Eyewitness News at 6, 8-31-12

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for joining us.

I'm Frank Malloy.

And I'm Leah Johnson.

This is Eyewitness News at Six.

It's Friday night in Central Georgia... And that means pigskin, pom-poms, team colors, and lots of hometown spirit.



A whole bunch of local games tonight...we'll preview them all in Sports.

And at McConnell Talbert Stadium tonight... Veterans High School lines up against rival Warner Robins...

Courtney Lyle with the 13WMAZ Eyewitness Sports team is there for the gridiron clash...

Let's check in with her at the stadium.

Thank you, Courtney.

A family mourns... as police continue to look for the person who shot and killed their son and another man at a home off Cowan Street.

Police say it happened late Thursday night.

They found one victim already dead and the other later died at the hospital.

Austin Lewis spent time in the neighborhood today and has more.

Police say they arrived at the house on Cowan Street...and found one man...Antonio Dewan Fluellyn already dead from a gunshot wound.

Police say they found another man...here...Deundre Emory...who died later at the medical center.

<Jacquelyn Emory, Sister, Macon: Right now my heart is heavy, it's heavy last night I wanted to see his face one more time.>

Jacquelyn Emory says Deundre is her brother...She says her mother...Pamela Goolsby.is fighting the tears...she has been hospitalized for kidney failure.

Jacquelyn says it all didn't sink in until she saw her brother for the last time.

<Jacquelyn Emory, Sister, Macon: I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it when they told me so I had to see it for myself I just had to look at him I had to see hlim so, at the time that I see him I said yea that's my brother.>

Her uncle Clarence Kitchens was at the scene when police were there Thursday night.

He says when he arrived he didn't know who the victims were...but he quickly found out that one was his nephew.

<Clarence Kitchens, Macon, Uncle of Deundre Emory: woo it was really, it was a surprise to me because once we got down here and actually found out that it was my nephew like I said it's hard I can't even explain it. I have some real hard feelings about it >

Jacquelyn Emory says she can't imagine why someone would shoot her brother.

She says she tries to keep strong...as her mother fights her illness.

<Jacquelyn Emory, Sister, Macon: I think the guys whoever did it guys girls or whatever they were I think they need more prayer than we do cause something just aint right, you have the nerve to do something like that you need prayer. >

But until then...she hopes that they will find justice for her brother...Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness news.

We spoke to members of the Fluellyn family... who declined to comment.

Police say a large crowd of about 100 people gathered just after the shooting... and they're looking for leads.

Anyone with information on the shooting can call Crimestoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME...again that is 1-877-68-CRIME

A Warner Robins neighborhood is looking for answers after two men broke into an apartment...and shot a man suffering from MS. Tom George went to the scene this morning...and has more.

<he didn't deserve it ... You know? He just didn't deserve that... >

People on Woodcrest Circle in Warner Robins ... Waking up to shock and disbelief after hearing that one of their neighbors, 25-year old Joel Taylor was fatally shot in his apartment.

<couldn't imagine who would do any harm to him because he didn't seem like the kind of person to cause any problems with anybody. >

<police say Joel Taylor was just sitting his apartment when two black males forced down the door. One of them shot him multiple times .. He was taken to the Houston Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. >

Police were called to the scene around 10:30 last night ... And investigators looked at the scene Friday morning.

<we have most of, if not all of our detectives on this case right now just because the leads right now are so few and far between. So we're trying to figure out any type of connection between these people. >

And neighbors are trying to figure out why anyone would hurt Joel. They say he suffered from multiple sclerosis...and had trouble walking.

<I just don't know where people come with all of this you know wanting to kill somebody like that. I don't see how they want to kill anyone that's healthy, but somebody like that, that is sad. >

Most saud the neighborhood as usually pretty quiet, but some are growing more concerned.

<I would like for the world to change you know and people love one another and everything but seems like people just got to where they hate everybody you know>

In Warner Robins, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

The Warner Robins Police Department is looking for leads...you can call their detectives division at (478) 929-6911. Again....that's 929-6911.

