Eyewitness News at 6, 8-22-12

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Our top story at Six...13WMAZ found the doors to Bibb County's Animal Shelter closed today...for what the sign on the door called "public health and safety concerns".

Public Affairs Officer, Kevin Barrere says a veterinarian found a case of Parvo this morning...and staff quickly closed the shelter.

Barrere says two puppies tested positive for Parvo... One puppy had to be put down... The other is being treated in foster care.

An inspector from the Department of Agriculture is expected to evaluate the shelter tomorrow... And then decide when the shelter will be reopened.

Barrere says currently no other puppies are showing symptoms of the virus.

Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that affects most members of the canine family..including dogs, wolves, foxes and coyotes..

Parvovirus first appeared in the 19-70's..and is the most serious dog disease found inside animal shelters today...more so than distemper.

Puppies are most susceptible to the virus which can be aggravated by other conditions such as roundworms.

Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Labrador retrievers appear to be at higher risk for developing parvo.

Now that's a brief look at the facts...

Now let's turn to Jennifer Moulliet as she gets expertise on how the disease is treated...and what the prognosis is for infected pets.

Frank, Dr. Angela Shurling is a veterinarian here in Macon at Riverside Animal Hospital...

Dr. Shurling...explain what parvo is.

We mentioned parvo is the most common disease in shelters. Why is that?

How is parvo spread?

What's the incubation period?

Once an animal is infected, what's the prognosis?

When should puppies be vaccinated?

James Eddy Clements had no reaction...and just kept on talking...when his daughter told him that his wife had been shot.

That was according to a Warner Robins police detective...who testified today in Clements' murder for hire trial.

13WMAZ's Austin Lewis was in the courtroom for day 3. She joins us now by phone to tell us about the day's proceedings.

< He's accused of hiring two men to kill his wife....Joni Clements....back in February 2011.

The prosecution brought more witnesses today....on the second day of testimony.

One of them was Jonathan Sybert....whose father and brother also face charges in the case.

The jury heard three recorded conversations between Sybert....and James Clements.

In one....Clements apologized...for what he'd done to Sybert's family...but did not explain.

In another...Jonathan Sybert accused him of knowing about the killing in advance... then James Clements ended the phone call abruptly. >

Look for more details on this story at 13WMAZ-DOT-COM.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says investigators were looking for the wrong man in a fatal weekend shooting...but believe they arrested the right one..

Last Saturday... someone shot Walter Henley to death on the porch of his home in West Bibb County.

And earlier this week... the sheriff's office put out warrants for a suspect... Willie Lee Bostic.

But they ended up arresting Bostic's brother... 28-year-old Nathan Taylor..

Investigators sid Tayor has a history of using his brother's name.


Nathan Taylor is in the Bibb County jail facing several charges... including malice murder.

It's considered a safe treatment for anxiety disorders...and that's exactly why therapists say drugs like Xanax are so prone to abuse..


A GBI study showed that Xanax and similar anxiety medications were the leading cause of overdose deaths in Georgia.

And pharmacists and law enforcement in the Macon area say it's been a big issue for them.

Today we talked with Shannon Harvey, the CEO of Riveredge Behavioral Center.. who says addiction to anxiety medication is cause for concern.

<when people present to us and they're like Xanax is the only drug that works for me .. No, no, I want this dose and not that dose, those are warning signs that the issue is not the anxiety, the issue is the dependence on the chemical.>

Instead, Harvey recommends non-drug alternatives for dealing with anxiety...such as social support...stress relief and exercise.

If drugs are necessary,she says Visatril, Atarax, and Buspar are safer alternatives to Xanax .... But, she says if drugs are becoming an issue, it's time to seek help.

A family that helped put the *peach* in Peach County...has lost one of its leaders.

Mrs. Anne Lane Tribble died today...according to Lane Southern Orchards.

She was a part-owner of the company...and part of the fourth generation of Lanes to run the business.

