Eyewitness News at 6, 8-20-12

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Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at Six.

I'm Frank Malloy.

Leah Johnson has the evening off.

Bibb County could pick its new animal shelter director this week.

Commissioner Lonzy Edwards says due to background checks and other procedures....they probably won't name that person that publicly until late next week.

A citizens committee met behind closed doors today to discuss the three finalists.

Edwards could not say how many of them are from central Georgia...but he said they've narrowed the list down from 20 applicants.

<but I can assure the community that the persons who were interviewed were highly qualified and the person who will ultimately be selected will be someone all of us can rally around, who's had a great deal of expeience, well-trained, and will be able to make a contribution to our community right off the bat. It's not an opportunity to learn on the job but rather somebody who's had a lot of experience>

The committee also met to map out the site of the new shelter.

Edwards says to save money, they tried to find space already owned by the county...but he called those options...'slim pickings.'

<we're going to have to have probably a little but more land than maybe some of us originally thought, whether we can get that land in a site or location that is centrally located, accessible, and visible, i'm just not sure yet>

He says they also plan to look at city owned land and private property.

Edwards says he is optimistic they will have the shelter complete within twelve months...sooner than expected.

The committee meets again next Monday. Edwards says that is also the day they will put in their scores for the architect candidates.

He says they plan to have the architect team assembled within two to three weeks.

Opening statements should get under way tomorrow...in the case of a Warner Robins man accused of hiring two men to kill his wife.

Lawyers expect to wrap up jury selection this afternoon....in the case of...


James "Eddy" Clements who faces 14 counts in all.. including murder....in the death of his wife Joni <john-nee>

She was found dead in her Warner Robins home, from multiple gunshot wounds in February 2011.

Austin Lewis was in the courtroom today...and reports that prosecutors and defense lawyers have questioned more than 40 potential jurors.

They've been asked such questions as whether they know anybody involved in the Clements case...and what they've heard from the media about it.

They're also being asked about their religious beliefs...their marital status...and whether anybody in their family has died violently.

Some family members have supported James Clements...saying he couldn't have possibly committed the acts he's charged with.

Austin Lewis will have more on the case...on Eyewitness News at 11.

Bibb County investigators are looking for a man...who allegedly shot another man to death on a south Bibb porch.

Today...they obtained warrants for 40-year-old Willie Lee Bostic...who's charged with malice murder.

A news release says Bostic shot 59 year old Walter Henley at a home on Fulton Mill Road.

They say witnesses reported the two men were arguing about a car...and Bostic shot Henley on the back porch.

Anyone with information on the case can call Macon regional crimestoppers...at 1-877-68-CRIME. Again that's 1-877-68-CRIME.

Bibb County's Sheriff says the jail is overcrowded... And he needs a place to move some of the inmates.

Tomorrow he plans to ask county leaders if they can use a building near jail.. to house some of the low security risk population.

Brittiny Barber breaks down his plan.

The old school could house about 130 inmates according to the Sheriff's Office.

They will have to do some renovations.. But they're not sure right now how much that would cost.

Tomorrow is primary run-off day for Central Georgia..

and 18 different races will be narrowed down for the November election.

The top Republicans for Georgia's 2nd and 12th congressional districts will be decided..

Democratic voters will make their choice for State Senate District 26.. As will Democrats in House District 139.

Voters in three Bibb County school board districts will make their choice for Democratic candidates.

Crawford voters will make a choice for the District 3 school board post.

Democrats in Baldwin County's second commission district will narrow the field..

And the democratic candidate for both Hancock and Dooly County's Court Clerk will be chosen.

Washington county will narrow down the race for state court judge.

Democrats in Wheeler and Johnson Counties will choose their candidates for sheriff.

Democrats in Taylor County will choose their district 1 candidate.

In Telfair county, one commission race and one judge's race will both be narrowed.

And democrats in Wilkinson County will make their choice for Tax Commissioner.

Stay tuned to 13 wmaz and 13wmaz dot com for the latest run-off election updates throughout tomorrow evening.

Members of Perry's Chamber of Commerce are urging business owners in their city to use Social Media to expand their reach.

Jennifer Moulliet caught up with a few owners who say Facebook helps their shops stay open.

The chimes continue to ring at the Perfect Pear in downtown Perry...And Owner Megan Brent says Social Media is a big factor.

She says she uses the restaurant's facebook wall as her daily specials board.

