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Good evening... I'm Jennifer Moulliet...

  Tonight we have continuing coverage of Tropical Strom Isaac... As it makes its way into the Gulf of Mexico.
     We have tracked the storm over the last couple of days...
     Meteorologist John Boyer has the latest on the Tropical Storm .. And what we can expect here in Central Georgia...

     With Isaac on the horizon...there are several things you can do to be storm-ready. 
     Judy Le has a list of things you need... Should disaster strike.

Whether or not Isaac visits the Peach state...every household should pack a basic disaster supplies kit.
The kit is easy to assemble and will be needed during hurricane season which has just begun.
There are about 13 items the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends you pack. 
But here are the top 5...

<They've come in, they've asked about weather stations, weather radios and battery powered devices that will allow them to get information in the event of lost of electricity>

A battery-powered radio costs about 25-dollars...a flashlight will run you 5 dollars....and an extra pack of batteries will cost another 5.
Visit a grocery store and stock up on water. Make sure to buy one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days.
A gallon of water will cost about 90 cents. 

I saw a man rushing out the door with three 24-pack cases of water. He said he was on his way to Montezuma where he'll stay if Isaac comes.

The next item on the list is food. Buy non-perishables...like canned soup or vegetables.
A can of corn will cost about 70 cents.

The last stop is the electronics section. That's where Wallace George has noticed an increase in questions spurred on by Tropical Storm Isaac. 

<They've come in, they've asked about weather stations, weather radios and battery powered devices that will allow them to get information in the event of lost of electricity>

A battery-powered radio costs about 25-dollars...a flashlight will run you 5 dollars....and an extra pack of batteries will cost another 5.

A disaster supplies kit filled with these essentials will cost about 37 dollars.
Judy Le...13WMAZ...eyewitness news. 

     Find a complete list of supplies FEMA suggests on our website at 13-wmaz-dot-com/ Follow 13WMAZ for the latest news on Tropical Storm Isaac. 

  G-O-P officials in Tampa are scrambling to rework their convention schedule. 
     As Randall Pinkston reports... Tropical Storm Isaac forced the cancellation of Monday's events.... Throwing organizers into a frenzy to get everything back on track.

Workers are putting heavy barrels in place and setting up tents around the convention hall to keep GOP delegates dry. Even though Monday's convention schedule has been postponed, thousands already in Tampa are in for a wet and windy day.     

Volunteer Patricia Chandler is taking the dark skies in stride. 

Sot: Patricia Chandler/Florida Resident

Four days of convention speeches and events will now have to be squeezed into just three.

Standup Bridge: Randall Pinkston, CBS News, Tampa
This hall was supposed to be full of delegates Monday for the roll call vote to officially nominate Mitt Romney. Instead the gavel will come down and the convention will immediately be suspended until Tuesday.

(natz protestors) "WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT" 

Anti-GOP protestors  got in some demonstrations before the wet weather arrived. This group... brought their message of economic equality..  to the Faith & Freedom Coalition's pre-convention gathering.  

Linda and Bruce Gilbert waited in line for the event.   

Sot: Linda Gilbert/Florida Resident

Sot: Bruce Gilbert/Florida Resident

(Natz cameras flash)
Mitt Romney also had his focus on faith Sunday.  He and his wife Ann went to services at a local Mormon church near their vacation home in New Hampshire.  Romney aides said the Republican White House hopeful spent the rest of the day working on his Thursday night acceptance speech.   

  Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled to hold campaign stops near Tampa and around Florida on Monday and Tuesday. 
     He has cancelled those events.

      A new poll says most Americans are in favor of raising taxes... if it will save Social Security benefits for future generations.
     Some even suggest raising the retirement age.
     Those are the findings of a new Associated Press-G-F-K poll on public attitudes toward the nation's largest federal program.
     When given a choice on how to fix it...

     53 percent of adults said they would rather just raise taxes than cut benefits.
     Just 36 percent said they would cut benefits instead.

  The results were almost identical when people were asked whether they would rather raise the retirement age or cut monthly payments.