They harvest peaches...pecans...and more....on 5000 acres near Fort Valley...and host more than 300 thousand visitors a year.

So far there's no word on funeral arrangements.

For attorneys and legal professionals..filing documents has always been tedious.

Now... the process will depend on a Laptop instead of mounds of paperwork and file folders.

Bibb County Superior Court ranks as the the first in the nation to use new electronic verification technology.

It's a program called Court e Order... And Brittiny Barber explains what it does.

With a few keyboard types... And a click of the mouse... Lawyers who work with the Bibb County Courts can now submit paperwork to judges.

<it's an online system>

Family Lawyer Selinda Handsford says it's all about time savings for her.

< I am sending a final judgment to judge Raymond so I will go ahead and upload that document and you attach that document... And it says that my document is submitted successfully >

With the Court e Order program.. lawyers can attach and send documents directly to Superior Court Judges and their staff... Then they can get signed approval back quicker.

<the process of getting orders to the judges and back will be much more efficient. We won't be having to check a week from now to see whether it's been signed or not >

Lawyer Raymond Kelly says it not only saves time but also paperwork.

<child support recovery cases they may have 150 orders to sign for just one day's work>

Lawyer's pay for the program... a cost Handsford says is we'll worth the convenience factor.

And she looks for other colleagues to join.

<I think once the other attorney's listen to what it's about, I think they're going to like it >

A new form of technology that puts the signing approval from judges online... Instead of on paper.

Brittiny Barber 13wmaz eyewitness news.

Public Affairs Officer Kevin Barrere says Bibb County was chosen as a pilot for the program.

For more information.. Check out this story on our website 13wmaz-dot-com.

Warner Robins police now can send dogs to be their eyes and ears...where officers can't go.

The department's Canine Unit held a demonstration today to show off their new K-9 Mounted Camera.

The video camera system records audio and video feeds on the built in mini DVR.

Their handler can watch in real time from a screen...that's attached to their wrist.

The Warner Robins Police Department is one of eight agencies in the United States now using the mounted video camera system.

The system will help improve the way the K-9 unit already operates

<benefits it reduces risk to injury to the public and to the officers and to the suspects. In a tactical deployment situation the video feed that that dog gives us might tell us if we have an injured person in a room, that we might have to secure and occupy much quicker to render aid to that person instead of delaying entry>

Did you know, it's Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Judy Le hit the streets to see what some people are doing for others.

Governor Nathan deal declared August 22nd 2012 Random Acts of Kindness Day in Georgia. So I filled a mug with strips suggesting some nice deeds and offered them to strangers....

<5326 (I have a mug right here filled with random acts of kindness, would you like to pick something from it?) Right a card or thanks and leave it with your tip. Be sure to be specific. Oh I can do this 5342>

<47:01 Give your seat for someone, not just an elderly person. I can do that, alright. I take the bus often 47:11>

It takes one small gesture to make someone else's day. Around Macon...kindness is contagious.

<My wife and I had dessert together last night. She made that and I was grateful. That was an act of kindness for me.>

<Fairly recently, I was at the store and there was a kid in line sitting there messing with the candy. And the mom kept saying, no no no no. And I asked her if it was ok if he got some candy and I went ahead and got him some. He seemed really happy about it because every kid I know likes candy.>

<I've paid for people's lunch unexpectedly, like a stranger.>

Then...I put kindness into practice and approached people leaving Kroger with a cart full of groceries...

Two people declined the help...

but Ms. Roby accepted the extra pair of hands.

Kindness is easy...it's free..and starts with you.

Judy Le...13WMAZ...Eyewitness News

We asked you on 13WMAZ-dot-com if you've done an act of kindness in the past week...

And look at this...

Seventy-seven percent of you said yes..

It's not too late to vote in our web poll at 13WMAZ-dot-com...it's also not too late to do that random act of kindness.

Thanks for joining us. We'll be back tonight at 11.

The evening news is up next.

Have a safe night everyone.


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