<megan Brent, Perfect Pear: "we have lots of folks that come in and say Ohh I saw on Facebook that you had, for instance today we had Kahlua crème brulee and they get really excited and that's why they come to see us." >

Brent says she relys on the social media site and word of mouth for business... And so far it's working

< we started out with no employees and now we're busy enough to have to have six folks with us everyday and we have on average at lunch time between fifty-five and sixty-five guests. >

Brent says they started out as a catering company only... But with boosted facebook traffic... They've expanded to lunch four days a week.

<"The Perfect Pear Catering's Facebook page has over eleven hundred likes and Brent says it's increasing everyday." >

<i've kept a log of how many folks we've had everyday and it's so neat to see because of facebook and word of mouth that our numbers have pretty much doubled this year from last year. >

Mallory Arnold... Owner of the Sugarplum Tree across the street says Facebook allows them to take their products global.

<we have people comment, hold this size for me, hold this size for me, if they're local we'll hold it until they can come pick it up, if not we ship it out. >

Both agree the site saves money and helps make some.

<it gives us an outlet to showcase what we do and not have to spend money to do it.>

< free I think is my favorite part about Facebook, I think it would be kind of silly not to use it. >

In Perry Jennifer Moulliet 13WMAZ eyewitness News.

The Sugarplum Tree plans to dive into social media even further with a Pinterest account.

Owner Mallory Arnold says that's a way customers can start a wish list of products that their store sells.

From customers logging on...to workers logging in and logging their forty hours...it's officiallyTelework week in Georgia.

Governor Nathan Deal and the Clean Air Campaign has declared their support for Georgia companies allowing employees to do their work from home... when practical and feasible.

The Clean Air Campaign believes fewer motorists having to commute can be a solution to reduce traffic and boost economic productivity.

According to the organization... Tele-working makes employees happy and happy employees are motivated to go the extra mile, which makes for happy clients.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Vincent Hancock says there are many things people don't know about being in the Olympics.

Katelyn Heck sat down with the skeet shooting champion... and put together his top ten list of interesting facts and stories about the Olympics.

Starting off the top ten... Hancock says shooting... is a pricey sport.



He shoots almost 70 dollars a day worth of ammo out of a seven thousand dollar gun... He has guns ranging from $500... all the way up to $200,000.



{***SOT FULL***}

<That's a pretty amazing gun that will never be shot, its just something for me to go look at every now and again and think about at night.>





It was a gift from the gun company Beretta... and not the only big gift he received... bringing us to #9... the United States shells out $25,000 for every gold medal.



And #8... Hancock shared his breakfast of champions on his competition days...half of an egg and a piece of bacon.

He says that was partly because of nerves and partly because of our #7... he says the hardest part of the olympics... getting food around picture-hungry fans in the cafeteria!

<Phelps walks in and he's got a hoodie drawn over the top of his head and hes just walking around with his head down, and we were like, hey that's phelps walking around, why is he like that? Oh that's why because he has people following him.>

Hancock says he thinks the safest place in the Olympics is... the shooting range!

<The little joke I say is there's less accidents in skeet shooting than there is in table tennis>

Halfway down the list at #5... even gold medalists get star struck. He says one of the highlights of his trip to London...was meeting some of the big-name athletes...like the Olympic basketball team.

And he says the place to meet all of those people and one of the most 'happening' places in London...

<the elevator, going up to your room, people walk in and they duck in to get into the elevator and you're like, yep youre either volleyball or basketball, hey how are you doing?>

Now to our top three... Hancock says that gold medal... is more like a key to London.

<if you have a medal, that definitely gets you anywhere, it gets you anything for free, and wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, whatever you want to see>

In the number two spot... not all gold medals are created equal...

here you can see the size difference in Hancock's Beijing and London gold medals... he says the fronts have to be the same... but everything else is up the host country.

<in Beijing they had the jade... there were three different classes of jade in the medals... and on the London medals they're all the same on the back, it's symbolic of something, the middle river right there that's the River Thames and the box represents something>

And the number one thing Hancock says most people don''t know about the Olympics...

those gold medals... they're not all gold... they have a silver core... covered in gold... which he says is why you'll see athlete's bite their medals to make sure the outside is real gold.

<I just let everybody bite theirs and I just go on believing that mine's gold.>

So, there you have it... ten things you might not know about the Olympics unless you're a gold medalist... or more like gold-with-a-hint of silver medalist... Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Hancock says he's not done learning all about the Olympics. He already has his sights set on competing for a spot in the 2016 games in Rio.


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