<go ahead... (crowd: make my day!) ... Thank you! Thank you very much! >

We can't say for sure if Clint Eastwood made Mitt Romney's night last night...but we do know he made headlines when he went overtime in a speech that featured a conversation...with an empty chair!

So today on 13WMAZ-dot-com...we asked... Do you think Eastwood's speech was effective?

A majority of those who responded... Said yes.

That's 68 percent.

Only 32 percent said no.

You can vote in that poll all weekend...at 13-wmaz-dot-com.

Bibb county student's backpacks are a little lighter this year-- they don't have math textbooks.

The district scrapped textbooks in all classes through 9th grade after a new curriculum was implemented statewide.

Some parents are concerned about the change.

On facebook, Julie Phillips Patterson tells us... "My son is in middle school and is doing things in math that I remember doing in high school. I didn't understand it then and I still don't understand it now. However, I am intelligent

enough to look at examples in a book and somewhat figure it out if he needs help with his homework. When his teacher told us at open house this year that they would not be using textbooks, I was greatly disturbed...."

Missi Kanes Lore writes... "Our school isn't even using work sheets right now it is all verbal work and taking notes what 4 th grader takes good notes!! The text book is good because he could look back at examples and see how to do the problem now thank GOD for google!!!"

The district's school improvement coordinator for math says the textbooks were removed because they're not inline with the new curriculum-- the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

{***SOT FULL***}

<they really pretty much haven't changed from when my parent was in school.It's just a couple of practice problems, a couple of examples and then a page of 30 to 40 problems to do. Well that doesn't fit with this new curriculum where we're wanting students to understand, to construct their own meaning. They work with manipulatives, base 10 blocks, tangram pieces or pattern blocks to construct the knowledge and those books didn't support that kind of learning.>

Janes says parents can still help with homework--- materials for the new curriculum are available online at Georgia-Standards-dot-org under the "common core tab.

Some parents are on board with the change.

Lori Witley says... "I trust my sons teacher to teach him without a textbook she is a very smart person she explain to me how she teaches math and I'm happy with it...."

And Ann Streb Shaw writes... "I taught 2nd grade and was able to teach math without a book. I used a lot of manipulatives. It took many hours of planning but the students learned and I enjoyed not using a book."

You can join the conversation as well well. Just hit the like button on our 13-wmaz facebook page.

A favorite Labor Day tradition of many Central Georgians since the 1960s... returns this Sunday to 13WMAZ.

The MDA Telethon promises star studded entertainment and a hotline to help people with neuromuscular diseases.

But as Lorra Lynch Jones shows you... You'll also notice some big changes from years past.

Central Georgia firefighters tee off for Muscular Dystrophy year round....

hosting golf tournaments...

running boot drives... And a host of other fund raisers.

Before joining the fight as a fire fighter... Macon-Bibb Fire chief Marvin Riggins remembers watching the telethon as a child.

<seems like it was on, for days seems like it was on.>

For years.. It ran 21 and a half hours. Last year... the Muscular Dystrophy Association cut it to 6 hours... Announcing that the show's founder Jerry Lewis would not participate.

This year they trimmed it to just three hours... Attributing the shift to "a change in television viewing habits."

As a result of those decisions...you'll notice changes in the local segments, too.

<we wont be coming to you from the Wellston Center in Warner Robins. Instead Ben, myself and Randy Thoms with the Warner Robins Fire Department will be broadcasting live from our studios in Macon. You'll also notice that there won't be a local phone bank. Your calls for donations will be directed to a national hotline.>

It's a long shot from the Telethon of old... But for the firefighters... the mission... it's the same.

<were still going to continue to do the things we've always done.>

<the end result is the kids its going to help>

Lorra Lynch Jones 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

The MDA Telethon starts Sunday night at 9 p.m. And runs to midnight here on 13WMAZ.

You'll see stories from people affected by the disease... Hear from MDA's national goodwill ambassador and watch performances from a host of celebrity guests.

Entertainers include Carrie Underwood.... Will-I-Am... Luke Bryan and many more.


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