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Hello everyone.

Thank you for joining us.

I'm Leah Johnson.

And I'm Frank Malloy.

This is Eyewitness News at Six.

First tonight... Central Georgia leaders say encroachment will be a problem of the past by the next round of BRAC... Or Base Realignment and Closure.

They made that declaration today at an event announcing they have about 20 million dollars dedicated to buying properties at the end of the Robins runway.

Lorra Lynch Jones explains why what government leaders call progress... Paints a daunting scenario for some homeowners.

Leaders from Bibb... Houston and Peach Counties called this a show of their ability to work together... To end the number one reason military installations are recommended for closure... encroachment.

The local governments have bought 90 of 250 properties along the Bibb-Houston line... And inked an agreement Friday... Pledging money to buy more.

Houston and Bibb Counties each committed six million. Peach allocated a half million. The state plans to chip in two and a half million more.

<we're also getting money from the DOD, Department of Defense. We currently have gotten $5 million. We hope to get $5 million more.If those money's come in we can completely eliminate the encroachment concern.>

Not everyone in the room shared the enthusiasm. Connie Currie is a property owner who doesn't want to sell.

<this place out here is near and dear to my heart>

The government hasn't made her an offer yet... but she's slowly watching her neighbors homes.. Become vacant houses.

<A lot of people are selling because they're just tired of the aggravation and uncertainty of what's going to happen.>

Houston County Commission Chair Tommy Stalnaker says he understands the sentiment... But this is about the greater good.

<when all is said and done, I think the driving force is what is going to keep Middle Georgia and the state of Georgia viable.>

He says if all goes according to plan... they should have all the properties they need in two to three years time.

Lorra Lynch Jones 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Stalnaker says he believes they need about 24 million dollars to buy all 250 properties.

He says the Central Georgia Development Authority is managing the money to buy the real estate... And they're using an appraiser to determine the value of the properties.

Eatonton's two-time Olympic Gold medalist returned to his high school alma mater for a visit today.

Vincent Hancock spoke to students at Gatewood school about his journey to become a skeet-shooting champion.

During the London games, Hancock became the first shooter to win back-to-back gold medals in his event.

He earned his first gold during the Beijing games... Just a few months after graduating from Gatewood.

Today, Hancock told the students to aim for the stars... But never forget where they came from.

<This is my first major event since leaving London, and I did several events while I was over there, got in front of a lot of cameras, talk to a lot of people and that was a lot of fun but being able to come back here to people that I actually know, and to know that they've been watching me over the years, and to see that through all my hard work, through all my dedication, that I've been able to accomplish what I have, it's really special to me to be able to come face to face with those guys.>

That was 13WMAZ's Katelyn Heck who had a chance to talk to him today... she'll have much more from him tonight on Eyewitness News at Eleven.

A shooting in Warner Robins last night sent one man to the hospital.

Brittiny Barber spent the day in the neighborhood where it happened.. and found some people surprised by the violence.. And others who say it's typical of the area.

Gunfire rang out Thursday night.. In the Briardale Apartments in Warner Robins.

<I would never think anything like that would happen>

Tourris Leary moved in about a month ago.

He was at work when the shooting happened.. But his 5 month old daughter and girlfriend were in an apartment just across the street.

<it's scary because like it could have been, shots could have been fired over here and it could have went through the window or something and hit one of my family members or something like that>

<brittiny: police were called out to this apartment on Tanya Place in Warner Robins Thursday night. When they got here they found one man had been shot in the pelvis. >

According to police, bullet hit 22-year old William Eubanks after he and his brother got into an argument with two other men at the apartment.

<you hear shootings coming from that neighborhood late at night and you hear gunshots being fired. It's kind of unnerving >

Jose Cuebas and his family have lived in the area for about 25 years.

He says what makes the situation worse.. It took place right across the street from Northside High school... Where his son attends.

<the only thing I've tried to tell my son is keep his eyes open you know just don't loiter around there. Go through there do your business and get on out. >

The victim was taken to the Medical Center of Central Georgia.. Where police say he's in stable condition.

Leary says he's just glad his family was safe.

<it makes you kind of nervous, but at the same time you just got to watch out and be safe and like I hope it just don't happen again>

Police are still investigating the shooting.

Brittiny Barber 13wmaz eyewitness news

Police say they haven't arrested anyone in connection with the shooting.


If you have any information.. Call Warner Robins Police at 478-929-6911.

That number again, is 929-6911

The Warner Robins Police Department hosted a railroad safety class for officers from their own force.. and other law enforcement agencies around Central Georgia.

