(SOT Lucia Alfano/Mother)

Fruits and vegetables, and dairy for sure and the meats mostly organic


new research in Annals of Internal Medicine shows when it comes to nutrition.. there's no difference between organic and regular foods.

(SOT Lisa Cimperman/ Clinical Dietitian, University Hospitals Case Medical Center)

there are generally the same amount of vitamins, nutrients,////// regardless of the types of fruits or vegetables you buy


Researchers reviewed past studies that looked at unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, eggs, as well as chicken, pork and meat.

(BRIDGE Duarte Geraldino/CBS News)

Researchers did find that eating organic fruits and vegetables reduced exposure to pesticide residue 30-percent, but levels were also within safe limits in non-organic foods.

(SOT Lisa Cimperman/ Clinical Dietitian, University Hospitals Case Medical Center)

Nutrition and safety are not reasons to buy organic. however, you may have other reasons to buy organic such as personal preference, you may think they taste better, you may have a concern that it's more environmentally appropriate, or humane in terms of the livestock

nats family


It typically costs more for organic foods and products. Lucia Alfano says her family will keep spending extra for organic because she feels it's best for her children.

(SOT Lucia Alfano/Mother)

To grow healthier without so much bad exposure to these chemicals."


No matter what you chose, experts say it's important to wash all fruits and vegetables before you eat them.


Just like any other food, organic products are subject to regulation by the FDA...and producers have to prove they've complied with a set of standards in order to put the organic label on their products.

Take a look at this time lapse...put together by one of our CBS stations out in California.

This is from a wildfire burning in the Angeles National Forest... Near the San Gabriel River.

It prompted the evacuation of an entire community.

The fire broke out Sunday afternoon...and climbed uphill at a rapid rate.

So far...wildfire officials estimate its burned more than 400 acres.

If you dodged the weather altogether this weekend and took in a movie...then you stood in line with some of the thousands of fans whose ticket purchases put a new horror movie in top place.

We're counting down the Box Office's big earners this weekend...but we're going to start off with #3..."The Expendables 2"...

It's been around for a couple of weeks already...but the action film...featuring Jean Claude Van Damme...and Arnold Schwartenegger...is still kicking, to the tune of 11-point-two million dollars.

And... In second billing... "lawless".

The name sounds like a Wild West tale...but this is actually a period-flick, using the desperation of the Great Depression as a backdrop for its drama.

"lawless" took in 13 million dollars.

Finally..."The Possession"...tells the story of a little girl who opened up something way scarier than a Pandora's box.

Her parents have to look for all kinds of help...to put the trouble back where it came from.

"the Possession" scared up 21-point-3 million dollars.

And a sad note for you tonight.

Actor Michael Clark Duncan died this morning in a Los Angeles hospital...after nearly two months of treatment following a heart attack.

His fiance, Omarosa Manigault-Stalworth, from "the Apprentice" fame, confirmed the news.

The 54-year old never fully recovered from the July 13th heart attack.

Duncan appeared in dozens of films...but may be best known for his role in "the Green Mile".

He was also well known for his size.

Internet sources all say he was at least 6'5" and well over three hundred pounds.


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