   53 percent said they would raise the retirement age, while 35 percent said they would cut monthly payments.
   Over the last decade... Social Security has taken a hit by a wave of millions of retiring baby boomers...
     Which leaves fewer workers paying into the system.

 The trustees who oversee the massive retirement and disability program... say Social Security's trust funds will run out of money in 2033. 
     At that point, Social Security will only collect enough tax revenue to pay 75 percent of benefits, unless Congress does something about it.
     Lawmakers from both political parties say there is a good chance Congress will address Social Security in the next year or two - if the White House takes the lead. 
     But so far, Social Security has taken a back seat to jobs... And the economy.
Although the president did mention the program... Along with medicare... In his weekly address this morning.
<Growing up as the son of a single mother, I was raised with the help of my grandparents. I saw how important things like Medicare and Social Security were in their lives. And I saw the peace of mind it gave them. 
That's why, as President, my goal has been to strengthen these programs now, and preserve them for future generations. Because today's seniors deserve that same peace of mind. And the millions of Americans who are working hard right now deserve to know that the care they need will be available when they need it.>

    In previous polls, Democrats have typically scored better than Republicans on handling Social Security. 

     But the AP-GfK poll shows Americans are closely divided on which presidential candidate they trust to handle the issue.
     Forty-seven percent said they trust President Barack Obama to do a better job on Social Security, and 44 percent said they trust his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. 
     The difference is within the poll's margin of error.
     For more on the poll ... Find the story at 13WMAZ.com.

   Lance Armstrong may be banned from competing in professional cycling events... but he's giving other charities a race for their money. 

 Donations are surging for Armstrong's "Livestrong" cancer charity. 
     Normally the foundation says it receives about $3200 a day in donations. 
     But on Friday -- the day Armstrong was banned from cycling -- about 80 thousand dollars was donated. 
     Armstrong even took to Twitter to thank his supporters. 
     Livestrong will celebrate its 15th anniversary this October.

Trustees at Atlanta's Morris Brown College say they plan to file for bankruptcy.

     The 131-year-old historically black college is more than $30 million in debt. 
     It's facing foreclosure next month after investors say the school owes them $13 million in bonds.
      The bonds were issued in 1996 by the Fulton County Development Authority. 
     Educators. friends.. and Alumni of Morris Brown held a day of prayer yesterday... hoping the College can be saved.

<it's a mobilization of people coming together on one accord. Hopefully through them coming together it will mobilize a force that will prevent the closure of this institution.
We have a rich history, remember we were one of the only black colleges that was founded by freed men. By Mr. Morris Brown and that's what you have to look at, it's the people who are actually running it the last couple of years that actually ran it into the ground.>

    Morris Brown is beginning a new giving campaign...  and directing people to it's website to help reduce the debt.
    The school is *not accredited and only has 50 students.

   Lockheed Martin is laying off more than 500 people.

 The company's spokesperson confirmed they will eliminate 550 jobs at the Marietta plant.  

     Lockheed officials say there's less demand for the C-130-J aircraft... Known as the "super Hercules"...
     Instead of making 32 planes annually, the company will only make 24 per year, beginning next year.
      Back in 2010, Lockheed hired hundreds of workers to keep the planes in production.

  Lockheed says - quote - "we, unfortunately, will likely have to involuntarily lay off some employees. We will strive to keep that number as small as possible."

No word on when exactly the workers will lose their jobs.
    They will get rid of the affected positions through retirements, separations and reduced hirings... 
     But that won't account for all of the positions

     Some hunters scouting for deer in northwest Georgia... Stumbled upon a well-maintained marijuana patch.

     The Rome News-Tribune reports the hunters contacted law enforcement immediately... And they determined the land in western Floyd County is owned by Berry College.
     Police found 17 plants at the site... One of them ...about 10 feet tall.
     Each plant had a mesh enclosure to protect it from hungry deer. 
     He estimated the street value of the marijuana at about 45 thousand dollars.
     No arrests were immediately made. 

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