As Austin Lewis explains... About 30 officers spent two days learning about trains with Norfolk Southern railroad police.

Law enforcement officers got to learn first hand...what the conductor of a train hears...and sees while on the tracks.

<Harold Pearson, Supervisory Special Agent with Norfolk Southern Railroad Police: These officers get to experience first hand the feeling of anguish at, you're approaching a crossing, it looks like you are going to hit a motor vehicle on that crossing and all you can do is apply the brakes and hang on. >

Harold Pearson...the Supervisory Special Agent with Norfolk Southern Railroad Police...says it gives them the chance to learn how a train works... from bottom to top.

<Harold Pearson, Supervisory Special Agent with Norfolk Southern Railroad Police: how the brake system works, how the cars are coupled together and what are some of the things that when they come out to a collision what are some things to look for to be able to do a better investigation>

Sergeant Randy Evans with Warner Robins Police has been on the job for 22 years...but he says he's taken away some great tools on how to handle an accident on the tracks.

<Sergeant Randy Evans, WRPD: I've learned some things that I wasn't aware of as far as what the trains do and what they are capable of and just give me a broader aspect of things in doing my job should we have to investigate one of these collisions. >

Pearson says at the end of the course... officers like Evans...are tested on what they learned as part of their training.

Austin Lewis 13 WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Instructors say they hope law enforcement officials will share what they learned in the classroom and on the tracks.. with their communities.

Well, today it was back to school for Monroe County, and for middle schoolers things will be a little different this year.

As Tom George found out, Monroe is consolidating their middle schools with different grades in different buildings... a move school officials say will make for better learning.

{***SOT FULL***}

<I was very excited to come to school this morning, I had a hard time going to sleep last night. >

Then came the buses .. And groups of students ready for their first day of school in Monroe County.

<they were in dress code, they were excited, they had their supplies, they were just eager and ready to learn. >

And for middle schoolers, this marks the first year of a consolidated school, meaning instead of having two school zones, buildings are separated by grade ... Meaning principal John Johnston has to jump around a lot.

<quite busy this morning, qutie busy this morning. A lot of new students going new buildings they have not been in in a while, so there was a lot of anxieties especially with 5th grades coming up to 6th grade.>

Under the new system, students will begin 6th grade at the William M. Hubbard Campus.

<then after 6th grade, they'll graduate across town here to the Banks Stephens campus, where today they began 7th and 8th grade all in one place. >

It's a plan teachers AND system leaders say gets an A+

<we'll be able to offer our students more curriculum than we would by having 2 separate small campuses >

<I love that all the students in the county are together. It unifies the school system as well as the community >

And in a smaller county like Monroe, keeping all the students together just makes sense.

<it's like in some districts, the kids that will go to high school together never meet one another until the 9th grade .. So we can build some of those bonds early on. >

Bonds .. And learning that will last beyond just middle school.

In Forsyth, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News

You might be wondering why Monroe County is starting school on Friday when many other districts begin on Monday.

School officials it allows kids a day to get adjusted and allows teachers and staff to have the weekend to solve last minute issues before hitting the ground running on Monday.

Food not kept at the right temperature and problems with the manager on duty... those are just a couple of the problems the health inspector found at central Georgia eateries.

Brittiny Barber has more in this week's Restaurant Ratings

We're back in Bibb County Starting off with our lowest scores.

Steak and Shake on Tom Hill Sr Blvd received an 89.. A "B'.. That comes after a 91 or "a" on their last report.

The health inspector says food was not kept at the proper cold holding temperature.

Hot Wings Plus at 34-79 Poi Nono Avenue got an 82... Which is a "B"...

The last time they were inspected they scored a 92.. And that's an "A".

The report found that there was improper eating.. Tasting.. Drinking or tobacco use in the kitchen.. And that's a known risk factor for foodborne illnesses.

And Anderson's Diner on Pio Nono Avenue scored a 64... Or a "U"... At the time of their last inspection they scored an 89.. Which is a "B."

The health inspector found that the person in charge was not present... Did don't demonstration knowledge or perform their duties... Which is a known risk factor for foodborne illnesses.

Here a look at the top scores of the week.

The Dairy Queen on Pio Nono brought in a 100.. The last time they were inspected had the same score.

Zander's Market at 1568 Forest Hill Road received a 100.. They also had a 100 on their last inspection.

And The Dairy Queen at 3661 Eisenhower Parkway raked in a 100... On their last inspection... It was a 100 too.

Join us again tonight at we average our nominees last five score to give you the winner of this week's Golden Spatula.>

For all your Restaurant Rating visit us online at 13wmaz-dot-com... And click on the features tab.


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